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Hi guys,

Things are going well with this template and we love it. Thank you for your assistance in the past.

However, RokSprocket module cannot be updated without ‘breaking’ the portfolio layouts.

The original on QuickInstall was 2.0.6, and we can’t update beyond that.

We can’t rollback RokSprocket either, as it appears this component doesn’t allow for rollbacks like some other components do. So now we are stuck at vers. 2.1.2 and have the portfolio area with a broken layout, not like the original.

Do you have an updated version of this template that supports a more recent version of RokSprocket so that the portfolio layouts work properly?

Also, your Live Preview is still not working ….

Many Thanks,

Actually one of client damaged our demo. I’ll let you know when our update is finished.

Hello I installed the template. But the model does not appear, the page is blank. Regards.

may be you didn’t install sample data while installing our quickstart. Please check this issue and let us know by mail. you can mail us using our TF profile.


Good day, Yes it was installed the sample data. The content appears in the backoffice. But the site displays a blank window. I support via Skype? Greetings.

we fixed this.

Live preview is not working. Can you fix it?

Live preview is not working. please fixed

we will fix this.

I would maybe like to purchase, any chance of fixing the preview?

we will fix this.


teeknia Purchased

Hi, I just installed the quickstart. The admin works but the web dont. It shows white page. I cant fix it. I try to installed some times and nothing. Could you help me please?

sorry for late due to vacation. please send your site link to check.