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Is your template Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG) compliant ?

thanks V

Good template!! Cyrillic are supported (charset=windows-1251 or utf-8)?



wowwww superb, haw to translate it in french ?

thanks for your work !

you can do it just manually because it’s html template.

Hi Alex, Great theme.

I’m wondering if you have a working jquery form for the footer that validates and loads in the form area. I tested your forma and it looks like a standard redirect to the home page w/out any validation etc.

I’ve tried a few jquery forms out there but there is always a conflict with the footer slider…ie, the page refreshes and the results are not visible.

Thanks – I appreciate any help you can offer. M

There is only one working contact form in this template (it comes as a bonus for this template), the second one, which is in the footer you should install by yourself or with help of anyone who knows how to do it ;)

Hi ALex,

I have just purchased this theme and I am VERY IMPRESSED !

I am completely new to working with CSS (actually I am completely new to editing websites!) and I would be really grateful if you could help with my question.

Your theme has a clear main body background and I would like to have either a very faint pinstripe (or similar) effect or a very muted image.

Is there any way that I can make this happen?

Kindest regards,


Hi, Im thinking about purchasing this theme.

Is it possible to have the slider image from the main home page in the demo with the home page content from home page 3 (the 3 sections)?



Hi Tom,
Sure it’s possible, just do copy and paste of the code from one page to another.

Great template. The only problem I’m having is the contact form. I have edited the contact-us.php but no joy. Am i missing something?

There is no contact-us.php file, only contacts.php
May be you have something mussed?

Hi MixerTheme!

Nice job!

Only one question before I buy this one!

The footer contact form and the Leave a Reply inside the Simple_Page.html are they working?

I saw you mentioned that only one form is working so probably this the one from contacts.html.

What about these 2 left? Can you give support to make them work after we purchase the template?


The only contact form works on the contact page. Regarding the other – it can be implemented by customers or their staff in the same way as it does on contacts.html

Ok thanks Alex! I’ll take it for sure!

I hope to see new stuff from you soon!


Excellent template! Clean coding!


Thanks for such a great words ;) Can I ask you to rate this item?

Hi Alex!

One question for you!

How can we change the prettyPhoto theme on the gallery page?

Just scroll down to the end of source code and there you’ll the the place where to edit. It will look like the one below:

        $(".display a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({
            animationSpeed: 'normal', /* fast/slow/normal */
            opacity: 0.50, /* Value between 0 and 1 */
            showTitle: false, /* true/false */
            allowresize: true, /* true/false */
            counter_separator_label: '/', /* The separator for the gallery counter 1 "of" 2 */
            theme: 'light_rounded', /* light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square / facebook */

Hi Alex! Don’t need to answer! Already fixed!

Great! Thanks!

Hi Alex! Great Job! Clean code and good documentation! But i have one problem with Cyrillic. I wrote Cyrillic symbols in H3 tag and text dissapeared in browser. All Cyrillic symbols are dissapearing in H tags.

Regards, Ruslan.

Hi Alex, no need to answer, already fixed :)

Hi MoranXP,


great work…!!!!

i need some help with the menu… the drop menu…

is “stuck” in IE9 … how can we fix this pls? (roll over and when the mouse is going to the next button then the drop menu stays open… then all the drop menus stays open… i can send you a screenshot so you can see it :)

thank you nikip

I see that you say that the work is for IE8 … but is there any way to fix it… because we walk know for IE10 … and … if there is a way to fix the menu… the drop menu it will be great… thanks

hey… how about a little help here? to make the menu work for IE9 ?

the sideleft menu works great for all browsers… but the drop down is not working for the IE9 … help pls???

no problems here with dropdown and IE9 …?


Unfortunately it wasn’t checked on compatibility with IE9 as it pointed in the description. But would you be able to make a screenshot and provide me with a link to it?

PM is send…

Hi I bought this nice template – unfortunately I’m facing a severe problem: All socalled “Umlaut” (the German equivalent to ae, oe, ue with dots on top of the vowels a,o,u plus a sign called sharp-s) are not shown / left out in


aso tags- despite the fact that the charset in both css and html files are set (remainded set) to utf-8 which should be able to show them. Nevertheless: in the menu bar the Umlauts are shown! Strange. This is very annoying and it seems that there is no way around. I urgently need help, otherwise the template is useless for me which would be a pity.

shoot: html garbled the message: Umlaut are left out in tags like h1, h2 (can’t show the tags correctly here)