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Nice template Bro. GLWS!

thank bro :D

nice work, gud luck :)

thank you

Great theme ! GLWS :)

thank you

Nice theme!


Seem your temporary folder can’t not be written. Please go to Configuration > File system and set “Temporary directory” folder

Hi, i’m continued config the site with your theme, i can’t create a new node portfolio, when creating the new node and import a new image this image don’t show.

any suggestion?


some hosting have problem with file permission. Please try to set:
1. sites/default folder to 755
2. sites/default/files folder to 755
3. sites/default folder to 555
4. Remove sites/default/files/styles folder and all its content.
5. From admin toolbar, go to People > Permission, and set full permission for “File entity” (on your admin role)

Good luck with sales! :)

Great work! Congrats! :)

thank bro

Hi there! I’d like to get the documentation please. I want to purchase but I’d like to check first the documentation to know the included plugings?

Please forward with details and differencies between drupal theme and HTML5 one?

many thanks in advance!

hi, please send me a message here and I’ll send you the theme document

Hey Hi Team, I would like to utilize this theme for my Wordpress site, can we use this theme to replace existing one. currently i have installed Argo theme on my wordpress site. where all web pages are created using php. Please guide me to proceed to buy this and apply for same. Thanks in advanced. :)

I’m sorry, this is Drupal theme, if you want to use for WP, please wait for WP version :)

Very nice theme, can you list more information about the base theme used in here. Thanks

hi, this theme is not based on any theme :)

I work with wordpress… And I’m a little afraid to go drupal. It is easy to learn?

If you want to change color, text, add new content, it’s very easy. If you want to customize some other thing, our developers can help you via support forum :)

I have been working on my company’s website SEO with this theme but i have had many problems while adding metatags and microdata. I will list a series of issues i’m having on applying SEO to this theme and other issues unralated to SEO:

  • I can’t find a place to perform SEO to the homepage
  • Metadata & microdata is beeing displayed from TEAM elements
  • Webform stopped working on update
  • unable to use metadata views module on portfolio

    1. You can find in 2 files: html--front.tpl.php and page--front.tpl.php in md_mdst/templates
    2. Which module are you using to add metadata & microdata, please send us some screenshots on support forum
    3. which version of webform are you using? the latest one is 4.1
    4. Similar to 2, which module do you use to add metadata views module, any screenshots?

    P/s: If you have any questions so far, please visit our support forum. It will be faster and more convenient

    OK, i see;

    1.I figured out seo shoud be made on those two files, but i thought there would be another way around.
    2. using latest release of metatag & microdata , adding metas and microdata is no problem on nodes. (my bad here)
    3.I upgraded webform and stopped working, was using latest release.
    4. metatag views (metatag) just crashes the portfolio.

    I downgraded several modules and disabled some because the theme just crashes (i.e.: andvanced aggregation crashes css)

    Please go to our support forum and send us some screenshots of the problem.

    my portfolio images are not showing up. everything else works fine except my portfolio section. It is something to do with the permissions settings of my .htaccess file?

    Please visit forum, our developers will help you. Thanks

    Thanks for this nice theme. Can you please provide an updated version with fixes to the new Media module and the updated drupal core 7.34

    Waiting for your kind reply

    thank you, I’ll upload update files today.

    very good.. and how abut drupaal 7.3?

    thank you, it works fine with drupal 7.x

    Dear people at Megadrupal,

    i bought this theme some time ago, and I find it really great and innovative, but I’ve got a small problem. Is there any way of making CleanURLs work with your theme? I have tried everything and it doesn’t work for me. Thanks in advance.

    You need to check file .htaccess or you can take reference here:

    Hi Megadrupal,

    Great theme – it has worked out very well for us. I do have one problem though, which I can’t seem to solve. Tried out almost everything I could think of.

    The custom youtube video background does not seem to work on my computer in any browser or any computer I’ve tried it on (completely new and fully updated computers as well). I’ve also tried it out with a great variety of youtube ID’s.

    The youtube pre-loader shows at first, but then it disappears and a youtube logo just starts flashing in the lower right corner. Nothing happens when clicking the play button either. Really hope you can help! Thank you!

    Hi, Please post your issue on our support forum cause we need more information

    This theme have any preprocessor like sass or less?

    Hi there! Any chance to make this template wordpress? :)

    I’m not sure, you can contact Yosoftware to ask :)

    One of the nicest Drupal 7 themes I have ever seen! Do the different site pages, blog posts etc. exist on different nodes? Is each site page created as a basic page on it’s own node or alternately content types such as articles are each on separate nodes? I am curious after watching the live demo because the URL does not change when switching pages, or viewing different blog posts, etc.

    Thank you for your concern in our theme. Yes, different site pages, blog posts exist on different nodes and they are created with different content types. About url, it is because we get ajax

    Thank you very much for your quick reply. Is the non-changing URL via ajax only at the Themeforest preview? If I buy the theme and develop it will the different site pages have different URL’s? I do wonder if each different website page has the same URL will this have a negative impact on SEO and also how would you post links in social media to one specific page if each page does have the same url?