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Hello! I need some help. I installed this plugin and have a problem with the theme. Two days ago it was good. Today slide the product page and the recent product is vertical on my homepage. I woluld like it horizontal.

http://www.lovasbolt.net/termekkategoria/termekek-lovasnak/csizmaszar-chaps/ http://www.lovasbolt.net/ (Aktuális termékeink)

Please contact to our technical team with all your details at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can check all your theme related issue.

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I am having issue paying with paypal Any other mode of mastercard payment?

Hi, are you going to update this for Opencart 2 ?


Yes, We will upgraded all our Opencart theme very soon for support latest version 2.x.

Hello, When will new version will up ?


Latest version of theme package available very soon. Need to create totally new theme for latest version of opencart that’s why take time.

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I was looking at purchasing your theme some time ago but go busy with another project so never got round to it but am now looking again for a theme and came back to view this but I have noticed an error on the current live preview which needs addressing if you could before I make a purchase.

The theme I know worked fine before so I presume you must have updated it recently and maybe changed something in the CSS or layout as it now does not display as it did before on my mobile phone or in Chrome.

The problem only happens when you view the page on a small device (i.e. mobile phone) or when you shrink your browser up and the page starts to collapse up in to “mobile view” layout.

The problem is with the “add to cart” wording on the add to cart “button” when on the home page (and also other pages too) when looking at the featured or latest items. The CSS layout for the wording must be wrong and the wording “add to cart” only display “add to” and it is off to the right hand side.

From what I can see this is only apparent when using Chrome as a browser and when using a mobile phone browser (in my case both native HTC browser and Chrome on Andriod).

If you try this in Chrome, initially there is no problem but with the window width thinned you will see the “add to cart” button appear and the wording layout error, or if you look on a mobile phone’s browser you should see the problem (or it does at least on my mobile).

If this could be fixed that would be great!

Many thanks


Thanks, We have fixed add to cart button issue in responsive layout please check it our theme demo as well. Still any question regarding our theme please feel free to contact our technical team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can guide you.


Can this be made full Widt?

As we intend to provide 2 column and with 6 Products per row.

For the Telephone number icon and numbers.Can we put a image there perhaps like Help Center

A top bar, with , Category,store name , search, a Shopping cart,My account


First of all perfectly install this theme your store will look same as our demo store, then after you can customize our theme whatever you like. You need to update in CSS file for make full width theme and other changes.

Please I submitted a ticket because I need your help to install the theme!

Ticket ID #FKC-329-96004


Please contact to our technical team via your ticket so they can guide you about all your technical question.


I already did, My ticket is FKC-329-96004.



Ok, You will get update very soon via your ticket.

Sophuni Purchased

Finally got round to purchasing this theme and looking forward to getting it up and running :)

Many thanks for your help and quick response in previous messages and for developing such a great, clean & tidy theme.


Thank you.

hello, i have just bought the theme after install tha layout is not the same as Demo can i install demo data ? or keep the same layout ?


Yes, Please contact to our technical team with all your details at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can perfectly install your theme on your server and check it all your theme related issue.

Sophuni Purchased

Hi, I purchased this theme on the 10th Jan 2015 and have been looking forward to getting it up and running, I installed the theme today (using the correct v1.5.6.x files) followed all the instructions carefully, everything was easy and straight forward, I double checked everything etc once finished but unfortunately it seems the “v 1.5.6.x” files on the Themeforest server are either very old ones or there are new errors in them, or the theme is not compatible with v1.5.6.4.

FYI I am running a fresh clean install of v1.5.6.4 with nothing changed, altered or modified in any way so there should be no reason for these errors.

The layout is not as it should be with an alignment layout issue/error on the centre block:

Upto 5% Rewards on your Shopping Easy Extended Returns Delivery Schedule Spread Cheer time Same day Shipping For all products

(which has been mentioned before and was fixed), this just does not align up and is under itself rather then nicely being side by side like in your demo.

The demo site does not have this issue, so I guess maybe the fix was never updated on the Themeforest download files?.

Also this theme was said to have been updated to always have the “category menu” dropped down on every page (which I like far better than it originally was), but this is not the case on the “About Us”, Delivery Information”, “Privacy Policy”, “Terms & Conditions” pages etc.but also on those pages when you open the drop down menus there is nothing there, so I guess there is some error.

Your demo site on this does also work fine so I guess there is some issue which has been fixed on your demo but not added in to the files for download?

I have raised a ticket for this with you supplying more details:


So all the full details are on there and I received an email from you with a log in password for your own support website, this was a good few hours ago.

Unfortunately when I go to your website and try to log in using the details you emailed to me, they are not correct and it will not let me log in saying incorrect password, so I am at this moment having to do a password reset.

Quite a frustrating few hours for something which should be so simple so please let me know the outcome when you get time, Many thanks

Sophuni Purchased

BTW the Ticket I.D is: VVF-902-46907


Yes, We have seen your ticket and assign on first priority. So you will get update very soon via your ticket.