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I’m using this theme for my latest project. Theme has been great and the support has been amazing!

Thank you so much jshonkwi ;) if you want you can rate it on Downloads section , below download button you can rate it. Regards


Hello, I would like to display on the home page preview page. Can you give me the shortcode please. Best regards

Hi Oliverofmars, you can import demo content and you’ll get the same layout as demo server….

Regards Marco

9.8.14 (urgent)

Need to know …. this theme good for a WP newbie? May use for corporate wellness site. E-commerce, calendar to added later.

Also … can blog be featured on HOME page?

Thanks and await your kind (and fast) reply!

Hi drjoeelrod, we can’t support Ecommerce plugins and it’s so simple to use… but we haven’t styled any e-commerce plugin for this theme… My king regards Marco

Hi there, I just purchased this theme. I really like the layout and ease of use. The only area I’m having difficult time in, is figuring out how to remove the search box in the header area. I really don’t need that. Is it possible for me to remove it from the code or somewhere in the theme options?

Thank you for your time and great template

Never mind, I found it :)

Wow fantastic ;) You’r welcome Regards Marco

Hi there,

does the template work with WordPress 4.0., too?

Kind regards Sandra

Hi Sandra, yes OldPaper works well con Wordpress 4.0 My king regards Marco

This question is difficult because foreigners.

Logo can be changed?

Multilingual support plugins by default?

Top left to right bottom widget support, etc.?

Hi mate, yes logo can be changed , you can translate the theme with .po file and put into languages folder.. widgets are supported in the sidebars… Regards Marco

Presale question: if i need to customize the home layout to my needs ( perhaps not the ones included on template) it’s easy to change it ? or its too much work , perhaps a page builder or compatible with page builder plugin

Hi mate, i don’t know if any visual composer works with medicals theme..

Presale question: I like this theme but is it compatible with version 4 of WordPress?


Hi mate, yes its compatible… if you need support don’t esistate to contact me via support forum… Regards Marco


Looking to purchase this theme. We own a pathology lab and require uploading patient reports on our website (about 50 reports per day). Need a site where my patient can login with a username and password and download his/ her medical reports. Does the theme support this function?

Hi, the theme doesn’t have this functionalities but if you have code skills you can do it with others wp plugins
Best Regards

hello, My wordPress is 4.1, I find that I’m failed to install the theme, it says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” and May I ask what is the reason?

hello, if I buy this wordpress theme, is it ok to apply to wordpress 4.1? This theme—>

hello, is it ok to apply to wordpress 4.1?

HI yes…

hello, how to edit the home page? IN PAGE section, there is no “Home” Page can be edited.

You’v already imported the demo data?

I wanted to know what platform should I select while hosting a website developed based on this theme.

Yes Esente, our Hosting provider is ASO:


KMCPA Purchased

We bought this theme for our clinic, have had multiple issues with no response in support forum. Now we are having issues with our team pages showing up as the blog posts page layout after updating and still no help from theme designer.

Hi KMCPA, answered on support forum.


KMCPA Purchased

Hi I asked another question about the menus with no response. Any time I make a change to the main menu, it gets replaced with a different menu and deletes my saved Main menu I have been using for months. Any ideas on why it would do this?

Hi You’v updated to latest wp version 4.3 ?

does this theme support rtl?

Hi eseednet, no medicals doesn’t support rtl…

Hi, Why I add new Team member page, but I can’t view page, it’s always show “UOPS! PAGE NOT FOUND…”


Hi James, try rebuild permalinks… Regards

Hi, I bought this template a couple years ago without meeting any issues. But last week I realised a SEO survey with the website ‘Yakaferci’, and I saw in the report some mistakes, like the fact of the H1 balises don’t appeared in the ‘main’ balise, and according HTML5 criterias it’s very important for SEO. So my question, can I move the H1 balise in the main balise, or the template doesn’t allowed that action ? Do you know a way for fixing that ?

Regards Lucie

Hi mate, what do you mean with ” h1 balise” ?

How do i remove ‘buy theme’ in the header??

Hi mate, “Buy Theme” is a Menu item, you can remove it from your wp backend… Regards Marco

How do i remove ‘buy theme’ in the header??

Hi mate, “Buy Theme” is a Menu item, you can remove it from your wp backend…

Hello! I want to ask if this theme is compatible with Woo Commerce or some alike, in case my customer wants a shop later?

Regards from Costa Rica.

HI Marco, ;) it’s not compatible but i think he can works well…
Regards Marco

Oh sorry…I just bought another theme, I did not get your answer on time, I asked 6 days ago.