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Hello, how can I switch off the cufon text function?


Hello hulamaser,

Open header.php and delete(or comment) the following line of code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/js/cufon-yui.js"></script>
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Hi Starshade,

I sent you a few questions directly to your email through your profile a couple of days ago. Did you get them or should I resend?

Many thanks


Hello Secure,

Yes I got your email but I barely got time these days to respond to support questions. I promise I will answer all your questions(they are quite a lot) this evening when I get back from work.

Kind regards and sorry for this delay,


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Starshade, quick question about creating galleries in a normal page layout, without using the portfolio template page.

When i add thumbs to the body of a new page, i would like the thumbs to run across horizontally, but the styling doesn’t allow that, what happens is after each thumb there is a return or break, and they start stacking vertically. I would like to have at least three running across like the portfolio page but within the dimensions of the content box which is roughly 627 pixels wide.

Is there anyway I can modify the styling to accommodate galleries without using the built in portfolio page template. I’m including a sample of how I would like the page to appear,


in this case I have embedded a Iframe into the body to create the effect im trying to make, and iframes wont provide a functional light-box effect since its within the iframe.

Thanks in advance for being professional enough to address consumers of your theme promptly, as you did with my last question.


Hello graphyte,

With the current styles that come with this theme you can’t achieve what you want. You would need to write html lists(ul li) with left floated entries, put the portfolio entries into them and style them via css.


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Are you going to be updating this theme for WP 3 .0?


Yes I will.

Just purchased this theme. Looks promising but in Widgets none of the sidebar pages show up to drag an drop the widgets. I am running WP 3 .0.


Hello eberkland,

I have just installed Media Consult on wordpress 3.0 for the first time – since I will start working on the new update – and the sidebar along with widget work just fine for me. Make sure you don’t have a plugin that interferes with it.

What is the best way to get a map on there, it asks for a map link but how do I generate one of those?


You need to upload a map image to your server via ftp. Then you will add a link to it in the map input.

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Hi Starshade,

I purchased your theme yesterday and started playing with it. I have to say this is one of the easiest theme to set up that I have ever used. Congratulations on your work!

I have read your comment about updating the theme with a full width page template(or page with no sidebar) and I cannot find it in the theme.

How can I get rid of the sidebars for certain pages but keep them on others?



Unfortunately you can’t do this now. Yes the theme is updated to 1.1, but a full width page template didn’t make it in the first update. I hope to be able to release the next update that will include a full width page template(along with wordpress 3.0 support, bug fixes, etc) next week.

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Hi Star,

Nice and easy indeed them…

just a quick question, if i would like to change the menu text “Home” to for example “Start” och “First page” or whatever, without having to crate a new page and having to mess a lot in the admin, how can i do this in a easy way?

Else everything is great, altough a google map on the contact page woud be a nice feature in the future!

Best regards / Roland

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Concerning my question about the “Home” menu item text…

I realized you can just edit the header.php file – no biggie!

/ Roland


Like other posts, I love the theme. Very easy to use. I have two questions:

1. when making

    through out the site I would like to have the grey arrow as the symbol (like it appears under the “Services” section on the homepage), but without making the list item a hyperlink. Is there anyway to do that?

2. is there anyway to make the text size of the content/description on any page larger? The text size of the sidebar widgets is fine.


1. The code for arrow list is the following:

<ul class="interior-list"> <li><span>Ingeniosity</span></li> <li><span>Clarity</span></li> <li><span>Performance</span></li> <li><span>Initiative</span></li> <li><span>Learning and Leadership</span></li> <li><span>Customer insight</span></li> </ul>

2. In the custom css textarea from Media Consult General Options custom panel, add this:

#left, .interior-content { font-size:12px; }

This will make all left area and portfolio page font size 12px.

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Dear Starshade: I purchased the media consult template (first time template-user) and love it. But I have two questions: 1. the lovely gray divider bars on all pages (between basic content and widget content) seem to have disappeared…how do I get them back? 2. How do get my “Professional Services” box on the home page to include the listing w/links, to my professional services? Appreciate any help you can provide. Site is at : www.theresearchstore.ca Thank you Starshade!


Hello amelanso,

I got your email, I was about to respond, but I decided to post it here since more people might be interested. I took a closer look at your site with firefox 3.6, ie7 and ie8 and I don’t see any problem regarding the gray dividers – they show just fine. To link your proffesional services box to the services inside the site you would need to add the links manually to the desired page. For example, the field left box title should be filled with:
<a href="http://link_to_your_services">Professional Services</a> Same thing goes for each service link.

I just saw your answer. Thanks!

Sorry. One more item. If I put the UL code into the homepage “right column” or “left column” section the code doesn’t seem to work. It does work on the Services page.


In general_styles.css, replace:

#left .interior-content .interior-list {


#left .interior-list {

and also replace:

#left .interior-content .interior-list li {


#left .interior-list li {

any word when a wp 3.0 version will be available?


No, not yet. I will try to release next update next week along with bug fixes.

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Hi Starshade, this is one of the nicest theme ever! Congrats!

I’m having a bit of an issue, whenever the page loads all the images in the slider appear for just a bit then they disappear. The whole page is shifted down for a little while then gets back upwards.

My customer is driving me nuts because of this, so any help will be more than appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


I am trying to fix this somehow, but I didn’t find any solution until now. It has this behavior because the javascript is not loaded fast enough. As soon as I find a solution I will issue a patch for it.

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Ok man, thanks for worrying

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Thanks Starshade! I got it sorted. Cheers, amelanso


You welcome :)


I tried changing the general_styles.css file per your instructions, but it didn’t work. Here is what is in my file:

left .interior-list {

float:left; margin:6px 0 3px 0; width:100%; } #left .interior-list li { float:left; margin:2px 0 2px 0; width:100%; padding-left:20px; }

Any other suggestions?

Also, I read a previous comment about putting a “Read more” link in the slider and you said how to do this was in the documentation, but I didn’t see it. Can you provide instructions? Thanks!


Depending on what skin you use go to syles.css(for white orange skin, styles.css can be found at css/white_orange/styles.css, open this file, styles.css and replace the line:

#left .interior-content .interior-list li {


#left .interior-list li {

This should do it. I forgot the path to arrow was here, and without making this change too, the arrow will simply not show.

Regarding your second question, I can’t explain it better than last time. Please read again what I posted here in comments section about it. All I can say is that you add a read more in the slider area button just like you would add a read more button in the blog, latest news or anywhere else in the theme – and this is documented with screenshot. It’s not a theme custom thing, it’s a general wordpress functionality.

Important notice

I’ve worked to figure out how to fix the homepage slider for not showing all the images for a moment when the page loads. What you need to do: in general_styles.css find the following:

.home-slider { width:960px; z-index:6; }

Make it like this:

.home-slider { width:960px; z-index:6; position:relative; height:281px; overflow:hidden; }

I’ve tested it on my server and it seems to be fixed, but my server loads jquery pretty fast and it’s difficult to observe, so feedback is more than welcome.

This fix will be included in the new patch too.

- fixed

Hi! Love the theme. How do I hide a page from the nav, yet still have it accessible, so that I can put a link to it in the footer?