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how to active this link

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Hi @ustvnow, this is just HTML template, you need to do customization in order to create these functions. regards

patgriff Purchased

Awesome template! I don’t know if it’s recognizable anymore, but it provided a great framework for my new meme builder website.


thanks for nice feedback. regards

I have a question, if I buy this template, will I be able to change things not in the HTML ? I mean’ is there any content management? Thanks


hi @eyaleyal, thanks for showing your interest in our template. Its just an HTML template so it doesn’t have any content management system. regards

a content manager control panel “would have been” more beneficial I think.

Hi can you olso creat the same Theme for Joomla or Wordpress??

irallaa Purchased

PSD file include only gray color schema. I need other color version PSDs

Can i use JW player instead of youtube on the first page ?

Im getting this message when trying to upload the theme. Can anyone help?

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.


@faiello979 you have bought HTML version how it can be ready for wordpress . seems you mistakenly bought wrong category template

aruni Purchased

Hi ,

I need to know where i can give the link to play my video in this template

Hello i am interested in buy this script. But i only know html can you help me setup the content manage system or do you know someone i can pay to set it up for me?


This is html template and you can avail all the features described here http://themeforest.net/item/media-streaming/187739 with help of HTML. You will not need anybody to do that for you if you know HTML.

Any chance of WP version. I’m using WP for a long time and searching for WP version like this. WP version sales would go up to sky :D


Guarantee me first hundred and I will make it for you. :) Well, there is nothing in plan for near future, we will consider converting all products to WP as soon as get some leisure.


Lol…you know that i cant. But if you browse wp video themes, you can notice, almost every of them are very similar. This one would be something fresh. Still fingers crossed for the wp version .


:) I just said for the lighter side. However, I have put that in plan sheet and will give a thought to it. Thank you for valued suggestion though.