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How can I download the latest version 2.8.0?

When I go to me account and download the latest version I get 2.7.9.


It was an issue of the style.css file. Download the 2.8.1 version of the theme we just released, thanks :)

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Hi Sara, I use the Mayashop theme since 2 years ago and I´m pretty glad but I´d like in the wishlist page to put a button in every product called “budget” in order to ask for it and this would link with the budget page. I am not using the theme by the moment as e-commerce so that would be great for me. Thanks in advance.


In Maya we don’t have this feature, but we just released a premium version of our wishlist plugin:


with this plugin each user can send his wishlist to the site admin and ask for a quote. You can turn off the cart and the add to cart buttons and use this wishlist plugin :)

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Hi Sara, I’m trying to remove header background image for device between 0px and 1024px. I’m using this code;

@media screen and (min-width: 0px) and (max-width: 1024px) { #header { background: #fff; } }

The image continues to be there… How can I remove it? Thanks. Chiara


Try to add important, like

@media screen and (max-width: 1024px) and (min-width: 0px)
#header {
background: none !important;
lasagnuz Purchased

Perfect! Thanks for support :)


You’re welcome :)

I bought this theme and I can’t download the SAMPLE FILE – I tried countless times to activate theme on Yithemes but this never worked.Please I need this sorted asap – the theme has been bought for more than a week.


Hi, i’m sorry for your issues.

Please open a ticket in our support desk and explain the issues you are experiencing.

Login in you yithemes.com with the credentials you used to purchase the plugin and then in this page:


open a ticket and explain your issue including your WP admin access so we can review your setup and help you. thanks

Hi there

With the product slider (new/recent products) can you tell me the time frame for how this works? e.g. is it the last 2 months and it displays all products loaded in the last 2 months.



Is not working in this way, this shortcode take all products with “most recent” order, you have to limit the products number in the shortcode.


Oh ok – so how do I make it so its the most recent 12 products? [product_slider category=”” orderby=”date” order=”desc” latest=”1” style=”ribbon”]

Sara_p Author

Hi, please open a ticket in our support desk and ask this to our developers. This is a technical question and i can’t help you here :)

Register yourself in our site: http://www.yithemes.com Then active your theme here: http://yithemes.com/theme-activation/

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain what do you need. thanks

Am i the only one who’s having issue with the Visual Composer Tour element?

Thank you