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Dear Author,

Is it possible to translate the theme? If yes how do it works? Is there a special file?

Thanks a lot for your answers.. Christian


Hi Christian,
Yes, the theme has a lang file en_US.po, which can be translated and then you’ll be able to use the theme in other language.

TeowaiR Purchased

How do I get the drop down menus to work? and where can I find the documentation on getting the sliders and galleries to work.


Hi TeowaiR,
Simply use a wordpress wp menu nav option (Appearance->Menus) to get your menu to work fine. Please feel free to ask any question using the contact form on my profile page or use it to request an invitation to our support forum.

blubbbiz Purchased


can you tell me how i can get the slider to work with the same images you have in the demo? i dont know how to get it to work… it doesnt show any image in a slider after new install….. without slider it looks like a parked domain page :(


Can I see the link to your website?

blubbbiz Purchased

mailed you the logins to blubb.biz over the contact form


Okay, will reply today

blubbbiz Purchased

hello? i allreasy asked for refund but the themeforest team told me to wait 2-3 days longer…. i do this, but next thursday its over with waiting…


There are a few screencasts on a demo. Weren’t they helpful to manage the theme? In addition: the theme wasn’t tested in wordpress versions higher than 3.1 (as it pointed in theme description)

blubbbiz Purchased

thanks hope to hear from you soon

blubbbiz Purchased

dont forget me please..

blubbbiz Purchased

help please….

I am having trouble getting my blog page to “read” the individual page layout options. That is, I want to set up the blog page with a different sidebar. And my blog page works (sees the layout options) until I change the wp settings/reading page “posts page” selection to my blog page. Then it no longer reads the individual page layout info and just goes to the theme options default settings.

Am I missing some basic detail on how to get this theme configured properly?

When I have the Reading Settings page set to Blog for my posts page, I cannot seem to set the page layout options from within said page. However, in the Theme Options/General Settings section I can set the “default layout for blog” and that does affect the blog page.

I am running wordpress 3.3.2, so maybe this is just something that does not work?

Any insight appreciated. : ) A


This theme wasn’t upgraded to work properly in wordpress 3.3.2, so please use it in an older wordpress version or at least v.3.1. then I’d suggest you how to manage/configure it if you’ll have any questions.

Hi author,

Just inquiring as I have lost the silver header image from my website: limeworksmedia.com Also I think the font in it has changed if you could help that would be much appreciated.


What happend with the Upgrade for new wordpress versions ? Last release was 2 years ago. We have purchased this theme with the hope to get support.

BenSimon Purchased


I’m trying to make a portfolio section with videos. Your instructions don’t really explain it well.

Can you tell me how to do this in better detail?

Regards Ben

Hi there, I am trying to use your shortcode below, however it’s not aligning correctly on the page. Would you know how to fix this so the three columns don’t stack?

You can view my site at http://ebconebyone.com/

[columns 50]
[icon icon1 left]
<h2>About Us</h2>
<h4>who we are and what we do</h4>
Amet incon ect etuer adipiscing elit maurise pharetra magna donec accumsan. Malesuada orcdonec umet lorem ipsum dolorconsec tetuer malesuada. Udipiscing elit mauris sifermentum tellus dolor, dapibus eget, elementum. Unean auctor wisi et urna. Aliquam erat volutpat. Duis turpis. Integer rutrum ante eu lacus consectetuer.

[btn align=left] read more [/btn]
[icon icon2 left]
<h2>Web Design</h2>
<h4>unique style for everyone</h4>
Donec accumsan malesuada orcidonec sitmet eros lorem ipsum dolor amet incon ect etuer adipiscing elit maurise pharetra magna donec accumsan. Malesuada orcdonec umet lorem ipsum dolorconsec tetuer malesuada. Udipiscing elit mauris sifermentum tellus dolor, dapibus eget, elementum. Unean auctor wisi et urna.

[btn align=left] read more [/btn]
[icon icon3 left]
<h2>Our Clients Say</h2>
[testimonial autor="Jennifer Green"]

Malesuada orcidonec sitmet eros lorem ipsum dolor amet iect etuer adipiscing elit maurise pharetra magna donec acumsanmalesuada orcdonec umet lorem ipsum...


Thanks, Melissa


thought you’ve lost your width for #content class in styles file.

Thanks for the reply. Do you by chance have the original #content class that I could drop in the styles file or do you suggest I start over with the theme to get that?

Disregard my last request—-I just started over. :)

Hello, Anything new on the update of that theme? I’m managing a website for someone who purchased the theme, I have no choice but to upgrade the wordpress to 3.3.2 because of a wp plugin he needs, but the theme first page slide show is not displaying correctly in ie with that version. I’ve seen that you planed to make the upgrade 6 months ago. Any news? What can we do to have the home page slide show to display correctly?

Hello - I am having issues with the headings showing in IE9 . Do you have any suggestions on how to quickly fix this issue?

I can see the primary navigation, but any headings in the slider, main content or sidebar do not show in IE9 . Here is a link to the website so you can take a peek.


Thank you for any advice you can provide on fixing this issue.

Best, Alexis

No documentation available

We have just purchase the Maximus theme, unfortunately no documentation recieved …

+ problme to format the text ( header, Fonts, ... ) the pages

Compare to the demo vresion, I have the feeling not having the same options and possibilities !?

Please comment or help



windhamr Purchased

I am also having problems with the headings showing in IE9 . Works fine in IE7 and IE8 , but not displaying in IE9 . Do you have a fix for this issue?

windhamr Purchased

I think I found a fix for my problem with the headings not displaying in IE9 . I downloaded an updated version of the cufon-yui.js file from cufon.shoqolate.com/ and then uploaded it to the scripts folder. The headings are now displaying.

IE 9 issue with the headings not displaying can be fixed pretty easily by updating the cufon-yui.js file.

You can find notes on the fix here (plus link to newer version of cufon-yui.js file) – http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/fix-for-cufon-not-working-in-ie9beta/31932

Super big thanks to KalebAustin!