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hello, i’m having trouble displaying portfolio images on mobile, since they appear flipped 90 degrees clockwise on cellphones but on a computer screen they look fine, is there any way to fix this?

I just checked your site with iPhone 4, iPhone 6 + Chrome’s developer tool in responsive mode and all the images seem to be fine on my side. Can you please create a screenshot about the flipped images and send me them at Maybe it is a device related issue that happens only on your side.

i sent an email to that address with the photos 2 days ago, have you had time to review the screenshots?

Hello Chris,

Yes, I got it and I’m sorry for the late answer, but the issue is beyond strange and I”m still searching for the proper solution. I wrote some message to my fellow developers, actually none of them could tell me a bulletproof solution, but I got two threads that might help. Please check this WP forum and this Stackoverflow thread. You might find an answer that help.

Anyway, there is one thing I’m sure: this cannot be a theme or WordPress related issue. I sold almost 3000 copies and nobody reported the same problem to date. If it was the theme other buyers were reporting it all time since the portfolio is the heart of the ‘Me’.


Hi there,

I am having problems with the portfolio section. It is not lining up properly. and I have a lot of extra space. Could you please tell me how to fix it?

Thanks, John

Hello John,

Thank you for the purchase! :)

I just checked your site and portfolio looks a bit messy indeed. You need to do the following things to fix the look of that section:

1) Please use thumbnail images with 1:1 width / height ratio, the ideal size is 520×520.

2) Please re-write the slug of the video category. The label can be video but the slug should be something else for instance vid. You can change the slug by clicking on the “Quick edit” button under the category name on the “Portfolio > Categories” admin page.


Hi There,

I was wondering if it was possible to make the services icons about half the size. How would I go about this?



Hello John,

Yes, it is possible. Following css code controls the dimensions of the the image icons inside the circles:

.icon img {
    max-width: 150px;
    max-height: 150px;
    vertical-align: middle;

Add the that code to the “Custom css” option on the “Theme settings > Advanced” page and feel free to play with the values :)


Hi there! Thanks for the help. Sorry, I meant the whole circle, not just the just icon in the middle. Thanks.

Hello Jerry,

I’m sorry for the bit delayed answer, but I was hospitalized in the last three days, so I had not too much chance to answer. Anyway, here is the css code that helps you reduce the size of the entire circle(s):

.icon_container { width: 148px; height: 148px; }
.icon { width: 140px; height: 140px; }
.icon img { width: auto !important; max-height: 40px !important; }


Hi, I am strongly considering buying this very nice theme but was wondering:

1) if there is a way to prevent my changes/customizations from being erased when I implement your future upgrades/versions

2) if there is a way to add another custom menu item next to Work, Services, About, etc.

3) if I can add/edit another additional section next to All Projects, Photography, SoundCloud, etc. under the “Works” area

4) if I can implement an order form, like CaptainFrom plugin, and have it work within this site

Thanks in advance ….


I’m sorry for the bit delayed response, but I was hospitalized in the last days and had no chance to work at all. Anyway, let’s see the answers to your questions:

1) You will need to create the child theme, the default package doesn’t contain it. Actually it is a common inquiry, so the next update will have a child theme. The updated version will be released in the next few days.

2) Theme updates do not delete any contents types, so all the portfolio items, categories, menus, services will remain the same when you update.

3) Yes, I would say it is normal. Actually Themeforest measures quite strict coding standards, so themes with “radical” code are not even accepted here.


Thanks Marc, and glad to see you are safe out of hospital.


Crisne Purchased

Hi Guys! got some problem with the built in widget search engine and the widget category.It render only a small part of the items listed on the website. Any way to fix it? Thanks.

Hello Crisne,

I just checked your site and both the search page and the categories page shows the first 10 results indeed. The blog page also shows the first 10 items, but it has a pagination, so it isn’t a problem there. You are right, it is a bug, since I didn’t add pagination to the search and category pages. I’m sorry about that and thank you for let me know this problem, I’m working on the new version at the moment so your bug report came in the perfect time. Actually it is portfolio theme and only a very few buyers use its blogging functionality, so I think this might be a reason why the issue remained unrecognized for such a long time.

The update will be released in the next three days.



Crisne Purchased

Great to hear you’re going to fix it. Thanks for your amazing job! Best.

:) You will be noticed by Themeforest when the new version is accepted.

Another question – the videos that can be displayed as I see in your demo under “Works” ... I am interested in knowing the options …

1) Can I use an embed code, such as the url generated from amazon e3/cloudfront?

2) Can I modify the layout (using your multi-page feature or not) to create much;larger listing of Works using videos?


Another answer :)

1) The portfolio system can handle any iframe embeds. Actually I’ve never tried to embed anything from Amazon, but it can work if they provide an iframe code.

2) It is possible to create an individual works page using the portfolio page template, but that page cannot show more items than the portfolio section of the homepage ( because number of items is unlimited regardless the location of the portfolio ). It is also important to know that the portfolio homepage section and the individual portfolio page use the very same code to display the items, therefore they always display the same amount of portfolio circles.

Hi there, I am having an issue with the contact form. When I try to send an email, I am getting the error: Mailer Error: Language string failed to load: instantiate

Do you have any advice? Thanks.


First of all thank you for the purchase! :) Secondly, it seems the server that hosts your site doesn’t support the mail() function. Please try to install the WP Mail Smtp plugin first and let me know how it goes.


hi, i’m thinking to buy the “Me” theme. But, watching the live preview, i have couple of questions. The logo on top..can it be an image instead? and how big can it be?Can the navigation menu be wider? Is it possible to change colors..for example of the arrows, or that layer that appears when i scroll on an image? Thanks and’s a really nice theme!

i use WPide..does not seem to have a a “search”. What should i do when i find it?

Line 115:

p#copyright_text { font-size: 12px; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 300px; }

Lessen its bottom margin :)