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Hi friendlythemes

Your template seems really interresting to me. I have 4 question before buying it.

This template is it responsive ?

Do u have a custom style css area inside it ?

Can we insert our font ?

Is it possible to see the admin panel ?

ty for your answer



Hi flywithmarmotte, thanks for the great questions:

1) Yes it is responsive. It uses loads of awesome mediaqueries :) 2) Yes there is a custom css area in the admin panel and we also have several colour schemes for you to select from 3) There’s a custom font section in the admin panel, too so you’re perfectly free to use your own fonts :) 4) Here’s some admin screenshots for you:

http://cl.ly/1G2P0N3f104226102S3D http://cl.ly/1a3G0L2O1J2l3g1j3o1h http://cl.ly/1o1y3D420I361n1m062M

If you need any further info, please feel free to get in touch!

Ty for all this info. I will present your template to one of my client soon and perhaps he will choose it. ;-)

Thanks again

Best Regards


Hi once again, 2 more quick questions. Looking for answers a.s.a.p. of course. : )

1. Do you know when the next version will come out? I know you mentioned it would be out in October, but I’m sure it’s not as easy as it sounds. Just wanted to see if I should wait for new version, or go ahead and purchase.

2. Does the license include using the theme on more than one site? They are both mine. If so, what is the max # of websites one can create with the $35.00 license?

Thanks!! LisaBeth


Hi LisaBetty,

v1.3 will be out by the end of this week.

The license is as per the themeforest regular license agreement ( http://themeforest.net/wiki/support/legal-terms/licensing-terms/ ) which limits the use to one application

Thanks for the questions! - Friendly Themes

dullsky Purchased

hi there are some problems with IE8 … look at your demo … error with the scripts, etc… in IE9 and IE8 dont work Friendly Slider Transition Effect – Fade… etc

help me as quickly as possible … thanks


Hu dullsky, thanks for buying Mercury.

We’ve tried to be as thorough with our testing as possible and as far as we can tell, in IE8 and 9 there’s no issues with our slider – on the demo, or on the normal site. We’re not saying there isn’t an issue, we’re just saying we can’t replicate your problem (and, at the moment, you’re the first person to report this issue.) So if you could help us out and give us a few more bit of information such as the version of Windows you are using, and perhaps a URL to where you’re having the problems, we’ll see what we can do.

Best way is to fire us an e-mail: support@friendlythem.es and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


hansinke Purchased

I did install the Yoast SEO plugin after installation. How do i get it recognized in the options panel? And I put metadata i the seo but search is not able to detect the metadata or? Search is finding nearly nothing.

How to solve?


Hi hansinke,

Thanks for the comment. Yoast has recently updated his SEO plugin, so that should be fixed in the next version. There are some options for you with regards to the search functionality in WordPress, check your admin panel. Your dashboard will update you when we’re up to date with Yoast’s SEO plugin. Version 1.4 should be out in the next week or so. For now, go grab yourself 1.3 which came out yesterday.

You might want to send us an e-mail, too: try support@friendlythem.es and we’ll try and answer questions as quickly as possible.

Thanks again.


I can’t properly install the theme. It gives me an error stating:

The uploaded file could not be moved to /home/cavgonli/public_html/test/wp-content/uploads/2011/11.

I am hoping for your quick response on this matter.

Thanks, nationtalk

FYI . I have also sent an email regarding to the error issue.

I definitely need to get it fixed ASAP .


Hi, before I purchase this theme can you confirm if it comes wih .mo .po files for localization,



Hi sinergia,

Thanks for your interest in Mercury. Our next version release will have the mo and po files in the theme archive, but in the mean time you can download them from here:



nikolai Purchased


Great theme. Really easy to setup and get working.

Although somehow I don’t get Flickt widget to work – it permanently displays “A Flickr error occurred.” You can see it in action on http://www.geomantie.nl/beheer/de-school/

Any ideas on what could cause this?

Thanks you.


Hi Nikolai, thanks for getting in touch – we’re ecstatic that you’re loving the theme. If you want to give us a quick e-mail to support@friendlythem.es we’ll do our best to help you out ASAP !

Thanks very much!

Hello, I purchased this for a champaing im involved with…

How do I set the ‘front-page.php’ inside of wordpress?

P.S. I’m new at this.

Thank You!!


Hi Seankyte, I’m not sure what you’re asking. Our theme comes with a front-page.php which means WordPress will use that template file to show your home page. If you want to do something other than this, simply rename front-page.php.

Alternatively, if you read the help docs you’ll see exactly how to set up the home page using the theme options and a page you create and set as your home page.



I have problem with the left side style option Please check these link


I want remove the style option from the site, Please guide me how to do it… I searched in the help file but i cant,


Hi artistvalley,

Thanks for buying Mercury. That was fixed in the last 2 versions of Mercury so if you want to go ahead and update (re-download the theme here from ThemeForest) and overwrite your existing theme, then that will be gone! Sorry about that!


dullsky Purchased

Heroku | No such app There is no app configured at that hostname. Perhaps the app owner has renamed it, or you mistyped the URL .

dullsky Purchased
hi, http://gettopup.com/releases/latest/top_up-min.jsFailed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Object Not Found) What should I do? I have this file … but this file does not work locally
dullsky Purchased



Nice to see you got it working, dullysky. GetPopup is a remote resource which I’m sure you’re now au fait with :)

BCURLS14 Purchased

Just bought the theme and love it so far. Maybe I’m missing something very obvious, but I can’t seem to find a full blog layout template. I can make posts obviously, but not sure where Blog Home template is. The only templates showing up are:

Default Page Demo 404 Demo holding Page Left Hand Sidebar No Sidebar (Full width) Portfolio on Home Page Right Hand Sidebar

Any help?


