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tonybeam Purchased

It’s always just that one stubborn pixel! LOL Thanks for your help!

Hey system 32,

Just wanted to let you know that I am trying your live preview, and this is the message I get from my antivirus BitDefender:

BitDefender 2009

This web page has been blocked by BitDefender Antivirus Real-time Protection!

The blocked web page included objects that were either infected or likely to be infected with a virus. Your system has NOT been infected.

It has also said something about banners.

Please have a look into it, because we might purchase your template after it is fixed. Thank you so much for your prompt attention.

ApacheNation : That’s coz the code is protected with HTML Protection software for being copied by so encrypted and its a javascript obfuscation when you purchase this template you will get a clean html code not this encrypted html source code. As HTML source code will be thoroughly checked on themeforest before approving any file.

Qlingo Purchased

Hey System 32,

I loved this template and bought it. I just made image modifications but when I look at the site on IE7 , the footer takes up about 80% of the page and you can barely see the main content. It works fine on FF, Safari, Opera and Chrome. I would really like this to work with IE. Can you help? The site is www.iqbound.com. Great Job. have you ever thought about making the blog compatible with Blogger? That would be awesome. Thanks again.

Blogger Template? not yet tried it and its a bit complicated so i never tried on doing this compatibility with blogger but i have this in wordpress category as well if you wish to purchase.

Regarding the issue with the IE7 Did u downloaded the fresh files? I have fixed these issues in the updates and its working fine in IE as i see. Please let me know if you still need help.

Qlingo Purchased

Fresh files? Didn’t know there were any. Do I just re-download? Is it mostly updates to the css filea? I’d hate to start from scratch again.

If you could be more specific with the help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

BenX Purchased

I bought the theme but Im having trouble with the ‘Search’ facility. I dont know how to add search to my website and even worse, I use a Javascript to validate the inputs on the ‘Contact’ page – that Javascript wont work because there are 2 forms on the Contact page (Search and the Email form). Please advise.

Qlingo Yes Qlingo just re-download it from your downloads page and you can get the fresh files after that it will be cleared i think. If not you can find in styles files .linebg class and remove height:1px from it then it will be cleared i think.

BenX Please used different form names and id’s then it will work.

BenX Purchased

Thanks but its more than ID’s that make a ‘Search’ box work.

Also, I give up, where did you hide the CSS for the contact form, I want to change the font style, weight, color, etc.

Annoyed ):

Hello Benx

Contact form css you can find in the styles.css in last where you can check the css if not you can find the code below its starts like

        Error / Success / Notice    
.notes     {background: #f0f0f0;border: 1px solid #b8b8b8;}
.success     {background: #ccfcd1;border: 1px solid #60a400;}
.error    {background: #f9e3e3;    border: 1px solid #e79e9e;}
.notice     {background: #fcf0cc;border: 1px solid #ecc735;}
.notes, .notice, .success, .error 
        {font-size: 100%; color:#484848; padding:10px;
width:auto; margin: 0 0 20px 0px; text-align:left}
.notes span, .notice span, .success span, .error span 
        { font-weight: bold; font-size: 1.2em; padding: 2px 40px;}
.notes p, .success p, .error p, .notice p 
        {margin: 0px; padding: 0px 40px;}

Thanks let me know if you need any more help

BenX Purchased

Sorry to be a pain mate but I need to know how to find the CSS for the actual Contact Form on the Contact.html page..

Other buyers- dont let this put you off, it’s a nice theme; I’m just thick (:

If you can let me know what or which part you want to make changes so then i can understand the css you need as i don’t think i had coded the parts so hard….its so simple.

BenX Purchased

Doesnt matter, I deleted this theme from my PC – the Search function doesnt work / no-one answers my requests for tips on howe to gwt it working and the ‘Blog’ is just a HTML page, the CSS is hard to navigate and there are repeated PSD ’s.

BenX sorry to hear that Send me the FTP details for your site to my email i will set the function for you. I wud suggest that install the wordpress as well and give me so that i can make wordpress working for you.

I can’t help you out if you send me the details for the FTP without installing wordpress. coz search function will work only if you have a wordpress and the blog page also will work only if you have wordpress.

So how is the commenting system working? I like this a lot. So on download does the commenting work right away without wordpress? Very interested in that.

Also how would you delete a comment if needed?

you need to purchase a wordpress version of this file or else you can purchase this template and integrate into wordpress yourself… html doesn’t work directly for the commenting you need to edit that coding…to work with wordpress.

Just downloaded and having trouble with Search.

Search is not coded in php, BTW what its showing with the trouble can i see the URL please.

Hey friend I just purchased your theme the other day and am having real hard time getting the homepage slider to work. I got the Prev and Next button working. Changed the Cat=# in header.php to Portfolio Cat=#. Added new field “sliderimage” plus value and still it wont work.

What am I doing wrong?