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Hey, thats not what I meant. That imports the comments and blog posts! What I wanted was for the theme to look like how it is in the screenshots. Mine is completely different. If it does not look like this then I would like a refund as it is false advertising


Can you send me your site’s url?

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thanks for previous helps :)

i still have a couple of questions i will process it one by one

now i am not able to search my media, i found out on the internet that this is a theme issue, what is the solution for this?

thanks again


The search functionality is working fine in the theme. It does query the post perfectly. I’m not sure sure what you mean by ‘searching the media’.

Hello! I really like this theme but I have one problem, WP Greet Box plugin doesn’t seem to work at all, no matter the settings it;s never showing in my posts. You can check out one of my posts here: http://www.dusanjov.com/blog/awesome-programming-website-z-training/

Even though the plugin is activated it’s not showing, any ideas?


Can you please comment using the profile that you used to buy this theme?

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no i am not talking about the theme search i am talking about searching the images that was uploaded to the website.


I think I have a decent amount of experience working with Wordpress, but I don’t really remember if searching images/media exclusively was a standard feature in WP.

Can you elaborate, where you are entering the search query and what kind of queries you are entering?

Hol7y96 Purchased

Website is http://craftasiagaming.com/

It says this ‘You have version 1.0 installed. Update to version 2.8.8.’ even though I downloaded the latest one!


When you download the theme from themeforest and extract from the zip file, you get a folder named ‘package’. In that folder you’ll find a help.html file (which contains all the information on installing as well as setting up the theme) and maverick.zip file (the actual theme).

In WP admin, under Install theme section, you’ll need to upload the maverick.zip file. You can view this video for help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IReuOShgSrE

The theme’s layout depends on the widgets you choose. If you read the help.html file, you’ll see that the theme has multiple sidebars as well as custom widgets. Add the widgets to the appropriate sidebars and your site would resemble the theme screenshot.

dbaradhi Purchased

its the normal media search which is not working.. please try it, it didn’t work with me.

but i found the solution, one of the functions was limiting the search only to the posts even if i am searching in the media library


You mean inside WP admin, alright. So, can you please share your solution here with us?

dbaradhi Purchased

yes sure…

the below in function.php

// SEARCH ONLY POSTS function vibeExcludePages($query) { if ($query->is_search) { $query->set(“post_type”, “post”); } return $query; } add_filter(“pre_get_posts”,”vibeExcludePages”);

just add if (!is_admin()) to the last line

if (!is_admin()) add_filter(“pre_get_posts”,”vibeExcludePages”);


Thanks for sharing this. :)

How do I have a general “blog” page like yours, and how do I make the homepage like yours? The sidebar, on the homepage, is always on the left and none of the “homepage” things are there.


You should read section ‘E) Homepage’ of the help file. Setting up homepage as well as blog page has been shown there.

As for the sidebar appearing in left side, it would display correctly as soon as you add some widgets to the homepage content sidebars.

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Running into an issue on the site. (EuroBerge.com). Host made some changes to their servers over the weekend, and now on random browsers, the theumbnails and featured images are not showing up. I have reloaded wordpress and the theme from scratch, and rebuilt the database, but still have the same issue. Can you please check it out?

RMelick Purchased

If it’s timthumb, it could be because the version being used had a hole in it, causing my site to get hacked by malicious code. I updated the version of it to close this issue and restore the site back to its original style.

I would take it back to the original settings, but fear the hack occurring again.


This is not a hack or a potential hole. Its probably just an issue with the security settings of your host. Some hosts have mod_security setting that prevents timthumb from working while some hosts don’t allow ‘http://www' string at the end of the url.

I’d suggest contacting your host and asking if any of the above reasons could be causing this issue.

RMelick Purchased

I did finally figure out the issue, which was security related as you assumed. It was actually because of a security plugin I have been using and their newest update shut down access to specific folders.

As for the TimThumb vulnerability, I am referring to this – http://blog.trendmicro.com/attacks-target-timthumb-vulnerability/. TimThumb has a hole in it that allowed malicious code to be inserted in throughout my site. I downgraded it to 2.8.8 to 2.8.2, which is the last secure version of the thumbnail addon.

Any way to change Nivo to the Orman Theme?


At present the slider doesn’t support themes. The current Maverick theme slider has been moderately customized to use thumbnails and caption in a specific way.

You can find nivo.css file in the css folder. There you can add customizations to include orman theme.

Hi there, Can you please advice me if this theme fits my needs? I want to use the theme for a magazine/news website. Here we go: 1) Slider and blog on homepage, with right sidebar next to slider or under slider 2) 728×90 ad in header or above header 3) 300×250 adsense ad (inframe banner) in right sidebar on every page. Width should be slight more than 300 pixels to fit ad. 4) portfolio feature 5) facebook comments 6) SEO plugin 7) WPTouch plugin replace logo, but that’s standard right… Thanks in advance!


