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Two things:

1. We are using this theme and would like to use the sidebar “WPCrown Custom 125×125ad” widget (as shown on the demo) but how do we get adverts to appear in the 4 boxes in the sidebar?

2. Like the demo we would like a quotation or text in the top header next to the logo, how do we achieve this?

This is really urgent, if you could reply.




I am wanting to change the “breaking news” title/text below the header to “Latest Steel News” How can I do this? I presume somewhere in the code but where exactly?



Is anyone else experiencing trouble with their widgets?

I’m still having trouble with the sidebar, and subsequently, posts being all over the place. It’s been months and I’ve received no help.

Hello, Two problems. Your support is broken. I cannot authorize through twitter. The second problem, the pagination no longer works on the homepage when set to static, this is do to an update in wordpress that you have not reflected on your site]. This has to do with the “paged” variable used in the pagination. “Page” needs to be used on the static home page. I hope this will help you out. Thanks for the nice theme.

I’d like like to be able to use the full-width via drop-down option for posts, not only for pages. Could you please get back to me? stef@themindbite.com.

I need to also be able to increase the width of the top nav and main nav bars, because the social icons push the whole thing down, and it doesn’t look good with too many categories.

Also, really great theme.

Has anyone received help on this template?

@korkedbats, I see you and I have similar issues, have you figured out what’s going on? (I hope you see this).

Anyone else have an issue when more than 6 posts happen, the side bar get’s thrown around and any additional posts become messed up (with a large white gap in between the top 6 posts and the lower ones?)

EDIT: Anyone researching whether or not to use this template…. DON’T!

Wow. I’m glad I read these comments. Looks like a lemon.

Hello, 2 question:

How to put text after categories like this Image and video hosting by TinyPic

How to put quote on header?

tomho89 Purchased

This is the worst theme ever which I bought from themeforest. Poor support and the theme is fucked up itself!

I tried opening a new ticket at ThemesDojo but it did not accept my purchase code. Why???

I purchased MAXINEWS theme and now all of a sudden my widget page sidebar is busted. url is morethanfood.co.za

We have so much traffic on this website so I’m about to raise hell. Please assist

Purchase code: 005f9ed0-8017-4e93-acd6-a5940b2883dd

Hello, I have installed the Theme on Wordpress 3.8, why the paging in home page not working? link: http://www.mammuthusmuseo.com/wordpress/ Thanks!

Thank god for these comment sections..have saved me $$$

Can author please update this theme, pleeeeeeeeease???

Hi, I want to use this theme but need to mock it up for a client first. Any chance you have a PSD I could work with?

Thanks so much,



We are sorry but we don’t have a psd.

Does this theme work on Wordpress 4.0? I am so worry to upgrade my Wordpress and whole thing just collapse.

vlamirkus Author Team


We haven’t tested it yet on Wordpress 4.0. You can get a backup of your site and install it on your localhost running Wordpress 4.0 and see if it will be working, though testing on live hosting is prefered.

Let us know how that worked out.

Thanks, Vlad.


I dare not to do it, my WP still running at 3.6, I worry if they need me to upgrade database and later on I cannot reverse my website even I restore from backup. Could you test it please?

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I am having issues showing this part on my website – http://gyazo.com/ff4c7d243ee3732e79763dcf22f62442

My website is http://btcvice.com/ and as you can tell that part isn’t there

vlamirkus Author Team


It’s been more that 1 year since the theme was issued and the author is not offering support regularly for this theme. Please search the documentation and comments on the theme to find answers to your questions.