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Vlivid Purchased

Ok, I finally undestood it, just one last question. How can I add my own links to the facebook and twitter bottons on the top right side? It just sends me back to my home page, where do I edit this?


HI, have you added simple links there? You can add normal anchors… but also add to them the target=”_blank” parameter. Send me a private messaage with a link to your website, is you think there is some sort of issue I can see.

nickmass Purchased

Hi, I bought this theme and it’s very nice. At first I had trouble with it, but once I understood it then I was setup in just a little while.

I really like that I can upload photos, then add them to a page and then worry about organizing them. additionally, wordpress has come a long way. I haven’t been using it lately. so resizing and adjusting images was a breeze.

Very well done theme. Managed differently than most. My only comment on what needs work is the documentation to get set up. maybe its just me but it took me a minute to figure it out. Maybe be a little more clear that the pages will b the menu, and that a custom menu is done through wordpress, named and then this is selected from the theme.

I used a background image, so as I went through the different pages of code and css, these thoughts about the documentation seemed trivial, as the coding and work put into this theme is truly awesome.

I was impressed with the ability to use video, images, text and the before/after settings with such ease.

excellent work!! -nick

I very much enjoy this theme. one question though… is there any possibilities now, or in the future to have thumbnails for videos and multi media content? the gallery/thumbnail browse function is one of the most awesome visual aspects of this theme, so it would be really cool to have it applicable for all types of content…

150 images, 100 youtube movies. Is it ok for this theme?

Can i have both images and videos on a portfolio?

Difference between black and white theme?


I sent an email 2 days ago, may i have an answer please ? Thx

spiliog Purchased

Suggest please a gallery height.

jorg2123 Purchased

Hi, how do u activate the share widget? no information on the manual. facebook twitter, like, google?

spiliog Purchased

Do you have any plans to answer support?


mail sent

Hi. First of all kudo’s fot hthe design! I absolutely love minimalistic design, and your template rocks!

As Wyrdesigns requested, I absolutely agree rearding the imagebased description. This is crucial for portfolios imho, since this would allow us to give appropriate credits, titles and details about the images! I would greatly appreciate it if it would be added.


Please, same question, do you have any plans to answer support ?

spiliog Purchased

Thanks (publicly too) for your great support. I need the footer not to stick down below the browser. How can i fix this?


The quick way to do that is to add a css rule in the Quick CSS area inside the Theme Preset. Add this line:

#footer{ position:relative; }

This is not as the default design so I can’t guarantee it looks just as good :)

Use the Quick CSS textarea to add quick tweaks for the theme. That together with Chrome browser inspector can help you to easy see what you need to tweak.

spiliog Purchased

Thank you

fwolf21 Purchased

I have to say Well done, it is what I have been looking for. Only draw back is that pages not complying with Permalink Settings. When you think this issue will be solved? also it would be great if we could have the luxury of filtering posts ;).

Great work.


The nature of the website navigation will not let you to change the way path looks for the paths that use # hash navigation. Permalink options are applied for single page urls – like when you click on that button that moves you to view only a single blog post.

Congrats wickedpixel! Great looking template you got here :)

rwdpro Purchased

Hi, Still loving the theme!!! great work guys!!! Quick questions? When i create a page for instance mywebsite.co.uk/about it shows in the URL bar as mywebsite.co.uk/#/?page=57

Any idea how to get the page name in the URL bar and is this going to effect SEO ?


Theme Update, 16 nov 2012 – Version 1.1

Main features:
- Comments support for blog posts
- Background image system
- Option to show gallery item captions under the gallery
- Posters for all item types (beta)
- Admin translation now available via .po files
- Advanced javascript input areas to tweak or init external plugins inside the gallery

Secundar tweaks
major code tweaks in almost all core files
custom input for custom share options
php 5.4 error fix

Hi, I am using images at the size of 702px by 600px (landscape) and 400px by 600px (portrait). The portrait sized images show correctly with the gallery height set to 600px and the images do not get re-sized. However, the landscape sized images are being re-sized from 702×600 to 700×598. This means the photos get blurred by the re-scaling and don’t show clearly. How do I prevent this from happening? I can not change the size of the images.


Hi. Hm, Can you send me a private message with the website? I want to see where that resize happens – server-side or in browser.


Private message sent, awaiting reply.


mail sent

Hi, first of all. excellent theme. It look stunning.

I have an issue however, I have added a font from google fonts using the ‘add new font’ section, filled in the title, css and font path correctly, although when I select it in the theme options it doesn’t work. The font just shows as Helvetica, upon firebugging it, it seems ot be getting the font from the bootstrap css file rather than the custom path where all the others come from.

Any ideas??


Hi, Can you send me a private message with a url of the site, so I can investigate?

Also, nested menu items don’t seem to work. I have a custom menu item with the link ”#” acting as the parent menu item but when I click it, it doesn’t do anything (except add a ”#” into the url bar)

Is there a way to nest posts? Like this:

> Paintings
___a. Gallery A
__b. Gallery B
> Drawings
> Exhibitions
> Life Models

I want to have all my ‘creative’ content before the custom menu which includes ‘about’ and ‘contact’ rather than have all my creative content, then the paintings category separated to appear with the custom menu.

How can I achieve this?