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Wow, excellent theme! Well done on the WP e-commerce integration. I had a tough time integrating it into my own site and know what a hell that must have been, knowing the outright shitty coding :)

I have some projects coming up needing WP e-commerce. If your theme is easy to modify, I will be using it!



Okay, logical :)

Are you capable and willing to get into the php crap of wp e-commerce? :)


Cool, will get back to you on that soon, thanks!

Very awesome! Is it possible to connect as customer to see account page?



login: Customer pass: 123456
or you can simply make an order and check the account page afterowrds

Love it, will buy. But two questions first:

How does it render in IE7 ? Does it not work at all? Any known fixes for these IE7 issues?

Will you update the theme with new versions of the WP e-commerce plugin?



No, IE 7 is not supported sorry. IE 9 is out there so IE 7 is too outdated to be supported.

I am wondering if it’s possible to use paypal. Thanks!


Yes wp-e-commerce plugin provides following payment options:
Paypal Express Checkout
Paypal Payments Pro
Paypal Payments Standard
Paypal Payments Standard 2.0

Is it possible to have it in enquiry mode, so that rather than processing the payment it just sends through the order?

Thanks in advance.


Check out the way live demo is set up right now. You can remove all payment options and configure which information you want to ask your customers at checkout

Finally a really nice wp ecommerce site. Looking forward to purchasing. Question does the theme support authorize.net integration? If not, are you working on integration of other payment processors. I have a client who is in need of this theme right now however does not want to use paypal.


There is authorize.net payment gateway option but it requires wp-e-comerce gold edition that is commercial

BOOKMARKED . I already worked nice with Flexishop and i must say this looks 100 times nicer .. good job visually at least y must say.

Will buy it eventually!

Good luck with sales!


Thank you very much

Alright I love your theme!

I’ve purchased the theme and am already hard at work with it! I’ll post updates of our website once we make some progress. Being that this is a new theme do you have any other plans for the theme or additions you are thinking of doing? Much appreciated!!

Andrew Trost


Hello Sanjeev

1. The search in header is a wordpress native search therefore it does not effect products of the e-commerce plugin, how ever you can use e-commerce search widget to search with in the shop.

2. Would you please be more specific on what are you trying to achieve? The price tag is an attribute of wp-e-commerce plugin if it is turned off no price tags appear.


I had been looking for product centric theme for a while now, though I won’t be using the ecommerce feature, it seems that this theme will be good enough for what we need. But there are couple of questions before i make the purchase :

1. I tried searching for “white”, “sofa”, “white sofa” none of which returned a result. What could be the issue there ?

2. I hope it wouldn’t be too difficult to turn off the ecommerce feature and still retain the price tags.

Thats all. Thanks.


Hello Sanjeev

1. I am currently updating the e-commerce part of the theme to meet new requirements while doing that I will make sure search works for both store and blog

2. So far there is no way to have e-commerce plugin removed and still have products and price tags.

PS Sorry for the delay

Thank you

I have been looking for a theme like this for awhile. 2 questions. Is there a dark version of this theme included? Is there an option to include multiple images of a product on the specific product page? Bookmarked.


Hi No dark version yet, And yes it is possible to use multiple images.

Instead of buy button – can we have as an affiliate link out?

Thanks, John

PS; Fantastic theme!


You can Hide buy button, but there is no straight way to add affiliate links except for tweaking the code a little bit.

Great Job! Is it possible to use javascript with this theme? I am using Aweber (www.aweber.com) for forms. Can you please checkout of this plugins works with this theme: - Booking Calendar - Booking Manager - Fast and Secure Contact Form - Find and replacer - Page Link Manager - Q and A - wp-Table

The last theme I Bought, this pluigins won’t work… :( Now I have to look for another one…


Regards Jairo

Is possible to link the slider images directly to the offers?


With The Piecemaker and Coin slider it is possible


Found something you may want to update:

Your instructions say to upload wp-ecommerce theme to:

To do that unzip “ecMazine.zip” file and upload the ecMazine folder to “wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/themes”, once it is done go to “Store” -> “Settings” page, open “Presentation” tab

The correct place to upload the e-mazine file is:


This took about 45 min to figure out why I couldn’t change the theme settings. :P



Thank you. Updating docs.


If you have any issues with the theme let me know. I will assist right away.

what version of wp-e-commerce does it use ?


It is 3.7.8 Will update to 3.8 shortly

Amazing! Nice, clean and cool. Good luck ;)

Could anyone please reply to my comments above ? Thanks.

When do you expect to have the 3.8 version ready?


Should be ready with in 2 days

Beautiful theme. Would it work with a Wordpress plugin like WPZonbuilder? So instead of having own products with checkout, it would be affilate products from Amazon?


I will check that.

Is this theme translation ready?