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Two questions: 1. Is there a way to have set up a different slider on different pages? When I change the slider category in my theme settings, it removes the slider images from my homepage. I would love to mimic my homepage design on a different page, but I want a different image to display in the slider. I set up a new category and assigned a new tag, however the theme settings seem to only pull from one slider. What I REALLY want is for this page: http://ebconebyone.com/get-involved/ to NOT have the title header (get involved) so I thought adding the slider option would be a way to remove that, but if there’s another way to get rid of that header, please let me know. 2. Is there an easy way to remove breadcrumbs?

Thanks for any help you can give. Melissa

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Hi MixerTheme,

On the website Dellphi.nl, there is a problem with the visual editor not working. Page and post editing is set to html and when i click the Wysiwyg, nothing happens.

Thanks for your help.


I tried to install the theme onto my wordpress site, but it didn’t work correctly. I extracted the files from filezilla and uploaded to my wordpress, but it looks nothing like the theme I thought I paid for and there is no easy way of customizing. Did I install it wrong? I have a deadline to get this site up and running can you please respond asap


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Dear MixerTheme,

First of all: very nice theme.

I installed your theme and most of the things seem to work pretty okay. There are just two things that I can’t get correct. My website:


As you can see the main menu is placed below the logo in a big grey area, instead of next to it. I don’t know why?

Second: I can’t get the slider to work. I followed the instructions in your screen captured movie about making a slider. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up. The Orange title area does disappear though. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Hope to hear from you,


Hi, I’ve just purchased and installed your theme (very nice by the way). I’m trying to insert a slider on the home page but when I’m in the Slider Manager tab on the Theme Options page I cannot see any options to allow me to chose a slider, in other words when I click the drop down for Slider category it’s blank giving me no slider options to chose from. I purchased this them as I wanted to switch from your discontinued Inspiration theme to Maximus but as I can’t get the slider working I may have to switch back :-(

Please help!!

FYI I installed this them manually by unzipping the zip file into my Theme folder on my FTP

Thanks for your time! D

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Because the image Shortcodes not working in theme Maximus http://portaldeltanet.com.br Gildenor
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I set up my main blog page in the navigation to go to a category (Recent Posts). However at the bottom of the page, it doesn’t show the Next page icon and the page numbers 1, 2, etc. to see more from that category like it does on your live preview. I changed the number of blog post to show to show 4 blog post, and I currently have 7 in that category, but it doesn’t show the controls at the bottom of the page. Is there something I am missing?

I need to remove the yellow title bar from all pages and post I need to change font type and size all titles/headings I need to change the font size on the menu tabs I added my social media links for twitter and facebook but its not working. All the defaults are still showing

Here is the link to my site. http://llewisonline.com/index/makeover-coach-2/

Here is the to a site with all the changes that I am request assistance with http://www.trashprevent.nl/


I don’t seem to be able to install the theme properly. I have uploaded all files and see the theme in WP but it crashes my site when I try to activate the theme. In the log I see the following which I believe is the problem : PHP Fatal error: Class ‘CustomAdminSubPage’ not found in /wp-content/themes/Maximus/functions/admin_options/AdminPageFactory.php on line 11

I had to manually go to the database and enter another theme to get the site back and running… Commenting out the line in AdminPageFactory.php does not help. Is there any special permissions to set for some of the files/folders? Any help would be appreciated.

Thxs stephane

Never mind, I figured out what the problem was. Conflict with the “all-in-one-event-calendar” plugin Cheers stephane

There is a compatibility issue with the Maximus theme and NexGen Gallery v2.0.0.

I’m on NextGen Gallery 1.19.13 which runs OK under WordPress 3.6 and Maximus v1.0.

Upgrading to NextGen Gallery 2.0.0 whitescreens the install and produces the following error in the debug.log.

[06-Aug-2013 05:35:07 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘CustomAdminSubPage’ not found in /home/sites/<REMOVED>/public_html/clients/<REMOVED>/wp-content/themes/Maximus/functions/admin_options/AdminPageFactory.php on line 11



Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to show the featured image on a page like it does on a post?


is there a shortcode for that toggle box you have displayed to reveal the codes. I cant seem to find the shortcode for it… but you have it on your site “get the code”... can you tell me what it is. Thanks

??? does anyone know the answer to the above.. I don’t see any responses on here.

This theme died with version 3.0 of WP. There is no response from the author. Too bad :tired: