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Hi, I have a problem: sidebar is span3 width, but the content not getting span9 with, so the sidebar is breaked to bottom. I set span9 width at layout/Mentor and cleared all cache. Should I do anything more? Thanks!


Hi mrteecee,

I recommend keeping the “content” region set to none. If there is a sidebar on the page, Mentor will automatically resize the content region if it is set to “none” in the theme settings.

For example, on one page you might have a right sidebar with span4, right? In this case, the content region will automatically be set to span8.

On a different page you might have a left sidebar with span3, so the content region would be automatically set to span9.

The key is making sure the “content” region is set to “none” instead of using a specific value. Does that make sense? Let me know if you need me to clarify. :)

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I am now using drupal with version 7.28. And I got a problem while I rebuilt the website. After I restore the data with Backup and Migrate. The website was broken and I still can’t find out what happen with that. Is there something wrong about the latest version of drupal?


Hi f1207bill,

I don’t think the issue is related to the version of Drupal. When you install Drupal, make sure you do not use a prefix on the database (it sounds like this is what’s happening).

If you don’t want to re-install Drupal, just make sure the prefix value on line 224 of sites/default/settings.php is empty (see below:):

'prefix' => '',

The Backup/Migrate module does not convert database prefixes, which can cause problems like this. If for some reason the problem persists, I’m here to help. :)