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Hi I have installed the theme and imported sample data, however the website does not look like “Demo Website” how can i make it exactly the same and then work from there to make changes?

This is absolutely appalling. Not even a changelog? The last changelog shows an update to WP 3.5. There have been 3 new presidents and as many new Popes since then. Don’t touch this guys, support is non-existent and the coding was lazy on a good day. Find a theme that supports woocommerce; you won’t be disappointed.

Dear author, There is pt-BR language support, or PO files for translation?

Is this theme comparable with newest wp-e-commerce, one user was saying that it did not work with newest wp-e-commerce?

Yes, is this error fixed with wp-e-commerce?

because AJAX add to cart was not working, pages were refreshing and opening product page, each time clicked on button add to cart!

PLEASE let me know!



Checked it a minute ago the latest version should work ok, please let me know

sarach Purchased

Hi, I just bought your theme and everything went well until I create “Product Page” I have 3 questions plz help me.

1. I added picture in “Product Details>Image Gallery” it only show picture on my “Latest Products widgets on Home Page” but it isn’t show on “Products Page” also “Single Product Page” how can I make it show?

2. If I use “magic zoom plugin” instead of add picture in “Product Details>Image Gallery” It will show the box without image on my “Latest Products widgets on Home Page” how can I remove this empty box?

3. In the live preview when I looked at “a single product page” I will see a block above the product block which contains the category of the product with a category description. How do I get this block. I want it so badly, how can I get it back.

ps. your demo is very nice I love it so i try to make it similar as I could. Here is link http://blowmoldfurniture.com please give me advice

best regards

Is anyone else having the same issue that I am? I’m not sure when it happened but now when I log into the backend of my website (http://spunoutfibres.com.au) I can see the wordpress dashboard menu on the left but despite what you click on, the page is blank.

I’ve downloaded the theme again & installed it over but it made no difference. There are no other plugins apart from those that came with the theme.

Can you please advise? (Mark, I have also emailed this to transparent.ideas.com@gmail.com)


I have a problem with footer area, it becomes full page when user page down. You can see this problem twenline.com, how can i fix it?


Thanks for awesome theme!

Please let me know, where I have problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAUgdHSAj8I All are default files,

Also, I just need, that product would just be added to cart with no refresh or open.


Hello Rolands Please email me to andy [AT] themes.zone