Hi BCURLS14 , thanks very much for buying Mercury. We really appreciate it.

WordPress uses home.php (which you’ll find in your mercury/ directory). If you want to make a page template out of it, simply create a new file, something like template_blog_home_page_template.php, copy everything that is in home.php into this new template, and put a comment block at the top of that file in the form of:


you’ll want something like Template Name: Blog Home Page

Or similar. If you get stuck, give us an e-mail!

Thanks again.

Hostr Purchased

Having a strange issues trying to child theme this. Activation = the White Screen of Death. There are a bunch of PHP warnings and fatal errors in the logs. “require_once” causing the fatals.

I’m guessing it’s just a path-related issue. But I don’t want modify the core files so I’ve ended up copying all the folders (admin, js, inc, etc) into the child theme (which then displays the theme as expected).

I couldn’t find any info in the documentation (or the comment here on TF) about child themes: is there the something additional that’s required to child theme Mercury?


Hi Hostr,

In the next version of this theme we’ll be including an example child theme. It’s something we’ve been looking at. We’ll let everyone know in comments when that’s up and running!

Thanks for buying Mercury and thanks for the comment.

Hostr Purchased

Are the shortcodes listed anywhere?

Can they listed please. Even though shortcodes were built to be added via the WP Admin, some of us also/instead echc them into a template.

And I’m actually having troubles with the shortcode insertion (it won’t insert them – clicking the blue “Insert Shortcode” button does nothing) but I’m testing locally and sometimes I do get some minor bugs like this (which aren’t a problem on a live site).

Without know them I can’t do either! Echo them via templates or manually insert them in the WP wysiwyg editor.


Hi Hostr,

As it happens, we don’t have the shortcodes listed, but we’ll do that this weekend and get them up. If you’d like to send us an e-mail then we’ll try and help you out with the shortcode editor. If you could tell us which browser, browser version, operating system, version of wordpress and any errors you are getting, that would help an awful lot.

Thanks for buying Mercury, we really appreciate it.

Hostr Purchased

I sent an email yesterday. I hope you can get me the shortcode list today because I need to have a site up by Monday morning (Australian time (+10hrs)). And I bought Mercury to do this.

I’m using WordPress 3.3 (MultiSite) on Mac Lion and Chrome 16.0.912.63

I’ve also tried Safari (v5.1.2 ).

But as I mentioned, I sometimes have weird bugs when dev-ing on a local server (like WP Quick Edit which it’s really temperamental on dev, but fine on live site).

If I can at least get the shortcodes I can work around it for the time being.

With the Shortcode inserter not working, and not shortcodes listed anywhere. I can’t do anything.


Expect an e-mail from us today Hostr (hey it’s a Sunday ;) ) with the list of shortcodes. We’ll also upload this for other folks to see. If it’s too late for you (you’re in Oz, it seems) then if you look in /inc/custom_shortcodes.php and /admin/custom_shortcodes.php ( 2 files as the former are shortcodes specific to this theme and the latter our generic shortcodes we use throughout all of our themes), you’ll see all of them listed.

Look for lines like

add_shortcode('one_half', 'friendly_columns_one_half');

The first part is the keyword you’d use in square brackets such as

[one_half] Some content here [/one_half]

We’ll do our best to get these online as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hostr Purchased

No email (yet)?

I cannot see any /admin/custom_shortcodes.php file?


You should have an e-mail :)

Sorry about the confusion about the /admin/custom_shortcodes.php (the themeforest author’s dashboard doesn’t make it easy to see which theme a person is referring to when they leave comments and we’ve just launched a new theme so, well, basically I got confused… it’s Sunday, give me a break ;)

Hope the e-mail helps.

psdeguy Purchased

Hi there!

Just got Mercury for a super urgent job and installed it on Wordpress. I got some issues such as demo content does not install and I get an are you sure you want to do this error page that needs a database drop to straighten up. I resolved some other issues that were relative to access privileges and I am stuck to one that does not let me apply a shortcode to my page/post. The editor opens up, I select anything but the insert shortcode button does not work with any browser that I have tried so far. I have most of them. I really need shortcodes to work asap!!! Any suggestions please? Thank you in advance! Regards.


Hi loweathens,

Thanks for buying Mercury. Can you send us an e-mail with details of which version of Mercury you are using, which version of WordPress you are using, which operating system (Windows, OS X , etc.) and which version of that operating system (Win 7, OS X Lion, etc.). On top of that if you get any error messages when you try and insert the shortcodes would be really helpful. Try installing ‘firebug’ for firefox (it’s an extension) and then open up the ‘console’ tab when you press Posts>Add New. Then tell us any error message you get when you try and insert a shortcode.

support@friendlythem.es is where you need to send it to and we’ll do out best to get back to you ASAP .

Thanks again.


First of all, happy new year 2012!

I’m considering to purchase your theme. the demo looks great, but I do have one question. Can I use the blog page like a standard blog template, I mean each article after another one, and not like shown in the demo, 4 columns of articles.

Thanks, and best regards Tobias


Hi tobi_as,

Thanks for the question and a very happy new year to you, too. If you have a look at the demo you’ll see that we have 3 different blog home page layouts – one of which is a ‘linear’ fashion just like you describe : http://venus.friendlythem.es/blog/blog-alternate/

You can use that as the blog home page.

The help documentation explains how to set that up and also how to make some of blog posts extend into the sidebar on the left – particularly useful for videos or pictures/galleries.

Hope that helps!