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Awesome, awesome theme. I have an old gaming project I wanted to restart and been looking or something like this – big ups!


Thanks for the kind words :)

Like the look of the theme, however I’ve just loaded it and the style.css is missing? Thanks, Caroline


Thank you Caroline! This happens when the theme is not correctly installed. You need to unzip the folder you downloaded from themeforest. Inside you’ll find a folder called megamag.zip this is the one you need to upload.

Check out this link for more help http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269/0/my-wordpress-theme-isnt-working-what-should-i-do

Great theme boostdevelopers! ;)


Thank you tagDiv :)

Welcome to the Forest, and wish you the best with your journey here… :)


Thank you for your warm welcome!

Really awesome! Loving the bold design here.


Glad you like it! :)

Really great styling.

The thumbnails on the blog / category pages are not actually thumbnails in the true sense, but resized larger images. This is dragging my page load times enormously.

Some of the images are wider than others as well and this creates an inconsistent look to the page.

Is there anyway to add a thumbnailer there instead? Something like timthumb? YSlow also penalises the page as the image physical dimensions are different to the specified HTML size.

Did I say, I love the styling?. Incredible, haven’t seen anything this slick in ages.



First off, thanks for the kind words! :)

The theme is using WordPress’ own thumbnail functionality, so all thumbnails should be resized to the appropriate size. Try to run this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ this will regenerate any thumbnails you had on a previous theme to the new sizes used in megamag.

Let me know if that fixes the problem. If not, please send us an email through our profile page with a link to your site and we can take a better look at the issue!

Thank you


Added Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and it’s fixed the problem! Awesome. Very happy about this. Thanks for the tip.


Glad you made it work! Thumbnails that need regeneration is actually a very common problem. Let’s hope that Wordpress makes this a built in function in the future.

Hope your page load times are ok. Slow page loads are usually caused by the social widgets – because they have to wait for the social sites (twitter, facebook etc.) to respond to their request. This is unfortunately out of our control. You can always minimize the use of social widgets if you experience load time issues.

Hi. Great theme. There are several issues. 1. Is it possible to bind one background to a single category and all of the posts in it? 2. Is there support Cyrillic fonts? 3. Is it possible to do a review of any post or to create a new category for this?


Thank you Dobrodukh!

1. Right now the theme uses one background for the whole site. However it’s a great idea and we will definitely consider it for an upcoming update.

2. You can easily change to a Cyrillic font with a few changes in the style.css file. If you decide to buy the theme then hit us up through the contact form on our profile page and we can guide you through it.

3. Yes you turn any post into a review post! You can also create a category and have all your posts marked as a review go in there.


Ok, thanks for the reply. You can use the plugin CodeStyling Localization?


We haven’t tested the CodeStyling Localization plugin but the theme is translation ready so i would assume it works!

Another question. All your posts are no small picture. For example, 150×150 or 300×300 using alignleft, alignright or aligncenter. With this a problem?


You can definitely have pictures in your posts and align them as you want :)

bkeily Purchased

Sorry to bug you, but i just downloaded/uploaded theme and when I activated the theme I got the following:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR megamag\inc\functions_custom.php on line 200

Thanks for any help!


Try and install the theme on a fresh version of Wordpress. Sometimes when you have an old version of Wordpress that you have used with a lot of different themes and plugins unexpected errors like the one you describe can occur. :)

Hi, this is a very nice looking theme!

Would I be able to use WP plugins with this theme if I wanted to add a news scroller and configure an Ad Manager for displaying some ads within the theme.

I can see a lot of possibilities if I can use some WP plugins with it. Thanks


You can absolutely use WordPress plugins with this theme. :)

Awesome, awesome theme, actually wonderful .


Thanks a lot for the kind words! :)

Is there a recommended size for the background image?


I would suggest you use a size of 1920×1080 px as a minimum (and perhaps even a little larger). This way the vast majority of your visitors will get a nice background image that covers the whole screen. :)


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks :)

kcelsner Purchased

Hey all. Great template. One question. Where is the code for the Themeforest banner in the header? I want to remove it.

Thanks, Ken


Hi there, thank you!

You can change the banner in the theme options under general settings. But if you don’t want a banner at all you can open up header.php and delete line 104

This is a fab theme!!!! Just a few questions.

1) Would it suit a tech blog.

2) Will there be future updates.

3) Can I make the front page a blog with slider.

4) Does it respond to all phones?

5) Are there any bugs?


Thank you!

1) It would definitely suit a tech blog!

2) I’m sure we will have updates. Feel free to send us an email with your suggestions

3) Yes that is possible!

4) Yes we have tested the site on many different devices

5) Not as we know of right now. However if people find any bugs we will fix them right away!

I have found one….in ie the text goes funny when you refresh.


That doesn’t happen to me. Does it keep happen to you?

When viewing the actual post, is there anyway to apply/move the title and byline above the lead image?


Sure, that’s an easy change in the single.php file. If you decide to purchase the theme, hit us up through the contact form on our profile page and we can guide you through it.

Hi, Can I use Megaman with bbpress ?

Thank you Fredowski


You can use the plugin, but you would probably have to style bbpress so it would fit to the megamag design

The dropdown has issue: CHECK about us, the management. By the way great theme.. :)


Thank you! I’m glad you fixed the issue

^ Resolved already. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve got a new question. How to center the menu bar?


Unfortunately we don’t have an option to center the menu