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I also tried to integrate a paypal button into my site using a custom image if 175×50 or so, but the image was distorted. It was too big and pixelated. That shouldn’t be the case. This was before I added Woocommerce. If this theme isn’t optimized for Woocommerce, what store, if any can be used with it?

This isn’t an e-commerce theme, so it’s not optimized for any shopping platform, however you can use woocommerce (responded to in your previous post). The button is probably related to button styles. We’ll be glad to take a look for you in the support forum.

Yes please send me the file. Thanks.

The Paypal image for the code is a simple 175×50 image where the PayPal code is embedded. It doesn’t have anything to do with WooCommerce.

You’ll need to go to the support forum for both of those items. http://themeluxe.com/support

I just bought the theme. The max_documentation file is not opening in any of my browser, only in Dreamweaver and I can’t see all the pics. I imported the demo content and it not importing well either, only a few images, no pages or post and the home page still look the same:


Please help

You’re probably set dream weaver as your default for opening HTML files. Just right click on the file and open with your browser instead.

As for the content not importing correctly, if you’ve done the process correctly and it’s not importing this most likely is an issue with your server setup. But if you need more help you can post on our support forum and we’ll take a look. http://themeluxe.com/support

No I didn’t it I know how to open a file using different applications …

I think about this theme for my webpages .. but i using latest wordpress will be all compatible? my wersion of WP is 4.1. Thank you

Yes, it is compatible with WP 4.1.


The mobile version of my site does not display my top logo or text on my first image. portagez-vous.com

Do you have any idea?

thank you

I don’t see any purchases of our themes on your account. But if you have purchased, please post in the support forum using the account you purchased the theme with.


Hi, First of all, great theme! I just got a small issue. The main menu when I scroll down it becomes a black menu and stick to the top of the website, which is a great feature. However , when I scroll it back to the top, the original menu (white one with my logo) never shows back. How to fix that? Thanks

Please post on our support forum – http://themeluxe.com/support

Very nice looking theme. Should suit my purposes fine.One question, though – Can I link to Vimeo videos in the “Works”section?

Thanks! You have two options for doing this:

1) Normal portfolio item and when you open it, yes you can add your vimeo video here.

2) Or you could link the vimeo page directly from the portfolio grid and change the default behavior, but you’ll need to get a modification from us in the support forum. If you decide to do this you can just open a ticket in the forum and we’ll give you a few lines to copy and paste.

Having problems with 4 column pricing display.

4 column pricing section won’t line up in one row, 4th column falls to next line.

Any suggestions?

Please post on our support forum and make sure to post a link to the page in question when you do – http://themeluxe.com/support


-801- Purchased

Is there any way to put a mute button on the video?

While it’s possible to mute or change the volume of the video, there isn’t by default a mute button. It may be possible to modify the theme in order to add controls (only for Youtube videos), but this would add the standard controls and may or may not work as expected depending on the positioning of your video. If content is blocking your video, then the controls may be blocked as well.

If you need more help with this, feel free to post on our support forum – http://themeluxe.com/support

My visual editor is broken. How can I solve it? It’s a theme bug, because the editor is working with other themes (with the same plugins activated).

I may be able to help you if you post on the support forum, but I can’t guarantee that it will work. Max doesn’t include or support any visual editors, so if they have conflicting code, we may or may not be able to resolve it.


Nice looking theme. An client of mine saw it and fell in love. However there are some questions I would like to have answered before I purchase it. Is it possible to add navigational arrows to the slider? Is it possible to make the active portfolio item appear in a lightbox instead of above the current portfolio? Is it possible to add share buttons for the portfolio items?

Besides that, are there any plans to update the parallax script so it’ll lag less on mobile platforms?

Look forward to your reply.

I’ve misread one of my clients comments. Is it possible to let the slider-text stay visible, even on a small viewport?

Yes, it’s possible to let the text remain visible on mobile devices. You’ll need to open up a support ticket for this.

You could certainly add your own share buttons to the portfolio template if you like. We can tell you where to add these.

Yes, you can add arrows to the slider.

If you check the bottom right portfolio item in the portfolio grid, there is an option for lightbox instead of AJAX portfolio loading.

The only full support for parallax backgrounds is to disable the parallax effect on mobile devices for the time being. Many devices just don’t support this yet.

Hi! I’ve been trying to reach the support team for a couple of days now, but there’s no answer to my posts on the support forum. Could you please check? I’m logged in as piolainteractive. Thanks!

Hi there,

We responded in the support forum. Please feel free to respond back there or open a new ticket if you need to. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for the reply, I can access the demo now, but I posted about two different subjects, one of them is not answered yet, is about navigation arrows in tabgroups.

We just got to it. We try to answer as fast as possible in the order received.