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Reportedly this error in the support process. would orientear me?

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /home/aletsbra/public_html/wp-content/plugins/whmcs-bridge/includes/parser.inc.php on line 3

Warning: file_get_contents(https://core.aletsbrasil.com.br/templates/portal/style.css) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/aletsbra/public_html/wp-content/plugins/whmcs-bridge/includes/parser.inc.php on line 3

Hi, I think you’re wrong, because this is the HTML version, and does not support “WHMCS” as well as do not show. buyer of the item, please email us and send support@iwthemes.com license purchase.


Tengo este error:

WHMCS Bridge: It looks like PHP sessions are not properly configured on your server, the sessions save path is not writable. This may be a false warning, contact us if in doubt.

¿Sabéis de que puede ser?

Hola, esto sucede en algunos servidores, la verdad no sabemos por que sea, pero hemos verificado y no genera conflicto con la integración.

I will be buying your template within few hours of your reply. But I have an question

How can we disable all the animations that is shown when we scroll the pages and move the mouse over the plans. I don’t want all those . From where I can remove them?

Are happy to help after purchasing.


I purchased :) Kindly provide me the instructions via private message ( if possible ) or email me [[email-removed]]

Is ready, as you send the instructions, thanks for your purchase.


I have a really big screen and i cant see the content on the pages because i can not scroll due to my big screen.

How can i disable the part where it only shows the content if i scroll?

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Please write to support@iwthemes.com and we will gladly help. Regards!

Hi, very good template. Thanks! I wrote you also by email.

I need to change the permalink generated by your theme. Team, Feautures, Testimonials, Sponsors, Portfolio

How can i do ? For example TEAM section to SERVIZI Before http://www.xxx.it/team/name After http://www.xxx.it/servizi/name

I’m waiting for your news. Thanks, Emanuel

oh, ok :)

please replay to my comment on wordpress asap or by email. thanks

Please check the other reviews. wordpress version.

How do I set the support tab to login to WHMCS?

Also, How do I change the text box color because it looks blank when I type – http://gyazo.com/9b3570d368134b308736c4a77040406e

The writing is white.

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Hello, you just have to put the url of your whmcs.

To help you with the other please email support@iwthemes.com.


I’ve emailed you regarding this issue. Get back to me as quick as possible

Hi, we’ve already answered.


Not able to add the slider via the Choose Slide Template.

Hi, sorry but to put the slide, you should use the “Slide Zone” area, type the name of the slide.



Does this theme have custom client area or how does client area work ?

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

No personal client area, please note that this is the html version.

If you have whmcs, you can have a client area so:



so theme does not use smarty php ?

Pre-Purchase question:

Is it simple to integrate the html version to work with whmcs? Because I don’t want to use the whmcs version it basically looks like the default whmcs theme.

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

If possible, perform the integration, after purchase we will provide the .tpl files and will look like.



Yeah thats what I’m trying to avoid, I like the original theme and how it looks as html. Theres no way for me to use the original theme as like a homepage for whmcs?

Hello, to have the .tpl files, can put the homepage, the page you want.

Is HTML version for WHMCS Can we integrate ?

on I see there is need to .tlp file ? m I right ?

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

That’s right, after purchasing, we will gladly send header.tpl and footer.tpl by email.


Is this template compatible with WHMCS ?

Hi, Thank you for your interest in our work.

yes, after the purchase send the files “footer.tpl” and header.tpl “



Does this specific item includes the WHMCS theme?

Thanks, Marco Silva

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

the theme does not include whmcs.

But after purchase, we will gladly send “footer.tpl” and “header.tpl” files, which will help with the integration.



Is this theme still current and being updated?

Also, is it seo optimized?


Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

This topic is still in current.



I purchased this template, please send me “footer.tpl” and “header.tpl” files for WHMCS.


Hi, thanks for your purchase, of course yes.

Please write to support@iwthemes.com



I purchased this theme and have some problems.

Firstly, do you have tpl files for whmcs integration?

Secondly, I changed in the theme-options to have boxed default, but every time the site loads it loads the full width theme and then changes. It even shows theme options at the left side when I removed it. Please advise.

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Html version currently supports whmcs not.

We footer.tpl have header.tpl and files if you want you can write to support@iwthemes.com and we will help you with that and other questions.


Hi unable to install??? Please help purchased Item

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

We will answer e-mail he sent us.


Hi, I just purchased your theme and am loving it so far. pls how do i integrate my order page for webhosting and doman customers

Hi, thanks for your purchase. html version does not support whmcs. only the version of wordpress.


Hi, I do not use wordpress.

I am very interested, compatible with 6.1 whmcs the files are in php or html? psd file?

a question you integrated WHMCS Synchronization, whmcs in .tpl template?

application before purchase

tabs, as in the example here http://www.lws.fr/hebergement_wordpress.php

Pricing Tables, can add icon “new” “promo”. in css3

VPS slider? Table vertical price? Characteristics of accommodation

icon, facebook, twitter, google + “liker”

Thank You

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

answering their questions.

Files, php, html and psd are included. wordpress and html version. even it is not compatible with version 6.1, will be ready in a week.

We have no .tpl files, the integration is performed whmcs through the bridge plugin.

His other questions are not possible.


Hello, i’m buy your theme give me whcms plugin plis

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Sorry but there is some confusion, integration with the “whmcs bridge” plugin is the version of wordpress.

Not with the html version, with the html version, we can give and footer.tpl and header.tpl your file and you’ll have to configure.


Hi, I like this theme but don´t like you need scroll down to start appearing content, because some customers click on page and see no content and leave the site. It´s possible to change this feature if I buy this theme? I mean, when someone click on a page, all content is loaded. Thank you.

Hola, tambien damos soporte en español.

Gracias por tu interes en nuestro trabajo, si es posible lo que necesitas. ;)

Recuerda que esta es la version html de megahost, tambien tenemos la version de wordpress por si estas interesado.


Estupendo entonces ;), tiene el theme integración para WHMCS?, lo prefiero en html ya que con wordpress cargan más lentos y siempre hay que estar actualizando… ;)

hola, pues la verdad es que la integracion de whmcs con wordpress es la mejor opcion que te podemos ofrecer.

Con la version html tenemos un header y un footer.tpl pero no es muy optima, tendrias que hacer mejoras.