1) Yes 2) Yes 3) You can add 300×250 ads, but to add adsense you’d need to edit a few lines of code; I can help with that. 4) No, the theme doesn’t a portfolio feature. You can use a plugin like “Portfolio Grid” for that. 5) Facebook comments plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/facebook-comments-for-wordpress/ 6) Any SEO plugin 7) The theme does have an easy upload feature for adding your logo, if that’s what you mean.

Amazing theme, it’s exactly where i was looking for. Before buying it I need to make sure one thing… I want to make the website also a community website, so people suggested me to use buddypress. And my question is can i use buddypress with this theme and if yes, are the registered users able to comment with they buddypress account on the blog post of this theme?


I’m afraid the Maverick theme hasn’t been built for buddypress.

But you can have a look at this if you’re interested: http://codex.buddypress.org/theme-development/wordpress-to-buddypress-theme/

I rate 5 stars due to the code base, graphic presentation, and support from the developer.

I had issues getting this template to work correctly due to my host running Apache mod_security. It’s due to the thumbnail (timthumb) image generator looking for a URL path and my hosts security model breaks that. Many Many template use timthumb and all would have given me the same issue. So that is not anything specific to this template, but any more advanced template you may find on the markets.

The developer of this template worked with me while I worked with the host to try to figure out what exactly was breaking the template. Once identified, the developer provided an altered code base to help me get the template working.

Because I’m a developer as well (not of templates, just in general) I modified his code base to correct things for my environment and to adjust pieces of the template and widgets to be more specific to what I wanted (I tweaked it a lot in the PHP side, not so much in the graphics side).

The code that powers this template is very clean and well written and I had no problems navigating and editing the sections that I wanted. I’ve never edited a WP template before and had no trouble due to the readable nature of his coding.

While I had issues due to my specific environment, I would not hesitate to recommend or consider another template from this developer.


Thanks for the kind words Pete. Glad everything is working out the way you want.

I’m also having the same contact form problem. I just used the shortcode generator in the page editor, enter the required email but upon testing, this error message shows.

Sorry, we dont know what happened. Try again later.

You may want to check this page to see the problem in actual—http://eatlog.ph/contact/

HELP Please


In the 4th line of the file ‘send_email.php’, make sure the the $_POST variable is written in full caps, and not like ’$_Post’.

Here is how it should look:

$email_to =   $_POST['emailAddress']; //the address to which the email will be sent

Or you can simply redownload the theme and replace the file with the new one.


It did work! Thanks ;-)

Hello, great theme! I have a customer that has a few requirements. Could you let me know if it’s possible with your theme?

1) White header background 2) Slider below header and menu, but preferably smaller (maybe square) 3) Have a few groups of images\posts below the slider like the “This Just In” and “Fashion” sections on http://www.stylelist.com/ 4) Multiple sidebars for different pages 5) Ability to post videos in the sidebar (most likely using a widget)

Thanks for your help!


1) The theme body has a background. If you want a separate background for the header, you can do it by adding a #header style in the theme options.

2) A narrower slider area, and the page sidebar in the side of the slider I assume, would require editing some of the theme files.

3) Yes, you can add post widgets that show content from a particular category on the homepage.

4) For showing different widgets on pages you can use a plugin like: Widget Logic.

5) You can embed a youtube video using the Text/HTML widget. Or you can use plugins like: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/video-widget/

Hello I need to know if this Theme supports wp version 3.3.1?


Yes it supports WP 3 .3.1

It’s me again, I think something’s wrong with the feedburner feed. Whenever I would display the subscribe widget, it will cause an error but if I use some the feedburner id of other blogs using non-Maverick themes, the error will be gone.

When I first tried registering the blog (http://eatlog.ph/) on feedburner, an error shows that a code “link” should be terminated with ”/link” or something. Is there something wrong in the code?

Please help me again. Thanks!

UPDATE : Issue resolved, I just had to back read. Thanks!


Glad it worked. :)

dear bitsquare,

first, i want to thank u for your very awesome wp theme. i purchased an edited it for my personal use. but for now i have some trouble with ur theme. the searchfuntion in the media library doesnt work with ur theme. on other themes im able to seach for keywords in the library. when im seaching for example “apple” it display no match, but there still 50+ pictures named something like apple-xy. i tried a new installation of wordpress an installing a clean version of ur theme, but still the same failure in media library.

do have any solution for this problem? im/we´re not able to post articles without the search function. for finding the source of the problem i spend a lot of hours.

pls help me… I’m frustrated^^

thank u (and sry for my english) kind regards dodo aka blogpirat

Hi bit square, I was wondering if the background image could be customized to the image of my choosing. Also if I can set the homepage to have the slider on top as well as have a blog feed underneath it on the homepage.


Yes you can add your own background image.

The homepage is completely widgetised. So putting a blog feed below the slider would require some code edition.

I can help you with both of the above.

ok, i fixt the problem with the media library using the code ptovided from dbaradhi.

but now i have a problem with the sliderimages. ther is a black border on right side and bottom. http://blogpirat.de


kind regards dodo