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Hi, I have a problem with Maximus. I have a site with WPML in two languages??, Italian and English. I need the home page (the home use template builder) is translated into English. So I created 2 models of home page layout builder. Everything is ok.

But when I insert panel as latest news or the latest from the blog I have to select the category. Every time I pass the language of the site from English to Italian and vice versa to save the right category, the category parameters are reset! Even the page configured in the panel “services” is reset.

VERY URGENT, what can I do? I can create user accounts for you!


I find it shameful they have not received a response in the support forums for 4/5 days.

You do not answer, I’m close to the deadline, what should I do? You are rude and unprofessional



Sorry for the late response. Please can you give us your wp credentials so I can give it a look. Write us at help@themeple.co.

Best regards!