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Hello, if I want to change the layout of brands in home page wich .tpl file should I edit? I try to open /modules/as_manufacturerslider/tpl/slider.tpl but inside I found only a javascript document.ready function. Where is the html?

hello, please open a support ticket here

Hi, where can we try french language support ? Thanks.

hello and thanks for purchasing our work, please open a support ticket here to get help


Tengo problemas al instalar la plantilla en el prestashop. No me sale ninguna plantilla cuando descomprimo el archivo. Ayuda Gracias

hello and thanks for purchasing maxshop.

plz open a support ticket in our forum

I open ticket and I hope solution

because when I insert the categories I do not go on the front page at the top close to home and so on.? the site is close to accessories how do I put the other categories that I have created?


hi Ana and thanks for purchasing our work. please open a support ticket here


how can I remove the Theme Settings icons in the home page?

hi and thanks for purchasing our work.

please use our forum

Great looking theme but I’m having some challenges editing the theme after install.

As per @mediarete, why is the theme settings icon is sitting on the template homepage after install? Seems to just be a waste of time having to go and log a forum request, etc.

Also everything under ‘customer service’ and ‘my account’ in the footer links to/loads the prestazilla demo – why isn’t this auto generated with the correct links? I’ve searched the cp and I can’t find where to edit them.

Would be much better if these small annoying issues were fixed, rather than needing to go through support.

hi Jimmy and thank u so much for purchasing our work.

im really sorry to say but you have to go through support forum cuz the guy who made the Maxshop doesn’t have access in my TF account that’s why you have to use the forum .

Thanks, hope u understand Faton

sorry, double post (connection :D )


I bought your theme few weeks ago but I have a problem with the compatibility with IE8. I tried to view the demo with IE8 but it’s the same.

I can give you an access to the website in private if you want.


hi and thanks for purchasing our work. im raelly sorry but we forgot ti disclude the IE8 from list cuz it doesn’t support IE8

Thanks for ur understanding Faton


I recently update prestashop to version 1.6.5 and now the theme is not working, it just re directs me to this address

is this compatible with the new version or when will be an upgraded version of it?

Hello and thanks for purchasing our work.

Please open a support ticket here :

Hi and thank for your very useful theme.

I would like to delete the comment: “Please ENTER YOUR LICENSE CODE in Theme Configurator or PURCHASE THEME”

I’ve already include my purchase code in the module “Theme Configurator” But this line does not disappear.

Thank you for your help

Hello and thanks for purchasing our work.

Please open a support ticket here :

Hi, I need to add an “Ask more informations about this item” plugin/module. Is there any compatible module with this theme?


hello and thanks for purchasing our work, please open a support ticket here


How can I setup the products to display as a grid by default instead of a list view?

hello and thanks for purchasing our work,

Please open a support ticket in our forum to get help from our dev



First of all beautiful theme. I have already asked you before. Do you have this theme in OPENCART?

Secondly, could you please confirm what versions of Prestashops it supports.?

And List of browsers it supports. As I read in comments that it dosent support IE8. which other browser it does not support.

Thanks a lot in advance

hi and thanks for ur kind words.

1. no, the open cart version is not developed

2. Supported versions:

Prestashop 1.6.0
Prestashop 1.5.6
Prestashop 1.5.5
Prestashop 1.5.4

3. it support all major browsers except ie8. it supports IE9+, Chrome, Mozilla etc.


Do we need to create a new account for migration from to ?

FYI, I hate to use external plateform compare to themeforest. We can’t see problem of others users when we search new theme. It should be forbidden by envato.

How do we upgrade Maxshop 1.6 on Prestashop 1.5 to Maxshop 2.0 on Prestashop 1.6, based on the fact that we change many things (included some bugs correction) ?

hello and thnx for purchasing our work. please open a support ticket here :

Dear Customers, Please use our forum for any questions or suggestions you might have regarding this product. our forum Link:

Hey there,

I try to submit a ticket on

Here’s the message I got :

Sorry due to vacations our support will not be available until Friday July 25!!! We apologize!!

We’re the sept 22 ! Can you help ?

Hello, it seems there’s a problem with his support forum, please contact him directly at:


FocusRiver just write the question .. July 22 has already passed


arkeba Purchased

I buy this template but the quickstart package is not present and i have problem to install the theme. You write that there is a quickstart package, i also try to write to webmaster and i dont receive any response.


Templines Author Team

Hi. Please create ticket here Thanks

Purchased Presta by accident, anyway to exchange for WooComm or do i need to buy again?

Please make a refund request at: and note there that author agreed for this refund:


Thank you

If I want to selll fashion products.. is there a size / color option?


Templines Author Team

Hi . Yes support . Thx

How could do I make init demo product by theme?

My domain is , how can I config my home equal your theme, Best regards


Templines Author Team

Hi . Please use prestashop translater Thanks

Hello templines

I have a problem with combination of product, the price do not show correctly, show price 0€

Example :

What it is the problem?


I am waiting 13 days ago, I have not response support for my problem with do not show price combinator, please I need help.

Best regards