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AMAZING !!! WOW – Now this is what an Opencart theme should be – amazing controls and great design. Well done!!! :-)

Thank you :)

I really would like and buy this template only as HTML /CSS not for OpenCart :( Are you planning to make it?


Currently no.


I would like to purchase this theme, got two questions?

1. Does it come with demo content ?

2. The demo header does not slide. Is it possible to have a slider there. Am a newbie to opencart , hopefully this will be as easy as virtuemart


1. Demo content? Demo products and categories are installed with OpenCart. Banners from our theme are included in download package but you need upload them (read instruction how to do it – 1 minute work)

2. I add another image. You can check now how it work.


hi thanks for your great theme, i want to ask why there’s no Theme Options Module in my Extension > Modules settings ?


Please send me login and password to admin panel i’ll check.



But you will be able to send html version after purchase or not?


PS I’m so sorry, i am not good in English and in a previous comment press report to send text with this message :(


No. Here we sell only OpenCart version.


Great theme, tiquet! Really good looking :)

Thank you :)

i’ve read your documentation,it said the theme options module already in module, we just have to install it,but i cant find it everywhere


In documentation is the full breadcrumb: extension/modules. If you don’t have MegaStore theme Options theme i’m sure that you didn’t uploaded all files.


WOW !!! What a great theme. Why do you keep coming up with these nice themes??? Mine looks like shit compered to this.



Thank you :)


Been looking around for just the right theme for my print shop… thanks!

Thank you to :)

Hi, Can anyone help me i am new to open cart and not very proficient as yet. If you have already installed this template and would like to help me with some of the implementation please get in touch!!. I have the files in opencart but find the further instructions given a bit sketchy for my level! “I just need some advise in Layman’s Terms” (Not Technical) Please!. If anyone in the U.K has got this i am sure a few emails or 10 minutes on the phone would really help me out. Thank you. We all have to learn somehow!! Best Regards Chris


Everything is in documentation. Documentation have also screenshot’s from my installation so i don’t know where you have problems.


Hi there,

First of all great theme. Comming a long way with it. Have 1 question thou which I just can’t sort out. Been searching google and stuff but just can’t find the answer. Which is the following:

If you add a image to a category and you’re on that category on the front-end it puts that image at the top before the products show up. Is it possible to delete that?


I can’t just delete the image because I do need the images when I’ve got a parent category like this:


Soooo can you help me out here? ;)

Thanks in advance!



Like you said this is category images so in admin panel you can’t remove this.

But you can edit category.tpl and remove code responsible for category info (photo and description), lines 21-28 in my category.tpl



In what directory can I find that?

Thanks man you’re awesome helping me out like this! :)




Found it! Thanks again! :D

Thank you.

Author Stuck With Me on This Project :)

I had no knowledge of Open Cart whatsoever so i found it difficult to follow some of the Instructions as a Novice. This is my fault and not the Authors!!.

Thanks for a great design with Great Features!!. Thanks for your email advise!!

Recommended to anyone wanting to purchase .


I’m glad i could help :)


Hi tiquet,

Got another question. If the price has more than 2 numbers the line will break and it will display the price on the second line. Looks really weird, especially cuz the euro sign is on the first line.

Guess it’s a bug if not could you tell me how to fix it?



This is not a bug.

1. Set smaller font size.

2. Decrease search size and increase shopping cart size

3. Edit language files and remove “product(en)”.

This are 3 options which you can do.

Great theme :) Just one thing I noticed is that on category listing there are no indication of that the “Add to Wish List” and “Add to Compare” are links, as it is on the products page.

Cheers :)


List view: http://cl.ly/image/0k0c0r2z1L05

Grid view (hover): http://cl.ly/image/0k0c0r2z1L05

Everything is ok.


Well, when I go to this page http://www.przemyslawlobodzinski.pl/themes/megastore/index.php?route=product/category&path=25_28 there is no hover effect for these on the “Add to Wish List” and “Add to Compare” at least when using Chrome and I haven’t checked it yet with any other browser.


FF: http://cl.ly/image/0Q3Z3l2k0N28

Chrome: http://cl.ly/image/2j2s3m3F212y

Safari: http://cl.ly/image/2J3c1I471n1F

There must be problem with your browser. Try clean cache. Or maybe you have some addons which block JS.


Great theme, would like to know if its possible to hide the modifier ie: (+$10.00) on each price?. I dont want to show the customer that…looked on open cart forum no luck…

Thank you,

thanks , but if I take the prices out of the options then the total price never changes…I want to keep the price in each option but hide then from the customer view. thank you.

after looking at the product.template i found the code. just delete: <?php if ($option_value[‘price’]) { ?> <?php echo $option_value[‘prefix’]; ?><?php echo $option_value[‘price’]; ?> <?php } ?>

works perfect and looks more pro. will be buying your theme tonight …thank you

Thanks for message :)

Your demo shows it’s running on Can you upgrade it to I want to be positive it works with


If here is wrote about compability i provide you that this theme is 100% compatible with http://cl.ly/image/1x2U1H1a361H

We always test our themes before we release them.


Also the page resizes weird when I snap it in windows 7. Then when I maximze the window it’s normal.

Here is it snapped side by side with another window http://imgur.com/MqEE7 and here it is maximized looking normal http://imgur.com/yYZzY


This effect is in every browser and osx. This is because theme is Responsive.