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Awesome theme, good work!

and sidenote… the naming of your theme is kind of funny if you watch Grey’s Anatomy…

Thank you! I know it’s funny, but i don’t know the connection with Grey’s Anatomy..

Thanks again

perfect theme i bookmarked your theme for this month sale program.. :)

Thank you!

Tema arata foarte bine, doar ca se incarca mai greu. Spor la vanzari!

Am folosit imagini mari peste tot. Din cauza asta se misca mai greu. Nu sunt optimizite.


Am folosit imagini mari peste tot. Din cauza asta se misca mai greu. Nu sunt optimizate.


WordPress Only? or would you be coming out with an HTML version?


I’m not sure at the moment about the HTML version. It’s a slight change …


Great theme !!!

Thank you!

Hi, I love this template!

I just have one question.

how I change this:

“McCleanny Wordpress theme released via TF. Check it out: http://bit.ly/9qQCji”

is in the top of the site.



Glad you enjoy the theme.

Go to theme options on the “General” tab check “Disable last Twitter message”.

That’s it.


Hi! I need to ask you a simple question, I want to use this plugging


Google Analytics for WordPress

but it says that this line should be in the footer

<?php do_action(‘wp_footer’); ?>

should I add this line to the footer or this will couse trouble with the template, and if I can add it, where should I add this line of code?

thanks a lot for your work again!


The theme has wp_footer already. I dont think you will need to insert an another one.

But if you must you must insert it in footer.php.


This theme looks like what I need, however, I notice the background does not show past the front page. Is this on purpose? And can it be made to show throughout the wordpress website?

Thanks in advance for your response. Lis


Yes, it’s on purpose. You can attach for each page a different background image or color.

Thank you,

Hi! Would need special characters like the germen Ü/Ö/Ü and the italien é. How I do implement them? Regards Cris

Hello Cris,

To have special characters you have to generate the cufon font with the glyphs. So, go to http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ and generate the font (you have source link for the font in the doc) with all gliphs or just by selecting the one you need. Then, you have to replace the font in the js folder. You have instructions for this in the doc. (at the end)

soo great but… the pages is kinda heavy so go for another item… if it light more… better… :)


The pages are heavy because i used large background images(unoptimized). Which are optional by the way :)


Hi again! Have found the issue in your documentation (RTF ;-)) Everything fine, but the font looks hoorible. Maybe because of the different line-height with special characters (having Ö instead of O). Please have a look and give me some advice. http://ebenkofler.ath.cx Thanks Cris


It seams to be an error there. Did you replaced the name of the font in functions.php?


Next issues: - Portfolio default big images are loeading very slowly, becouse all pictures of the portfolio pages are loaded. I would prefer having loaded only the choosen one, so the loading-speed should be quite better. Or having disabled the function to load it. - Image Caption in blog posts missing. Regards Cris


I dont fully understand this…. I see they load ok. The portfolio page with only display the posts from the category you select from the backend. See the documentation!!!


and again: on my homepage´s post´s the read more button is not shown. posts are in full lenght. what do i have to change?


The read more button is the default wordpress read more button to separate content. Have a look here.



hi disgogo! seen you were here some hours ago. would like to go on with the project. any answers for me? thx

Hi there, your theme doesn’t seem to be compatible with Disqus comment system… http://halttheseasons.com/2010/07/09/hello-world/

How would you suggest I fix what I presume to be a collapsing div?


Please open the plugin css (narciussus.css) and put a float:left; on #dsq-content class.

I hope that does the trick.



what size photo would you recomend for the background?


Around 2000px wide.


Hi there,

I would like to change the background settings to background: no-repeat and fixed. Where exactly can I modify this? Thanks!


You want to change the background attributes for pages, posts, etc? If thats the case please contact me by email with a temporary admin login, cause there is a lot to change. Also, the background all over the site is already set to no-repeat.


the main menu in theme isnt working please help


Please be sure you uploaded the correct theme in relation to your wordpress platform. If you have WP3 please install the theme from the wp3 folder. Then, just follow the documentation.

If, for some reason doesn’t work, please describe your problem more accurately.



this is a fantastic theme and has helped me a lot in me work!

I need some help with two thing!

1. how do I enable comments on pages? I allow comment on pages in the creation menu, but in the page there is not place to put the comments



How do I allow comments in this page?

2. I have a little problem, some times the word “Leave a Reply” and “Trackback/Pingbacks” do not apper in the position they should

see this image:


some times is only the “leave a replay” word the one that do not appear rigth

here is the link of the example:


Thanks a lot! I really will be really happy if you help me with this details!


1. To allow comments on pages you just have to check the checkbox “Allow comments.” from the page Discussion tab (is at the bottom at the page).

2. I noticed this, and it seams that if the site loads slower some parts of the javascript dont have time to calculate the size of the left content area. I will release a fix for this in about 2 days.

Thanks for your patience.