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i have a multiple line on product name problem. When i add a long product name all product slipping. how can i fix it

you can check it

http://sadeceakvaryum.com/magaza thank you

Hi, i’m sorry for your issues.

Please open a ticket in our support desk and explain the issues you are experiencing.

Register yourself in our site: http://www.yithemes.com Then active your theme here: http://yithemes.com/theme-activation/

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issue including your WP admin access so we can review your setup and help you. thanks

Hi, I would like ti add more tabs in product despcription page but i dont know how. I think it’s possible because i see it in: http://chaifashions.com/shop/charmed-collection/trisha-summer-dress-2/


Hi, I bought this theme from 2013. Can I update new version free now? This is the link of site: http://tarpabag.com/


Sure, but you have to login yourself using the same credentials you used to purchase the theme the first time. I can’t see the “purchased” ribbon on your message so you not used this nickname ;)

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I added my “add to cart” text (in my language version) to the product page some time ago and I totally forgot where I’ve done this. It’s default text when you add a new product for ‘add to cart’ button. Where can it be?

My website: http://kominy.org.pl/

I bought this theme because of it’s claims to have many options for customizing. I only see 4 background images. Clicking on custom forces me to upload my own. I have gone through the documentation and it is very trivial information. where I can go for more information

Hi. received an email to update the theme. How do I update the theme? Is this update crucial? Is it ok not to do any updates?


Before buying this theme, i have a question. Can i, instead of selling products, sell services like watersport excursions and stuff ? with some reservation system ?