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Thanks! your template is also nice good content typography in it!

wow, now that’s a slick template ;)

All of the pages are showing small scroll bars:

For exp…

Welcome to memex! and Recent Blog item http://bannersmonster.com/themes/memex/index.html

and also

About Company and Sub Navigation http://bannersmonster.com/themes/memex/aboutus.html

(btw: I’m using IE7 at 1024 res)

yes it has a problem on IE7 but it works on firefox though.

ok Checking now

Fixed ( there was a problem with height property confliction in css)

Nice job system32, you have been very productive lately! I like the style you used, considering buying this, but don’t really have a use at the time.

Thanks kr3wsk8a! for appreciation.

Great work! Keep them coming =)

Thanks onuro! :)

Friend its Superb and I like it.

Amazing Work System32..

Nice template. Would purchase if the theme came with more colour options. I have no photoshop skills.

awesome work!

any chance you will be coding this into a wordpress theme in the future?

Kayapati Thanks.

Danlarkam What color option do you need so that i can make a new color set and upload today.

Nashh Yes very soon we will be releasing wordpress version as well.


I’ve purchased a few templates that come with blue, red, orange, green versions, etc. Not sure what project I’d use it for yet so I don’t like to have to commit to a particular colour.

Don’t think it takes too long if you know what your’re doing in photoshop? Then again, I don’t know photoshop. Multiple colours would also encourage me lean toward the 10 site licence.



I will be putting up few color sets today :)

Awesome work man

That’s great System32, thank you. With the different colours added I’ll probably buy a 10 site licence.

beautiful bookmarked ;)