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The theme works great, but documentation is very weak.

I can’t find the place in css from where I can modify default font size and color for the body text. That gray is very hard to read imo.

Can you help?

Hi and thanks for the purchase. Please open a ticket in our support forum with the same request and include your website link, I’ll check and send instructions accordingly.


Out of nowhere, all of the icons used on my website (including the icons in the wordpress admin bar) changed to squares. I have turned off all the plugins and identified the problem to be coming from the theme.

Is there a way to fix this to make my icons display again instead of just boxes? other then that love the theme thank you!

Hi Nick,
It’s not the theme, it’s because you have added a code into dynamic style generator (perhaps trying to add some custom CSS in corresponding place in admin panel). I see an { which shouldn’t be there. Please check against this and meanwhile you can add this line in the bottom of style.css to fix that particular font issue:
[class^="icon-"], [class*=" icon-"] {font-family:FontAwesome !Important}

Hello, If I use a List Post shortcode inside a page, all blog posts appear dated Jan. 28, 2014, which doesn’t reflect the real post date. How can I fix that?


hi, please open a support-ticket here

Does this template come with a child theme? If not will I be able to get a child theme from you for this?. I will be configuring this theme for a client and would love for her to download the child-theme before I get going.

Yes, you just must make sure both theme folders are there, and then only child theme gets activated and it uses the features of its parent templates. And as mentioned above, you need to copy anything new to the child theme is only in case if you want to override that file in the child theme.

Do you have a custom css window within the child-theme Options of this theme. Usually I would copy/paste new css rules into the custom css window without modifying styles.css in the child-theme folder.

There’s such an option in theme’s admin panel so you can just put it there without it touching the child theme css.


I like the template. The section “Make an Appointment” can I place in another section of the template? On bottom for instance?. Thanks!

Hi, the “Make an appointment” widget needs a full width sidebar to display correctly so the most suitable one is on homepage top sidebar. To put it on bottom, a new full width sidebar space has to be created on footer.

compatibility problem

I have a compatibility problem, example if i install MailPoet Newsletters ( 3.074.533 download ) when i go on “Settings” -> “Modules” and i have this template ” medico medical health wordpress theme ” is not set up the option for insert name or surname at newsletter because have a jquery conflict, same problem if i install a WP Super Cache ( 6.482.967 download ) have conflict with this template, if i not use this template all Plugin go well.

Please open a ticket in our support forum with the same request and include your website link, I’ll check and send instructions accordingly.


radusl Purchased

how do i set pagination on the blog page?

Hi and thanks for the purchase. Please open a ticket in our support forum with the same request and include your website link, I’ll check and send instructions accordingly.


Looking to purchase this theme. We own a pathology lab and require uploading patient reports on our website (about 50 reports per day). Need a site where my patient can login with a username and password and download his/ her medical reports. Does the theme support this function?

Hi and thanks for your interest in Medico. The functionality you describe is more a plugin-specific thing. Here’s a good plugin example which might suit your needs –

How to place appointment form i canĀ“t find this in the demo and the template, please help me

Excuse me, how i change the language in appointment form?

Hi Christian, you have to make sure the page is assigned a homepage template. Then go to Appearance => Widgets section in your admin panel and drag&drop the Appointment widget to “Appointment sidebar” and fill your values there. All this is showcased in the documentation’s setup guide video, please make sure to check it.

I would like to have a 75% transparent on the appointment box so blending with background will be nice.

Please provide me the css class so i can paste it via admin.

Disregard my request, I got it.

.grey-bg { background-color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5)!important; }

Sure, glad you figured it out :)


i have ask to do. How is the shortcode for section “Our Doctors” as in Demo Page?

Thank you for help.

Hi, it’s the [teammember] shortcode (or click on Team member icon in your visual editor to generate the members block from scratch).


Great theme! One question: does this theme support mega-menu, or perhaps support a plugin for megamenu?

Thank you, and again – great design of the theme.

Regards, Aleksander

Hi Aleksander, sorry about the delay. We haven’t tested it with any mega menu plugin so can’t say for sure. The “Mega main menu” plugin available in Condecanyon might work though, we’ve used it with in some of our other themes, works good. Although please note that some modifications might be required which is out of regular support scope.

Hello, I love your neat and interactive theme. But when I tried to browse some of your page in demo version, it goes to host gator / page not found.

What happen?

Like this page :

BTW does the form customizable? Can I create several forms with different recipients email addresses?


Hi, thanks for your interest in Medico. Could you please use the direct theme link as base to the non-working page url? The one you sent has the TF topbar and always points to the main page. Regarding the form – no, it’s a simple predefined widget, to create a custom one you’d need to integrate a plugin like Contact Form 7 and make some styling customizations to make it work correctly.

I made a site with this about a year ago and I came back to it to notice that many of the elements are showing just the shortcode raw on the page, or not showing certain items like images on the front page. Has there been some significant update that would have caused this? I went into takanawa scripts and re-enebled all the old deprecated elements which fixed part of it but not all.

Hi, could you please open a private ticket in our support forum and provide your WP login details as well as the purchase code as I don’t see your purchaser badge, so the theme developer could enter and assist with it? Thanks.


5parky Purchased

Hi, seems to be an issue with twitter widget “Sorry , Twitter seems down or responds slowly.”

Then you’ll have to update the theme and again, if any issues remain please open a ticket in our support forum. Thanks.


5parky Purchased

what I was asking was if you made any changes to twitter widget recently as if you did not there’s little point for me updating the theme thanks

I don’t know what version of Medico you’re using so can’t say. You could backup the current version, delete it and upload the latest one.

Hi there

is there any option where patients can ask question and get the answer online.

Thank you


Hi Albert, that’s possible only with integration of some third party plugin.

hi, i want translate to spanish the text in the home page “read more” in the recent post tab, please help me

Hi Christian, sorry must have missed this one. The theme comes with .po / .mo translation files with help of which you can translate all hardcoded linguistic values. Please check the /languages folder for the files and if you haven’t work with such files before, make sure to check the “Translation” section of the documentation for a detailed guide.

How do I deactivate the “Send us a message” form on the contact page? Your help is appreciated.

Hi and sorry about the delay, we are on vacation currently. Please edit the file contact-template.php and remove or change the line 90 :
<h3 class="contact_title"><?php _e('Send us a message', 'Medico')?></h3>

Hello , does two days que I do not support the answer , my problem is urgent! my login:

I’m unsupported five days!!!

All answers sent couple of days ago, please check.


Whit91 Purchased

Hi! The slider seems to be off. With the captions lingering with the other slides… Please advise. Thanks!

Hi Whitney, answered in forum, please check.