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Hello, I love this theme. Congratulations on your work. How I can improve the appearance of the texts of the blog? They look very bad on my website.
  • Subtitle and paragraph spacing
  • Separation between paragraphs
  • Shapely simple lists (with typical bullets)
  • Remove the left column extending its content.
You can see the look you currently have in http://srtaphillips.com/blog/

I would not lose these modifications whenever the blog is updated. Is it possible?


Hello Nadia,

Wow, I’m sorry for this late reply, it seems I clicked on the “Mark all as read button” without answering your questions. Next time feel free to write a reminder or write me a mail directly at info@magna-themes.com, sometimes I really busy and overlook comments…

OK, let’s go through your problems.

1) Problems with spacing.

Event though WordPress is a blog engine in default, writing a blog post can be really frustrating because WP doesn’t handle linebreaks well, at least this is my personal opinion. So how to solve the problem? The following “solutions” can work:

- Use line breaks at the end of the paragraph. You can duplicate them if needed.

- Add the line <br /> tags manually to the post in text mode in case the SHIFT + ENTER combination doesn’t work

- You can set a constant bottom margin for the paragraph by adding this code to the “Custom css” option on the “Theme settings—> Advanced” page:

.post_teaser p, .post_content p { margin-bottom: 30px; }

For sure the 30px is just an example, feel free to change it to a value that fits better to your taste.

- I think the TinyMCE Advanced plugin can be useful for a frequent blogger.

- These articles show some handy text formatting tricks: Formatting text pt. 1: blank lines, alignment, wrap-around, two columns | Formatting text pt. 2: indents and blockquotes

2) Bullet lists.

There are several sections in the theme that uses lists to show content, moreover, there are 10+ custom list shortcodes, so I decided to disable the old bullet list style. You can restore it by adding the following code to the already mentioned option:

.post_teaser ul, .post_content ul { list-style: initial; }

3) Remove the meta elements ( left column ) from the blog page.

To be honest this is a bit more difficult, because you need to re-write the html / css structure of the blog index page to achieve that. Normally I don’t used to make offers like this, but I would like to compensate your time a bit, so I make that change for you, but I need your assistance. Please write me a mail at info@magna-themes.com then we discuss about the details there.


gaia04 Purchased

Hi , i love this theme or my website ;) I’ve got some troubles for few days with the SERVICES section. When clicking on “more info” the text doesn’t appear …. Could you help me ?

Best regards from France ;)



First of all thank you for the purchase and I’m sorry for your problem.

Secondly, it is difficult to find out what causes the issue without checking the site, but I would try to set the permalinks to “default” first. You can do that on the “Settings—> Permalinks” page.

Please let me see your site in case the mentioned solution doesn’t help.

Regards, Mark

gaia04 Purchased

It works !!!! Thank you so much !!!!


You are welcome! :)