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I’ve purchased this, and need to know how to fix this issue. This issue is present, even on your demo pages.

Windows 7 – IE9 none of the H tags are displayed. If i click compatibility view, they show up… However they are blank on page load.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You will have to update the cufon library – your cufon-yui.js with the latest version)

That will fix your issue.

Also, for further support questions, please head to our forum –


I’m currently facing the issue to move the slider to the frontpage. It shows on the news template but not my frontpage. Don’t want to use the news template as front page either…

Tried copying code from news template to frontpage but i’m getting errors all the time. Could you please prepare / send me a copy?

For support please head to our forums, we don’t offer support in the comments section of the themes anymore.

FKHDKHSDGKFSJK !!!!! Im such a newb. I totally thought this was a wordpress theme…. :(

Hello, Please do you have a WP version of this template … ??


The wordpress version of this template can be found here:

hi, does the template that i purchased will be the same as the demo web ?


Yes the html template contains all the pages presented in the demo with all the content. The only exception is the images that are not included due to copyright reasons.

hi starshade,

may i know if for the portfolio.html, when people click on the image, it will pop up (modul pop up) the bigger image. Can it be done ? would you mind to give the code ?


The template uses slimbox2 for lightbox, so you will find all the code you need here:

More precisely, here is the code you need to use:

<a href="images/image-1.jpg" rel="lightbox-cats">image #1</a>

For more questions, please come to our support forum.

Hi, is the blog working and abilitied with the proper scripts for it works properly?

The blog works but it’s up to you to create all the html pages for it. Since it’s a html template, the blog is a static collection of posts(you need to create a html page for each post). If you want a fully functional blog where your client can create his / her own posts without a web developer’s need, then you should get the wordpress version of Innova Construct:

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.


i was looking at

Is it possible that you send me the html/css for the background ? i would like to have the background color in the slider, and a soft background of grey.

Thank you very much


Yes we can help you with this. Send us an email with your request via our contact form from our themeforest profile ( ) with your request and we will send you the code to achieve the results you want.

Goldenworks team.

Thanks so much.. sent..


As the message above i also want the to change the slider to grey, how can i do this? i need to buy the theme still.

thank you

Hello sweetdude,

Changing the slider color is done by editing the associated css skin file of the skin that you decide to use. It’s quite easy to accomplish, if you have any trouble doing it we can help on the support forum:

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

I too received a message from several scanner of a TROJAN HORSE. ARE you going to correct this?

It’s probably a false positive, we looked in the files of Media Consult html and didn’t find anything suspicious. Nevertheless, we overwrote all the files from the server with new ones, just to make sure that we didn’t miss anything.

After purchasing this WP template, can I add a pricing table inside it? If yes, how?

Any response would be appreciated.

Hello workcafe22,

This theme doesn’t contain any pricing tables. You have to either create your own or rely on a plugin that generates pricing tables.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.


does the search facility work?

Hello techforce,

No it doesn’t work since it’s a html template with static pages. To have a working search you need to integrate the template with a CMS, such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla or a custom one.

However we have Media Consult for Wordpress(with working search) for sale here if you are interested:

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.