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Dear HanaTheme,

Are there any updates on whether it is safe to upgrade to WordPress 3.9? How about WooCommerce 2.1.7? This is now no longer a stability issue, but a security concern. Customers are running insecure versions of Wordpress and Woocommerce as your theme has not yet been updated. Please guide your paying customers. With close to 700 customers having bought your theme, they deserve proper updates.


Hi. sorry for not available for a long time and we feel responsible for that. We are back in business and we have fixed all problems, themes are ready to go. Thanks.

I am beyond frustrated with this developer. It’s time to update this theme to work with WP 3.9 and Woocommerce 2.1.7. This is ridiculous.


Sorry for your inconvenience, It seem late now but themes are updated. Thanks.

Very frustrating. The exact same thing happen with the previous WooCommerce main update. If you have no time or simply do not care, let us know and we’ll go somewhere else.


The last time the developer responded to any comments here was a month ago. I now see under the support tab above “Hands-on support for this item is not currently provided by Hanatheme.” AND it looks like the last time the developer responded on their own support forum was last year.

This theme does NOT work with the woocommerce 2.1 or above. Nor does it work with Wordpress 3.9.


I honestly don’t understand why envato still allows this theme to be for sale.

safe to upgrade to WordPress 3.9 ? still waiting :(


Yes, it doesn’t have any problem to upgrade wordpress to 3.9. Thanks.

To everyone : Buy themes from SW-THEMES on ThemeForest. WooCommerce updated in the afternoon and a few hours after SW-THEMES had a new version ready !!! Works with all latest versions of WooCommerce and Wordpress.

Hello, Does it works with WooCommerce 2.1.8?

It works with WP 3.9 but I need to update woocommerce also. Thanks in advance,

Hello, I’m wondering if the author or someone could help with a problem I’m having. I’m moving this site http://www.busybeeheadbands.com to a new host. I’ve set up a copy of the site here Everything transferred beautifully except for the slider images on the home page and the images on the Gallery page.

Regarding the Gallery page, the images are showing up in the Portfolio section in the Admin, they’re also in the Media Library and in the proper folders in the Uploads folder. So they’re there, just not showing up. The page is still set to the Portfolio template, same as before. I’ve tried to create a new Gallery (Portfolio page) and no success.

On the home page slider (Supersized Slider) same issue. Everything looks exactly the same in the admin.

All product and other images on the site are showing up fine.

Any suggestions on what’s going on would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello! I’ve just updated wordpress to 3.9.2 – and buttons on the post edit screen doesn’t work any more… I even can’t load picture to the post

I wan to buy this themes but need to know… can i change all the image sizes into home page and product pages? your image size it looks horrible and wired.

To anyone thinking of buying this theme. DO NOT BUY IT. The Template developer has failed to update this theme since 2 major Woocommerce versions ago, causing massive incompatibility issues and does not respond to any queries via support or these comments.

If you would like to express your frustration, please feel free to call them at this number (India based): +91.8800547770

I purchased this theme not long ago, and the thumbnail images of a single product do not show at all. How do we fix this?



can I see your site? Thanks.

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This theme is completely broken. I had purchased this about two years ago and had an active ecommerce site. after automatic wordpress update to version 4.0 and woocommerce 2.1, the site front end does not render. the back end is still accessible. I am now working on installing another theme. after 700+ sales, i wish the author had released a fix for this.


sorry for bad support. our team back now. will update the theme asap. Thanks.

Hi Hanatheme I am trying to upload pictures to my webshop but they end up grainy. They look fine in the media gallery, but when I add them to the products list they are really bad. Can someone help me out with this?


Updated the theme. you can download it again and check on your site. Thanks


I cant update it. It says that the destination folder is already there. But if I delete the theme I have already, I am afraid that it will fail


I think you did sth wrong. can you email me your site details as well as ftp details? I can help you. Thanks.

just updated WP, Woocommerce and this theme. Seem to have broken site a bit.. variation drop downs are no longer styles and look terrible, and on backend I cannot click drop down boxes (like expanding theme options on page edit or SEO edit) site: naturescent.net


Hi Thanks for purchasing our theme. we are updating theme for new version. It will come in a few days and will update you. Thanks.


thank you, please let me know.


Hi. we’ve updated the theme. Thanks.

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Hi I sent you an email. Kindly attend to it for me quickly. Thanks for coming back