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1. How can i create a category menu.

You have to select Root Menu (categories) theme Type ( categories) then the bellow will show category list and select your category. And add category. If you category has child category it will auto show in the menu.

How can i add a link .

You need to select Root Menu (Link) theme Type ( Link) . After that you need to set your link like . Note that if you do not put http or https that url may be work wrong.

How can i translate my link text.

When you select a menu type link than the text box show for tile. click the right side of the flag and change your translated language.

I have added a category in the menu by selecting category. But how can i translate that.

If you add parent menu category from category drop down than you have to translate that category from your category page of that category.

How can i update mecror 1.3 from first released

You need to overwrite the module 1. smartmegamenu 2. smartprestashopthemeadmin 3. smartnewproducts

and then overwrite the whole theme. as there are some translation issue fixed.

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