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Which font did you use for logo? I’d like the same feel for my project.

what about wordpress version????

Could you answer us please?? thanks!

hi. the installation of medex isn´t sucessfull, couse there´s an error named “css.style” not found.

Do you need Photo Shop for this or can you get away with Photo Shop? Seems like every template I come across has PSD layered files and I am not that familiar with Photo Shop or even have it.

What a shame you have not converted this to Wordpress, you would have done exceptionally well with it. I note you had advised it would be releasing about 7 months ago, are you still planning to launch this theme in Wordpress.

Hi, I’d like to purchase this theme for wordpress. 7 months ago you mentioned that the WP version is nearly completed. Where can I buy it from please? Thank you.

Awesome, very nice!;

Hi Dear.

Is it possible to convert the template from the LTR To RTL??

Wordpress version please! Need this urgently, thanks!

I really wanted to buy this, but after reading the comments I’m kinda weary.

Hey can you please help with mobile integration ,the template when ran on mobile doesn’t show menu bar .Please suggest as to how we can have a menu bar or a scroll down button for mobile users.


Hello, we would love to help you with your issue. But, first, can you please, provide the verification badge next to your account name that you have purchased our theme. We don’t see it at the moment.

Hey, just bought your template. The slider from the example doesn’t instantly work.. there is like no example in place.. its just blank. Is there anything specific I have to do to get the slider working as shown in the example here on graphic river?


Hello! Thank you for the purchase. We would love to help you with your issue. Please, specify your problem and email us to support@russian-themes.com. Looking forward to hear from you! Cheers

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hi, bought the template. It is awesome. :grin:

Just need a quick help’

1. How do I increase the time taken to change the display on the slider ? The slider moves too fast and hence am unable to get my readers to read the text.

2. On the contact us, page, how do I ensure an email is sent to a pre-defined id in case a customer clicks on it ?



1. file: index.html the lines 149, 158, 167, 176 (style=”slidedelay:4000”>). The given value is responsible for a time of slider display You should also write down the settings for each element of a slider: durationin : 2000; – the speed of showing up durationout : 1500; – the speed of disappearance delayin : 2500; – the delay before showing up

2) file: custom.js, the lines 198-215 are responsible for email sending Thank you for your purchase, Support of Russian-Themes