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Hello Fawaniss, is there a way to use Joomla as my article provider for the mod_roksprocket in the front page (World News, Technology, Sports and Education) rather than just K2? Am migrating contents from my old site and I prefer to use Joomla contents for news. Thanks


Hello kemelite , and sorry for the delay

Yes Roksprocket module support Joomla article as provider , but in mazaya demo we use the k2 latest item form categories page to display front page (World News, Technology, Sports and Education) not roksprocket module. ( there is a feature in K2 to import articles from joomla )

Best Regards.

Hello Fawaniss, Please how do I get the demo menus off the mobile view of my site, the mobile view still shows the demo menu links. Your support is really poor I must say.


for the main menu : just canceled the publication of the Menu Module in Menu position see this screen: http://i.imgur.com/PmfLf8Z.png

Top Menu : go to administrator >> template manager >> Mazaya >> Menus >> Top Menu >> Display on mobile devices >> Select No

Berst Regards.


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Hello fawaniss! I want to install Virtuemart. Does it work with your template?

Best Regards, xykyma.

Hello xykyma , Yes works


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Hallo fawniss, no way to install with akeeba + quick start (full package), one time got the following message “Unable to connect to the Database: Could not connect to MySQL”, another time a UTF 8 error… One time it seems it works, but when I try to go on the fronted, I got another error, and the db had only 30-40 tables.. I don’t know.. I’m not new to joomla, on the same domain and server run many others 3.3 joomla without problems, installed with a normal quick start package (not akeeba). Php version 6, all files correctly uploaded. I send you to your mail my db configuration, and i ask you if you can send me a FTP backup + .SQL file (not akeeba). Best regards paolo


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PHP version is 5.4.4, exactly


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I instaled template but column code: Text/column2Same Text[/column2] doesn’t work for me Rockandy instaled.


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Hello i bought template but if i made changes (sidebar-A and sidebar-B) after that i can not change again the position of them and eyrything stuck on the template. I have Also the same problem with the second line of footer (can`t change or leave this empty ) and stuck after second change of this …

Hi dear Fawaniss, I have a problem with this theme. top menu can’t be displayed in mobile phones and tablets. please help me. I haven’t updated mazaya theme. thanks a lot.

Hi, I bought your Mazaya template, but I have problems . I can not place the modules in ” sidebar a ” , ” sidebar a” , “top a & b ” etc etc only works if you position it in ” headerbar ” . Can you help ? So it is impossible to use it ?


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Hi, I have problems uploading quickstart template package at hostator, joomla 3.3.6


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Just finish uploading quickstart package and are getting some bugs. Please check homepage:



Is this Mazaya version compatible with Joomla 3.4 ?



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Hello, template is great, only thing is that I wan’t to remove h1 tags from logo text…If I remove default text “Mazaya Theme” stil empty H1 tags remain


it’s apper this massge plz help me IMPORTANT! You are restoring on a server with a different PHP version than the one you used to back up your site. Your original site server’s PHP version was 5.4.4 and your current PHP version is 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.11. Please note that different PHP versions may have differences which can cause your extensions (components, modules, plugins, libraries and templates) to not work properly. In these cases the restoration will complete without an error but your site may not display correctly or not load at all. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for these issues. You will have to check that all of your extensions support PHP 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.11 before attempting to restore your site on this server. ×IMPORTANT! You are restoring to a different site We have detected that you are restoring to a different site than the one you backed up from. Some of your extensions, such as Admin Tools, may require to be reconfigured if they are using absolute paths or URLs. For more information please consult our Troubleshooter documentation.

and this configuration.php Writeable You can still continue the installation as the configuration settings will be displayed at the end. You will have to manually upload the code. Click in the text area to highlight all of the code and then paste into a new text file. Name this file ‘configuration.php’ and upload it to your site root folder.

Hi, I would like to buy this template but is it compatible with Joomla 3.4?


I’ve installed a customized version here: http://2015.elfarmaceutico.es/

but this error persist: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://2015.elfarmaceutico.es/default

On clean installation i got the same error…. ┬┐How can i fix that?

Thank you!!

Hi, I would like to ask for help with a problem. I installed Jomsocial 4 and noticed some problems with jquery. Some features of jomsocial are locked and unusable. The staff of jomsocial says it is a problem of the theme, in fact activating other themes such problems do not occur. How can I do?

Hello, yesterday my page worked. Today my homepage is almost empty. I lost all the content (articles, links , widgets … ) . Do you know where this bug may come ? I ‘m desperate … Thanks for your help (sorry for my english ). Nating

I found it difficult to go with theme without admin, so that I see I’m not able to manage the articles, images, users, ...etc. so, my question: is there any admin for managing your theme ?