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Great looking theme – I am interested in an html version if you decide to release that. Thanks!


As a professional photographer i just loved the experience that you provide us in the demo! Just one question, it’s possible to see photo captions? If yes, where?

Thanks and keep this way of thinking!


hi, The photo captions are available by using the Photo Title field – That title will appear near the Menu item that has the gallery.

Epic theme ! Great work !!

Im curious as to how to get the blog angle going, unless this inst a feature one can use ?


I remember seeing it in the preview, and I like the look of it, just unsure how to actually activate/navigate to them ?


In the Theme Pre?et you use as Site Content you must have a selection that contain Blog Posts.


I set the content to “Custom Pages AND Blog Posts”, but I still cannot see or open any blog items.

Congrats for the feature! You have a really unique theme here! :)

Nice theme, I just have a few questions before purchase:

- can the loop and share options be disabled

- can the thumbnail (in slider) image be different than the expanded version

- can the video and audio players be customized

- are background color and fonts easily customizable

- can bootstrap components be added




- loop button has a special option that disables it. share button can be hidden by css; There is a special textfield in the template options where you can add some “Quick CSS ” to fast tweak the template look.

- The thumbnail represents the image that is closest to the size of the gallery size. Image items represent the Image Post type Wordpress uses. So.. the thumbnail and big image are generated by wordpress.

- The custom video and audio player are powered by the http://jplayer.org/ opensource player and is themed and integrated in this template by me. It listens to the options that are set by the user when it comes to colors and control colors. The template uses unified skin images to handle the controls: Gray Controls

- New Fonts can be added using a special area where you add Font Items. Every Font Item has inputs for Font Name, CSS code and Font Loading code; That if the ones already available are not enough.
Any color can be changed using “color wheel” selectors.

- bootstrap script is integrated in the template. I have not tested many of those components but, at least the simple ones I know they work.


Thank you!


Good jod for this theme.

Is the content crawlable by search engine?



Yes. All the content is present in the page. The only difference is that the images and movies are loaded when the theme needs them. In default form, pics and movies are represented as links to those resources, specially for SEO . The rest of the text is loaded by default.

I can’t seem to remove “Jack Sparrow” and “mediabook” from the theme. When I change Title and Tagline under General Settings in the Wordpress admin it reverts back to Jack Sparrow/Mediabook immediately after I hit save. Any ideas?



Change those settings from the Theme Preset you are using. They are taken from there.


I see it now. Thank you!


This is great portfolio template. Almost every portfolio template on Themeforest is WAY to exaggerated and flashy. This template allows the users artwork/portfolio to speak for itself. Kudos on sticking to simplicity and function over all the other crap. I believe there is a big gap in the market for more templates like this that have unique galleries but maintain simplicity. Good Luck!

Love it. Nice work!

Freaking Cool. Good luck with sales bro!

Hi, i love this theme, but i have a little problem.. i can’t change website title and tagline, everytime i write my site title and press save, he back again in Jack Sparrow

Can you help me?


Change those options from your selected Theme Preset.

Great. Thank you so much

Hi there!

I’m still really interested in this theme, it’s fresh and so clean. My last question is still without answer…And I have more silly questions… ;)

1. For sublevels menu: are the little grey thumbnails still visible? For example: i have a project,works,galleries,etc (level1) and project1,project2,work1,galery1,etc (sublvl), the grey thumbs will appear for each sublevels?

2.in the Multimedia area, you have this fantastic buttons to “sort” and go directly to the section intended, how is it done? Is it a two clicks process, or is it more hard coding? Anyhow, these links are added in the content area of an article?-> so it’s possible to implement them for any pages? Just to be sure…

3 Just for curiosity… .If I understand well, you don’t have any “portfolio plugin”, you just work with blog posts, and then it’s up to us to sort them/add custom menu? > if we go for the blog approach, does the menu display category (lvl1)>subcat(sublvl)->and the grey thumbs? (still with my grey thingy…)

4. Last but not least… Your theme doesn’t seem to be responsive. Is there any chance in a nearby future that you plan on updating it and make it…a “little bit more” responsive…??? I myself am not a mobile/pad surfer, but we’re in an era where some busy people(who could be interested in our work) do surf from their mobile device… I think it would be the ultimate “addon” for your template, and therefore a perfect tool for us.

Thank for your time.

There are not many template here that really change, and really bring something new. Congrats, and best of luck for your sales.


1. Yes. Any gallery that is a child will have have the same functionality as the main items.

2. Those buttons that sort the items are nothing but simple anchors that have set an index number. If you need to point a certain item in the current gallery, all you need is to add an anchor that has as href this structure ”#/?index=4” . That will make the gallery move to the selected index.

3. The blog approach/area displays all posts in the order you published them. The custom menu approach/area can be filled manually with whatever posts or pages you need. The theme has option to show only one of those approaches or both in the same time.

4. I tried to optimize the design as much to work on mobile devices. I suppose the best way of viewing is on tablets and desktops. The phone area works with the help of zooming and can do pretty fine once you get to be in zoomed view + the support for item swipe. Hm, I suppose I’m open to any kind of suggestions in case they can make it function better.

cesaregl Purchased

Hello! I have problem. In main page <body class=”home blog logged-in admin-bar js single-author content_areas_blog_and_menu graphics_theme_white customize-support chrome”> height is 304 px. Height isnt float. Please help me!


Hi, send me a private message with a link or something so I can investigate.

Does this theme include the HTML ?


Hi, this item is a Wordpress theme. If I get enough requests to make an HTML friendly template, I will do it.

Just downloaded your theme. Awesome so far but I have a few questions….

How do I create a “page” to link to another website? For example, I have another blog and print website I would like to like to.

Can I change the background to black?? I have white but do not see where I can change it…

Awesome so far! I will probably have more questions as I continue to build the site…

Also, how do I get my posts and pages to show up on the same Homepage? All i see are my posts.


Hi, The theme is controlled by the Theme Presets, more exact, by the current active Theme preset. In the Theme Preset you have the info and the options to change look and the structure, and info about how to use those options.

Other tips are also in the pdf readme file.

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great template! how can i translate into another language? thanks a lot!


I think I will make a tutorial about this and make an update to tweak a little some of the options handling, to be more easy to translate. I will post here and on Twitter when is ready.

Hi there,

I’ve purchased your theme and I like it very much. I am filling up a portfolio for my architecture study right now. But I have one question: is it possible to increase the number of max posts (10 at this moment) that appear on the first (home) page?

Thanks in advance!


HI, That number can be increased from the Reading Setting page inside wordpress. Default is 10.

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Great template, but I´m having alot of trouble filling it up. First of all, how can I add a contact form? I already have the tab “CONTACT”, but instead of displaying it, it just says “[contact-form]”. I dont get it, how can I display a contact form? How do I edit the link for the g+, facebook and twitter bottons on the top right?


Hi. Have you installed a contact form plugin and is not using that shortcode? It must work. That is if the shortcode is correct and the plugin is enabled.
The default social buttons at the top are buttons that lets people share the website link. Those are automatically updated, depending what page you have selected. You can add other links near that area, using a text widget for the top-right area.

Vlivid Purchased

I also did not get the XML demo files… Or where do I find these?


Hi, That text about xml files remained there by mistake. At the end I decided that there is no need for sample XML files because the setup is pretty simple as it is.