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Thank you guys!

Hi, love your theme!

Just bought and downloaded it. There seems to be a problem with the height in IE as referred earlier by a previous commenter. Have you uploaded the fix yet?


On the process uploading with new color features will be done in few hours

Fix Help : in styles.css file find .linebg css class and remove “height:1px;” from that rule and it will be fixed.

Slick – Cool Beans. These templates just keep getting better and better. Fantastic Job – Will Purchase soon

Hi system32 very nice and cool template :) Congratulations!

How long until you release the wordpress version?

Also, If I buy this version is there any plan to be elegible for an update once you release the WP version?


I’ve been waiting for a theme just like this for awhile (though I’d prefer if it were already coded for WP). I’d be interested in a bright red/black version (instead of bright blue and dark blue). Do you have any plans to include such a design in your color set updates? If not, are the image colors/gradients easily modified in the PSDs? I don’t mind doing it myself, as long as I can easily update the proper layers. Thanks!

DASisart Thank you for your comment

jesusdelagarza Thank you for comment, I will be releasing the WP version very soon, but after u purchase a WP version you are eligible for wp version updates.

senihele More similar themes are on the way in the que to be there on next month and regarding the WP version will be releasing the WP version of anything depending on the requirement. Colors options for this theme yes almost completed every color sets need to give it final finishing with all the PSD ’s I will be uploading in few hours from now

Do you expect the colours will be up soon System? I’m travelling for the next few days and was hoping to grab them before I went.

Yes Its completed and Iam on the process of upload i think it will be up in an hour or so.

Awesome, thank you.

danlarkam Please drop me a msg from my profile page so that i can send u the updated files as it seems its still in que.

this would make a awesome wordress theme. Great theme though. keep it up

Working on wordpress theme will be up soon.

If you get this in wordpresss I am definetly going to get this. awesome theme man!

Thank you~ will be releasing wordpress in next week for sure!

efan8224 Purchased

I have a question: Is there a way if you already have a wordpress blog to set up a feed that reads into the site? Will this come with the update? Thanks! Evan

Currently not but working on the wordpress version which will be releasing in next week.

I second that. Will definitely buy the WordPress version of this theme. Already bought the HTML version ;-)

Thank you for your purchase! socialseo I will be releasing the wordpress in next week by monday i think.

Qlingo Purchased

Great work! The search box doesn’t seem to work or I don’t know how to set it up. Can you help? Also, the blog format is great, it would be even better if it could work with blogger! Thanks again.