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I bought this themes! It is very nice, but i have an error, search pages 2,3,4,5 (not 1) become blank page, here you can see:

Search results page 1 is Okie: http://hoctiengtrung.kenh7.vn/?s=t%E1%BA%BFt+%C4%91oan+ng%E1%BB%8D&submit=T%C3%ACm+ki%E1%BA%BFm Search results page 2 is blank page: http://hoctiengtrung.kenh7.vn/?s=t%E1%BA%BFt%C4%91oanng%E1%BB%8D#038;submit=T%C3%ACm+ki%E1%BA%BFm/page/2/

Hello. I’m trying to access your support system, but it’s not working for some reason.

I purchased the mediastar wordpress theme. How do you remove the RSS button from the sidebar?

Also, how do you make the portfolio the homepage and link the blog to another page in the sidebar menu. So far, the only thing I managed to do was make the portfolio the homepage, but the blog becomes unlinkable.

One more thing, is it possible to have more than one Super Slider page?


Last thing, is there a way to pin an item in the portfolio so it will always be the first item?

First off, I love the theme. Thank you. I’ve also tried to browse previous comments to solve a couple issues that, I’ve bee having with no luck. It seems a couple other users have had the same problems, but I have not been able to figure it out.

1.) I have 10 categories in my portfolio section right now. When I load the site and go to portfolio it goes to “all” by default and begins to load around 6 or 7 images. The problem is that if I go to any other section the images don’t show up unless they’ve previously been loaded in the “all” category.

2.) I would like to be able to change the colors for the menu, which is currently white (regular and hover), and then essentially all the regular and hover colors for everything else, which is currently pink (portfolio categories, individual portfolio images, blog posts, and buttons on contact page). I would like to be able to do this on my own. Is there a bit of CSS that I can add to override the current code or do I have to go in and edit the current code?

Thank you again. My site is metlabdesign.com. My email is bigmets@gmail.com

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What is wrong with this font?