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need support no response in

Please contact me via email I will support for you. Thanks!

The support for this theme has been good up until now. But I email and get no response. I am using the Appointments page The appointments form is created by PHP code found in the block. If you press submit after filling out the form nothing happens.

I set up a rule so that after you press submit the information entered by the user is sent to an email address. To make the rule work I need to use replacement tokens but there are none available for forms.

The support team advised the following code (which I dont think is correct because the fields are not generated by node CCK fields):

Name: node:title Gender: [node:field_gender] Email: [node:field_email] Phone Number: [node:field_phone] Date: [node:field_date] Content: [node:field_message]

Please can someone help me !!!


I created for you new RULES send mail and test success. And i was disable your rules because rule event incorrect. Thanks!

Thank you please can you tell me how the problem was resolved so that the same mistake is not made. Thanks

I was reply mail. Thanks!


sbilde Purchased

Hi..- Is it on purpose that all images are blurred? – Some copyright thing?

Yes @sbilde. It’s relate to copyright problem.

I would like to purchase your theme, but i need additional information. Is this theme build like an install profile or as an standalone theme with additional custom modules like features? A closer look at the folder strukture, documentation or module dependencies would be very helpful for me.

We have two package for this theme. 1. Install for new site. You can install normal drupal and using backup_migrate module to restore demo data. 2. Install for existed site. You can copy features module and enable to use it.

We have detail document for this theme.