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Hi, We need to have 5 columns of equal size. How would we do that? Thanks.

A gallery with 5 items/pictures in one row would be great too, thanks!

We’ll reply on the forum soon. Thank you!

Hello QuanticaLabs,

sorry for posting this here again, it is urgent.


I got a problem and couldn’t solve it.

in the About page inside

I want to add ten points inside

    with numbering

    put the theme shows me the points without numbers.

    also I want to do the same thing in another page, with bullet

    can you please help, how can i do that via .css file

    Thank you in advance

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

hello, I have already done this yesterday, but got no response. Can you please respond/reply and tell me the solution as soon as possible.

please, it is very urgent

Thank you very much for your cooperation

You’ll get a reply soon. We’re answering within 24h (work days).

Hi there,

Great theme! I just wanted something clarified really quickly.. from what I’ve read, its necessary to use the php template in order for the contact form, etc to work correctly.. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance!

Please give us some time. We’ll prepare some rewrite solution for you and answer in a few days.

Thank-you, it’s much appreciated and I know all other users will benefit from this as well! Look forward to hearing back

I’ve just posted the solution on the forum.

Hi, how can i add visual composer on a custom page template ? Thanks in advance for the answer ;)

You can enable VC for custom post types under Visual Composer->General Settings->Content types.


Please I am having issues posting email via the contact form as you can see here http://www.stjohnslab.com/contact.html.

What could be the problem. I have configured the settings in the config file and uploaded to my server.

Please advice.


Thank you for your kind words! Btw. If you would like to give a feedback on template, please take a moment and rate it in your Downloads section. I’ll be grateful!

Done that. Thank you

Thank you as well!


Great template, I was just wondering what .js files the timetable is using? There are so many I can’t figure out which one.

Partially yes, additional code for them is also in main.js file.

Ok, great, thanks!

You’re welcome! Feel free to ask if you’ll have any other questions.


Please I want to add LinkedIn Social Icon to my client site. Could you kindly let me know the site from where you got your social icons.

Thank you

LinkedIn icon is included with template, so you can use it without any modifications.

I have checked on the template and cant find any LinkedIn icon. If its there, please where or how can I find it?

Thank you

All icons are under images directory. There are also css classes prepared for them. So you should simply change the class for the social icon in html code. For example if you have facebook icon with below code:

<a href="http://facebook.com/QuanticaLabs" class="social_icon facebook"> </a>

simply change facebook class to linkedin:
<a href="linkedin_url" class="social_icon linkedin"> </a>

I am working with an accordion, and for now it’s only one clicable tab on the list. How do I keep it opened? I don’t want it to be collapsed since it’s only one on the list. In future I will add more, but for now it’s only one. Basically I always want the first one to be opened.

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!


mnwuzor Purchased

Hello QuanticaLabs,

Please kindly advice me on how to configure phpMailer to send email outside of the contact form when a user details is posted.

What I mean here is this, my client runs a medical lab. I developed an online application from where they upload individual patients lab results. Now they want a situation whereby as they click upload to post the patients result into the database, the system should also send a mail to the patient notifying him/her of the new result.

Now the content of the mail is not your concern. I just want to know how I can duplicate, edit and integrate your email code into the php form code so when the upload button in clicked, it will send details to the patient based on the fields selected.

Knowing that your PHPMailer is one, how can I duplicate it to achieve this for another form that is not a contact form.

Thank you


mnwuzor Purchased

I know quite well. Remember that in that code, the receiver email has already been fixed. But in this case, the receiver email will be a variable as it can be anyone, I mean any patient. How do I edit the contact code to send to any one in the “To” box

Secondly, how do I also edit the PhpMailer code to handle it?

Thats what I want to know

To set receiver email, please use $mail->AddAddress() function. If you would like to use the email provided in the form input, please use below code:

$mail->AddAddress($values["email"], $values["name"]);

You don’t need to edit any of PhpMailer files.

mnwuzor Purchased

OK I will give it a try

Presales : does this theme support child theme? I would like to customize the theme after purchase.

Yes, it does. On our support forum you’ll find instructions of how to set the child theme if you’ll need help with that after purchase.