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piglabs Purchased

any plans on making this angular like you did with your other theme?

AJAX-enhanced features – maybe, depending on your proposed ideas. Fully angular – unfortunately not – that’s totally a different framework. Cheers!


This is my first wordpress template experience. Is there an updated version of the ‘how-to’ documentation, to walk someone through the customization process? There is one I read once I downloaded the template but i looks like it may be referring to an older version?

Also, does someone HAVE to register in order to post/submit content? Is there somewhere that can be disabled or adjusted?


documentation should cover the main options, although some options were added later. If you have any specific question, please open a ticket at with an admin account, and we’ll try to solve them out together.

Front posting is available unfortunately only for registered users, as every post should have an author attached. At least for now this is not possible in Me Gusta.



lowpage Purchased

When uploading a video it does not get thumnail image…only youtube etc…not mp4

Unfortunately images can be retrieved, server-side, only from services providing images (vimeo, youtube, etc). PHP servers does not normally have modules for doing that for self-hosted videos. Please open a ticket at behalf this matter, I guess we can manage adding an image uploader for video posts as well.



lowpage Purchased

i will open ticket…also if and when uploading lets say 5 or 6 images for an image post, it gets stuck on loading graphic and never finishes

OK, please add this too in the request. Thank you.

Hi I need help in updating Auto load next post. after installing, i am getting redirected to this page-

Kindly assist


although unfortunately our free support doe snot cover third-part plugins and scripts, please open a ticket at with an FTP and an admin account, so we might look at your site’s configuration and theme selected options, and give you some hints.



lowpage Purchased

I have submitted a request..please check it thanks

Ok, sure.


lowpage Purchased

still no reply and no fix I sent all info needed to fix issue

Sorry about the delay – yesterday we had some issues with the support system. We’re on it right now.


When a user logins with Facebook his profile in Wordpress does not contain his email. This is provided by facebook by default but in my website it doesn´t load. And the BIG problem for me is that everytime somebody logins with Facebook a new profile is created with the user like this:
  • fb_user_
  • fb_user_1
  • fb_user_2
  • fb_user_n

    Can you help please ? Thank you so much!

  • Can I kindly ask if you’ve opened a ticket? If yes, please forward me here the ticket number. If no, please try to open one so we could test the issues directly on your end.

    Best wishes, Nick


    elimedia Purchased

    I have opened the ticket (#7011) and the first answer that I got was that My Gusta does not have Facebook login/registration and should I contact the facebook plugin developer. I was shocked because in the demo you have it and is integrated with the theme. Second, with the upload problems I get the answer saying that is happening for many users these days and I should have patience that you will fix it. Well… what about this ? I cannot use the theme :(

    OK, probably our support tech just misunderstood the issue. I will have a look in a minute. Thanks for the report.

    how can i disable responsive design in me gusta template?

    Please open a ticket at with the above request and we’ll send you a non-responsive version. Thanks


    josefn89 Purchased

    It says that the design is reponsive now, but it doesn’t look responsive in the Live preview version. Is it possible to see an updated version of the Me Gusta theme, so i can see it in responsive?

    Sure, we’ll update the demo too most probably today – sorry for missing this important change.


    I am very interested in buying the theme but I had few questions before I make the purchase:

    1) Is it possible that every image that I or any user uploads can automatically have a watermark stating website’s name added to it?

    2) Are there any spots for adding ads on the website? Can I customise them in the theme options?

    3) Does the user profile page allows the user to change their display image?

    4) Can a user register via Facebook?


    Thank you for taking into consideration our Me Gusta theme. Here are the answers:

    1) Unfortunately the theme does not have a watermark feature – but probably there are dedicated plugins for that.

    2) Ads can be added in the sidebar, in a text widget, also 2 specific Ads areas – below the logo and below the post content.

    3) Yes, they can change their avatar in their Settings page

    5) Yes, if you’ve added a Facebook app ID and Secret Key, FB registration is possible.