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Also, is there a reason my portfolio page is showing duplicate items?

See here:


TIA again


Hi, plz submit your ticket in our forum support : http://support.felixplus.com . Thank you


How can I make my blog page to load all posts right away. So I don’t have to scroll to load more posts and categories. Is there a value I can change inside a php file or is there a better way?


Come on guys.. paying customer here!!


Hi, we have a holiday, sorry for delay, can you submit your ticket in our forum support via http://support.felixplus.com ? Our developers will finish this issue ASAP .


Ok thanks, I just submitted a ticket.

Any way to add an upload image option to the contact form? The one in the theme just would look so much nicer than Contact form 7. I appreciate ya!


thanks for the support

Could you please let me know if it is possible to add additional field to the contact form? I would like to include “Phone” in the contact form.

Thanks in advance


okay we’ll help you , plz submit your ticket via our forum support, thanks :)

Hello Author. You theme looks very cool, I hope that’s what I’m looking for. Very short and professional code and I hope that is good for search engines. Is it possible to see how the theme looks in the admin panel, if no, maybe some screenshots? Thanks for answer.


Hi audiopulse, Please submit your ticket via our forum support, out developer will help you ASAP


Im alredy add http://felixplus.ticksy.com/ticket/148524 Thanks for you answer.


When I set classic view for home page everything is working, but for some categories I set isotop and articles is not loading? How possible fix it? I put screenshots in tickets above.Thanks for answer

I would like to download version 1.0.2.

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How can i do to configurate the gallery “superslide” for see all of my pictures complete…

you can see the problem here : http://www.my-fuse.com/?page_id=140#0

My image is cut on the right side … i want to have it all !!

this is the code who seems to be guilt

<img alt="photo5" src="http://www.my-fuse.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/IMG_9957tit2.jpg" style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: -347px; z-index: -1; height: auto; width: 100%;" />

because when i modify the code on my firefox debugger to put the width at 90%, my image is good !

But i can’t find where this code is added ….

Thanks for your help


Hi Creale, plz submit your ticket via out forum support, thank you :)

creale Purchased

Its submited !

Hi! I’ve created some static pages and I tried to activate comments but the comment form isn’t showing. Is it an error or was it made that way?

Thank you!


plz give us your link and your wp account via our forum support, thank you :)

Can I make a different portfolio?
1 = Photograph
2 = portfolio


Sorry, Mediastar support only 1 portfolio



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No response in your support forum !!

Hello Felix. Any chance get answer to my ticket (http://felixplus.ticksy.com/ticket/148524) waiting 4 days. Thanks for answer

hello, I read in previous messages that the google font change and a french .po. were planed in the update 9 mouth ago. I can’ t find any of these in the last version, is it released?


Just bought this – NOTHING WORKS! All I get is the blog page – can’t post or change anything there though. No links to portfolio page, contact, ANYTHING. Tried uploading photos to the portfolio page – ‘page does not exist’. I admit I’ve never done this before – first time ever – trying to make a portfolio site so I can get a job. Help, seriously?


keep calm, Th1rt33nth . plz submit your issue via our forum support,our developer will help you asap.


Is this theme compatible with WordPress version 3.8.1 ?


All good now, thanks for the help. I’m just an easily panicked noob! :D

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Hi, would like to know if you can send the linkedin image of your theme because the image is missing in the facebook template.

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i would like to know, how to change the color filter/cover when hover on portfolio image ? right now, mine is still using the default pink red.

thank you

is this 3.8 ready?

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Hi, I am also have the issue duplicate items showing on the portfolio page.

I posted a ticket on the support page 3 days ago and I still haven’t heard anything.

Please have someone get back to me as this is preventing me from launching my site. Thanks.

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I purchased Mediastar Wp Theme today and I have this issue:

I want to post my motion works on my portfolio page, but I see that if I chose “video” as portfolio type I cannot add a text description, while if I chose “Default” I can’t add a video :/

Am I missing something? Is there a way to post a video with a short description for clients to understand what it is about?

Thank you in advance for replying!


i want purchase but i don’t see a update last 8 months.

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I have a big problem with your theme please help me. I discovered a bug in the system, in the portfolio once they are loaded early work, when the page comes up at the bottom, it loads the rest of the work irrespective of the category to which defe riferiemento do not display when hiding then all values ??that are not in the category.