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Do you project to add a fonction to customize the back ground? i mean playing insides dynamic css and php files is pretty anoying! apart for this little issu the theme is perfect Like e now i like to have different background for categories, but the fact that their is no background option made it almost impossible.. some background sould me center or merge right some may be repeat and some other not..

to get this back ground effect, ihave to play inside dynamic.css.php (css/dynamic.css.php) delete fixed and add no-repeat; background-position: right top; background-attachment:fixed; inside background files, it,s not normal to have to do that stuff! adding a customisve background fonction should be top priority in the next update.

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i need custom post template plugin please…i want to remove my sidebars from my post pages

him666 Purchased

Hello id like to know if their is way to increase the number of post in the slider, they are only 5 post id like to increase it to 10!

I m having a website about music bands, where I m posting news about bands. Right now I can only see the last 4 posts..?

Does anyone know how to change so you can see them all? Is there anywhere were I can change so I can increase so I can see them all?

I’m using: MEGAMAG: 2 column: Latest posts


Hi! Good theme!) How do I know – which version is installed?

Hi, I was wondering if the frontpage slider automatically updates as I add posts and if I can set the category it grabs the posts from? Or do I have to manually select which posts show in the frontpage slider by going to the wordpress admin? Thanks for your help!

Composer Ryan you have to add them on the post page at the bottom near the reviews it will say add to slider as a featured post. I’m not sure if theres an option to set how many posts to show or if you have to go to the slider menu to take them off so theres not a million posts in the slider or not.

Hi, I am close to buying and just wanted to know: 1. As someone unfamiliar with code, will I be able to duplicate your demo easily? 2. Will I be able to easily add a chatroom under one of my categories? Basically a Forum where site visitors and myself can post questions or arguments and allow others to respond (for all visitors to see)? 3. Can you tell me some sites that have used your theme? Thank you!!!

Hi, i really like Megamag. It there any way i can get updated version? Purchased it more than a year ago. Thank you.

Hi Dedson,

You can get the latest version of our theme from themeforest. You can login to your account there and get our latest files.


Great theme! I love this :)