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Bought the team a while ago.. Still loving it.

Have a issue with the menu. The links in the drop down menu are white on grey/white. How can i change those colors.

example: www.toposscrazyside.nl

Hi, you can change the menu colours by going to MegaMag Settings > Appearance > Colors (Navigation Menu Background Color, Navigation Menu Text Color).

Hi! Thanks for your repley! The main text color is white which is perfect for The dark standard menu background! But when u have a dropdown menu, the bsvkground is white so the msin text color white don’t work there. Can i change the colors?

Ahh, I see the problem now. Changing the background color of the dropdown menus is a little more tricky as you need to adjust the css. Please open a support ticket at our support forum: http://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com/ and we will try to point you in the right direction :)

Greetings. Bought the theme last week and have been using Test Drive on Wordpress to develop for launch. Great stuff—thanks!

Question: Is it possible to hide the Featured Image on some posts? For now it seems the only option is to have it on or off (via Megamag/post/ menu), but that affects all posts, correct?

I’ve done research on the web and found a few solutions, including one which utilizes a Custom Field that works in conjunction with a snippet of code placed into the Single Post PHP file. However, I think it would be much more helpful to include this option somewhere on the post edit page…unless it’s hidden somewhere and I haven’t found it?

Please advise. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your feedback. You are right it is only possible to turn the featured image off globally and not individually for each post. We will take this suggestion under consideration :)

Thanks! I think it would definitely add to the ease and intuitive customization abilities this theme has.


sawz Purchased

Is there anyway to display full posts on the home page and not experts?

Hi, I’m afraid we don’t have an option for that. However you can manually control your excerpts by putting text/HTML in the excerpt box in the post settings :)


sawz Purchased

I actually tried that. However, the content was displayed in a narrow like column. Any workaround where I can have the excerpt fill out like a post under a photo?

Hi, I’m afraid I don’t see any easy way of doing this. As the homepage works by way of widgets you could theoretically perhaps find a plugin that adds a single post widget. However fitting it into the the theme design could require some additional customization work :)


When trying to install a Twitter feed in the footer area, it works fine when I generate it via Twitter. However, when I check the box for Use Megamag design instead, the Twitter feed doesn’t show. How can I resolve this issue? Please advise. Thanks.

Hi, please open a support ticket at our dedicated support forum: http://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com/ and make sure you include your URL so we can investigate further :)


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Hello, “No posts added to slider”, What to me to do? Help! WordPress Version 4.1.1 Thanks!


aubai Purchased


Hi, please open a support ticket at: https://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com/

How can you set a default picture for the index page? The issue is that if I try to link the website within facebook, no picture will show up next to the link. If I link a post, the ‘featured image’ will show up, as intended. I was just wondering how I can get a default picture to appear for a general page link. Thanks!

Hi, when sharing a post the featured image will be used to represent your post. The index page does not have a featured image as no post is associated with it. You will have to add this functionality either by adding custom code or by using a plugin.

My featured image is running into my side bar, how do I fix this? website is totalinkmag.com

This is usually caused by a conflicting plugin. Try and turn off your plugins one at a time to see which one is conflicting :)

None of the “predefined skins” work. Selecting them does not yield the same results as in the live demo. In the video on the demo page you can change the logo in the header and footer, but in reality you must manually edit the footer logo. Also in the live demo the submenus show black text on a gray background but in the version I paid for it is only white text on a white background. When I contacted support about this problem I was told “there is no option to change this color. You will need to write custom css to achieve this.” .... I’m beginning to think these people are not the original authors of this product and have no way to support it. :mad:

Changing the Navigation Menu Text Colour changes the text color on the entire menu, so I wind up with Black on Black text in the main nav or White on Light Gray text in the sub-nav. When I click the “Default” predefined skin I would expect the colors to look like the Default style in the demo … but that’s not what happens at all

Hi, I see now what you mean. The navigation menu text color option should only affect the top level menu text. Right now it changes for both top level and sublevel menu text. The sublevel menu text color should not be changed as there is currently no way of changing the background color of the sublevel dropdowns (without custom css).

To fix this so the navigation menu text color only affects the top level menu item (and leave sublevel menu items dark text on light background) you can open the file megamag/css/dynamic_css.php and on line 39 you will see

    .menu li a {

change this to

    .menu > li > a {

We will include this fix in our next update. Thanks for pointing this issue out to us :)

Thank you. That kind of worked. The colors are now correct but the downside is it changed the Font on the sub-menu (not the end of the world by any means, but it’s noticeable)

Just bought the theme. Love it so far. When I attempt to edit the footer of the website however the orange “MegaMag” logo remains. Is there anyway I can take it off and replace it with my own logo? Would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, glad you like our theme :) Please submit your support questions at our dedicated support forum: https://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com/ :)

I am having trouble installing a properly sized version of my logo in the “header replacement image” section of the MegaMag settings area. All versions of the logo I attempt to upload on the boxed layout version of the site are way too big and take up the majority of the page.

Please submit your support question at our dedicated support forum: https://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com/ :)


Can you help me make the sidebar fixed when scrolling. Sometimes I have very long articles and the sidebar is not that long and on the right it stays white blank space and this is not good.


Hi, I’m afraid that is a feature we don’t have in our theme. You will need to customize the theme code to achieve this. Customizations of this nature I’m afraid is beyond the scope of our support service :)

Slider suddenly stopped working. http://www.musiciansare.com/

Havent done anything to it except upload articles.

Hi, first thing to try is always to turn off your plugins one at a time to see if any of them are causing this. If this does not help please open a support ticket at our support forum: https://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com/ :)


Mel67 Purchased

I just updated Wordpress and have lost my website and admin! Help! How do I just upload changes made to the theme without switching to an entirely new theme??

Hi, I’m not sure I understand. Updating WordPress and updating the theme are two separate processes. Please open a support ticket at our support forum: https://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com/ and explain in more detail. :)

please how can i remove feature image from post in home page

Hi, please open a support ticket at: https://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com/ :)

I have connected my social media accounts but the follower/like numbers are not showing or are saying that the page is “invalid”. Help. Website is: www.phledm.com

Hi, facebook has recently changed their API which means that the social counter now returns the “Invalid page” error message. If you contact us via our support forum (https://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com/) we can guide you to a workaround. Alternatively you can try and find a plugin with the same functionality :)


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What is the workaround for the Facebook invalid page? I am just installing this theme and that is the message I am getting.

Hi, please open a support ticket at our support forum: https://boostdevelopers.ticksy.com and we can walk you through it.

I like the theme so far. First, my client wanted a completely black background container which I was easily able to do by editing the CSS. My only problem is the font generates in colors suitable for a white background. Is there a way in the CSS to edit it so that I can set different colors for the text for h1, h2, etc….

Hi, you will have to edit the CSS to achieve this. I’m afraid we don’t offer assistance with customizations of this nature :)