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nice one! good luck with sales :)

Wonderful Color palette !

Nice looking theme. Good luck. Srecno ;)

Great theme! I exactly saw this theme before a few month ago! Where it could be?

needs responsive support. If it’s responsive smartphones, it is basically useless to a restaurant in today’s business world.

Congrats!! nice theme!!! have a wordpress version?

Nice theme!

I need to add a third level drop down menu. Can you please advise me on how to do this?


Would you please let me know the Hex Color Code of the “Lime” style?...Thanks

You bought HTML template so you have to change that text on every HTML page. If you have bought WordPress version than you could change in WordPress administration.

Now you have to open every HTML page in some text editor like Notepad and find “Book a Table” text and replace with “Order”.

Best regards, ThemeLabs

Thanks again!

Thanks for the wonderful HTML template. We finished our web pages design, the only thing that is missed is the “reservartionform.php” script file from the reservation.html…do you have this PHP file?, like the “mail.php”? that was included. Please let us know.

I am also missing the PHP for the reservation form. Any help would be appreciated.


The theme worked until December. It stopped uploading media in January, and says there’s a temporary file missing. What should I do?

Excellence Work;


I’ve bought this template some time ago, but I’m unable to download the updated version. I can send you the ‘item purchase code’ if you need it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards, Silvio

Hi Silvio,

Please can you check the date of purchase. We are selling this item since October 11th 2012. You’ve probably purchased it before this date. Originally this item was uploaded by other author. We bought exclusive rights to sell this item from them.

Regards, TL team

Hi, I have added 4 slides to the HTML theme. However the slides does not change itself on the web. If i click the right or left arrow, the slide changes. It does not change automatically. Please let me know why it could be like that

Hi Faizaled,

By default slider does not slide automaticly. In order to enable auto sliding you have to make small change in “assets/main.js” file. About line 136 find code:

auto: false

and change it to

auto: true


Hi ThemeLaboratory, i’ve bought your fantastic theme, great work !!

One “bug” the gallery scroll in the header not work more if you do a double-click over the arrows. Can you fix it?

There’s some new release in progress?

Thanks Mattia

Hi Macchianera2012,

We’re not able to reproduce described issue in all major web browsers. What web browser you use?

Please visit this page and confirm that double click issue is present.

About new releases. We are not planning to make any major releases. Only resolving reported issues, bugs.

Please contact us on for any further support. Thanks.

Hi ThemeLaboratory, sure, also in your demo page the behaviour it’s the same… If you click quickly in the left/right arrow in the header carousel, the image switch correctly but the text not follow the image and the sync will be lost…


Thanks Mattia

Hi Mattia,

Bug is fixed.



mkeel Purchased


The reservation and contact forms are not working, on the php file are in 1 (enable).

Can you please help me with that?


Hi mlkeel,

I checked your website. Did you edit file called mail.php? It looks like you have made a typo on line 15. Please make sure that code on line 15 looks like this:

define('WESITE_NAME', 'Your Restaurant Name');

Quotes are important! Do not remove them. If there is a quote character in the restaurant’s name please escape it. E.g.

define('WEBSITE_NAME', 'Mike\'s Hive');

Best Regards, Milos