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Hi i have been search the backend and trying to figure out how do i get my sidebar and related post to look like yours. can you please tell me how its done!I want it done like your website see images:

http://i.imgur.com/jdjuv.jpg http://i.imgur.com/x5lWy.jpg



hi, this are the widgets you are interested in: http://i.imgur.com/WOeh6.png

is there a way to show random order for posts in “New” or “Hot” sections? By default it shows newly created posts on the top. please advise asap, thanks!

Ok thanks i got the other things working but you still have not told me how to get the related post at the bottom and also how o remove the wordpress word from email when users register!

http://i.imgur.com/yT6Hl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/rbKs6.jpg

You can choose in theme settings -> Blogging the option for related posts http://i.imgur.com/Fcwwg.png and if a post will have similar posts (based on the option tag/category) they will show in single.
The email is generated automatically by Wordpress CMS , you could use a plgin to change it, since it’s not related to the theme.


ok thanks it works! great job man love the script!

hey guys long time no see, I feel in love with your megusta theme and i need a theme that is highly intergrated with facebook (like megusta) but for a ecommerce site for a client do you have a theme that could work as a ecommerce theme if not can one of your be modified to make this happen. I have searched and cannot find a ecommerce theme that comes close to megusta is this regard. the website needs to be a online community/ecommerce please let me know if you have any ideas


Hi. The themes are not designed as ecommerce, and were not tested on compatibility with such plugins.

Hi, how to make the emote icon appear in the comments? And how to make the link that in the comments to be an live link?


Please check the topic on the forum http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/5304

I need all the posts being displayed in homepage to be in random sequence instead of new on the top. I think I might have found a solution:


Don’t know where and how to implement this. I’d appreciate a little help here :)

Nevermind, I figured it out…

I changed line # 212 from:

$wp_query = new WP_Query( array( 'post_status' => 'publish' ,'post_type' => 'post' ,  'paged' => $paged , 'fp_type' => 'news', ) );


$wp_query = new WP_Query( array( ‘orderby’ => ‘rand’ , ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’ ,’post_type’ => ‘post’ , ‘paged’ => $paged , ‘fp_type’ => ‘news’, ) );

hi is there a widget to get twitpics on the blog?


Hi. No , the theme doesn’t have such a widget.

Hi I want to use this theme for image sharing only, removing all the extra functionalities including audio player, image pop-ups when clicked on images etc. this will result into a more optimized site.

I have disabled all the extra things from the theme settings but still scripts are loading inside the wp head. Which scripts I’ll have unregister to make it completely strip the extra scripts and css files?

waiting for your answer and if you don’t want to answer this online, can you please leave me an email?


Hi. You can have a look in header.php, lib/php/include.class.php, lib/php/map.clas.php, lib\php\shcode.class.php, footer.php to find some scripts you might not need.

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Hi, how can I add rel=”nofollow” attribute to links placed in shortcode buttons? Please note that I dont want to add nofollow attribute to all schortcode buttons but some of them, Thanks.


Hi. The shortcode doesn’t have this feature, it can be added from code to all buttons, or by customizing it and adding a check box (“Add nofollow”).

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Thanks for your reply, could you explain to which file/code I add the nofollow attribute for all buttons?

Still love this theme, would love to see an update to a responsive design to support tablets/smartphones better.

Is it possible to not show advertisement on the NSFW page when i user upload images or video and still show ads on regular images? am using google adsense!

You could use in single.php
if( !meta::logic( $post , 'settings' , 'safe' ) ){
//here is the add

am not sure what that means? do i just copy and paste that code in the single.php file?


You need to enclose the ad code from post content, and header (in case it’s single post) in the code from above.

I also love this theme and my site is really taking off because of it! However what would make this theme complete for me (and a killer tool for affiliate marketers) is if you could add a field when submitting new images, videos that allowed the users to add a list of products that are depicted in the videos or images being uploaded.

I see this to be a field that allows the user to add multiple new fields. So for example if it was a cocktail recipe. They could click a plus button to add the name of each spirit or mixer that makes up the cocktail. So they may end up with 4 or 5 product/drink names in the final published post.

Something like these: http://dribbble.com/adamlcasey/buckets/91520-Form-Builder-UI

I know this is a bit of long shot to have it added in as part of your main theme, however I do think you’d see a surge in sales if you did add it.

And if you definitely didn’t want to add it as a standard feature, I’d be happy to discuss payment for a private update. Please message me if interested. :)


this plugin won’t work with the front end submision feature


Can you elaborate a little more?


the plugin you are interested in allows you to add custom posts and meta data fields in the WP dashboard, but it won’t influence the front end posting form implemented in our theme.

hi i have the widget code from twitpic is there a customisable widget where i can punch in the code?

its OK. i figured it out. there are plugins available for TwitPic

Is there a way to have buttons for “Register” and “Lost your password” in the login modal? Please reply asap, thanks!


You have to enable Wordpress registration from WP setting and you’ll have it like we do on our demo site.

I also need all the posts being displayed within “Hot” to be in random order. Which file and which line should I place ‘orderby’ => ‘rand’ , ??

It worked when I did this in \lib\php\post.class.php for “New” section/page but doesn’t work on “Hot” page.

Please help!

You misunderstood, I have “Register” and “Lost your password” in the login modal… but i need them to show in their individual buttons. Please reply asap, thanks!

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Hi ! Something is wrong with my ME GUSTA theme…i upload a mp3 song and the player is not working. I can’t click pe social buttons… Something is wrong with this theme.Look at this link to see : http://www.rasator.eu/tranda-oceanul/ Please tell me if is about settings…

this happens because of the FB widget, it covers a part of the page and users can’t click on the elements that are under the area occupied by your widget.