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Hi MixerTheme,

On my website Dellphi.nl, something strange has happened. The frontend is still showing the content of the pages, but in the backend, i can’t find it anywhere. Meaning: when i open the page Coaching, for example, the backend only shows an empty page whilee the frontend shows text and a slider.

I don’t understand what’s happened. No plugins have been installed since the problem occurred.

Thanks for helping out!!


Hi MixerTheme,

Can you please help us out? I can’t change anything on Dellphi.nl, content is nog showing in the backend.



can I get the access to your wp admin to see whats wrong?

Sure, thanx. Where can i email you?

via contact form in my profile

For some reason the page navigation under my first page of articles is missing, and I have about 3 to 4 pages of articles listed, but you cannot get them because of this, any suggestions on how to fix this?

Can I have the link to your website?


Thank you

did you try to crate one very main caregory and call it “Blog” for example, and then place this category using the wp menu nav option as a page(menu item)?

Awesome theme!!! Is it possible to put a vid on the home page in place of the slider?

It’s not possible to do this with current theme possibilities. You can do this only manually, when editing some code of the theme.

We have a couple sites aren’t displaying correctly in IE8 /9

https://www.jcspencecompany.com/ Cufon not displaying http://parkplacewv.com/ Slider appears to be broken in IE8 /9

Please help!

okay, will see it from Monday. Currently I’m unable to check it from Win.

Hi Alex,

Have you had a chance to look at this yet?

Thanks! Matt

Hi Alex,

Great Theme!

Q: Integration with Event Manager (http://wp-events-plugin.com) gives some errors.

Asuming you are familliar with this nice plugin…..

Error I get on the ‘Events’ – page:

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/mmens/domains/mooimensmooiwerk.nl/public_html/wp-content/themes/Maximus/functions/breadcrumbs.php on line 33
I got some other errors/warnings but I’ve managed to eliminate them by tweaking items within the Event Manager Plugin (5.0.3 free)

Could you please help me out?

Regards, Tom

Can you please mail me with this message and wp-admin access, I’ll see whats wrong.

Hi Alex,

Sorry for the delay. have being busy :)

I’ve created an account for you for the site and used your gmail-account for it. Had to search the net to get it (hope you will have an active gmail-account)

The site itself is in Dutch, so are some used plugins. If you need help, just ask!

Really hope you can help me out because this plugin, Event Manager, is an important one.

Regards, Tom PS… Just followed you one twitter, you never know.

Ahhh …

I’ve just checked our site in Internet Explorer and something is drastically wrong with the home page:


Any ideas what could’ve caused this (it was fine at one point) and what I could do to fix this?

Seems to be working fine still in Firefox and Chrome.


can I get the screenshot of your problem?


How is it possible to make a new page and then to hide it / title on top bar menu?

/ Betinna

Hi Betinna,
You can use a wp nav menu option for this.

Here are some screens of my homepage in IE8 :

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/barongimpy/screenshot3.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/barongimpy/screenshot2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/barongimpy/screenshot1.jpg

It basically starts off with the slider in total disarray with the pictures and text distorted – this eventually works itself out to a degree in a few seconds – but the text on the slider is still broken, displaying underneath rather.

But then all of the top menu bar goes away….


I want the the top menu s it is and then add some hidden pages for the read more here kinda stuff…

Also I can not get the sub menus to work! the sub menus dosn’t show as a roll down menu, when hoovered. The menu item is there in the top menu as a top menu item – showing alle tje time!!! I am getting very frustrated… Please Help!

GOT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


I like this theme, and it works fine BUT , WP now has advanced version and MAXIMUS doesn´t support this and security problems are too big. My site has been hacked on several occasions due to security issues and WP version of this topic as new versions are not supported so I can not update my WP.

I ask if you go to upgrade MAXIMUS for new WP versions or if we should seek for another option with a different theme?


Sorry, but I can’s give you any guarantee that it will happen soon. If I had time, I’ll do the update. Thanks for notifying me with this.

Hi there, Love the Maximus theme, but having submenu display problems in IE 8 /9. The submenus do not display properly, they go behind the homepage slider and only display. Any help would be appreciated.


I am trying to update to the latest version of the theme (2.3 I understand) but the download in ThemForest only allows the download of version 1.0 always.

The theme is perfect but having the problem with the slider as many other here have had. I’m hoping the newer version sorted this issue out? Other than that, perfect theme!

Many thanks in advance for your help,


Just sent the link over mate. Any problems give us a shout

Many thanks,


Hi Alex,

Was a fix for this theme introduced?

Kind Regards,


There is still no any updates for this theme

I need to move some text up in the body of page to close the gap between the slider images and the text. HELP !

okay, can I get a link to your website?

hello sir, if I may ask where can i find this testimonial widget you used in your theme?


can I know the link to page where did you see it?

in the theme preview sir, in homepage 3

To the author

Did this theme and sliders ever get fixed for Internet Explorer?

Don’t they work? can I get some screenshots? and what version of IE do you use?

Also …

The £ symbol doesn’t appear when used in post titles, nor when used in headings within the main body of text as well.

Could we get a fix for this please?

Hi thebestofrichmond,
Can I have a link to your website?