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Thanks for the quick response.

The alternate view of the theme looks great. But this a different theme, I was asking for the Mercury Business Portfolio Theme and not the Venus theme. I want to have a responsive design. If the alternate view is available in the Mercury theme as well, then all is good.



Ah! My bad! Sorry tobi_as, the author dashboard here on TF needs to be more clear about which item someone is talking about. I apologise. At the moment, there’s no linear blog layout for Mercury, but it’s certainly something we can consider for the future.

Have you updated the theme to support the latest Wordpress? I don’t see it listed under Software Version.


Hi brh,

Sadly that isn’t an option yet on ThemeForest. This theme fully supports 3.3.1 (and actually 3.4 alpha as we’re testing with that at the moment).

Hope that helps!

Hi, can you tell me which class / id to change the font for the main post and page content and the nav links. Thanks.


Hey jennzforest,

If you’re using the theme options panel (and you’re not changing the heading font) to do it you can do something like:

body{ font: 12px/20px "Your Font Name", arial, sans-serif !important; }

If you want something more specific then you’ll need to use

.wp_content p{ font-info-here !important;}


#nav li{ font-info-here !important; }

Hope that helps!

Hey I am just having problems at certain window sizes with the slider on the homepage it will go to the side and be half off the screen when the window gets to a certain point


Hi morejesse, the theme is for 1140px wide and up. Thanks again!

What’s the widest in pixels that the Mercury Business Portfolio goes or does expend to fit even the widest monitors?


Hi brh, thanks for the question. Mercury’s base width is 1068px. All monitors above this size will see a site which is centred on the screen and the overall content container is limited to 1068px;

Thinking about purchase but need just the html files. Do you sell just the html version. Have purchased wordpress themes before that said they provided the html files but did not.



Hi meslater,

Thanks for the question. We currently do not sell the HTML version of Mercury – only the WordPress version.


brh Purchased

I’m having a few problems with this theme.

1. On the Holding Page, a “Show Grid” tab shows up in every browser even when I’m logged out. It would be nice to turn of the Twitter thingy on the Holding Page.

2. I want to add a close button to the included lightbox script. I’ve never used TopUp and there’s no option page in your theme to set options for it, so I installed wp-jquery-lightbox and turned off TopUp.

When I turn off Topup it breaks the tabs functionality. When with wp-jquery-lightbox deleted the tab functionality is broken without TopUp on.

I’ve tried this in both the latest releases of Chrome and Firefox.

Do you have a solution for turning off TopUp or a solution for adding a close button to TopUp?


brh Purchased

Another problem: When you drop a text widget into the “Home Page Above Feature” as you suggest. It breaks the styling of your theme. A white background appears and it looks terrible.

hello, I’ve a big problems with this theme: this morning the file ” src=”http://gettopup.com/releases/latest/top_up-min.j” isn’t available. The main menu and the carousel are broken. I can’t view them correctly. Can you help me please?

Hello -

I had emailed regarding some issues I’m having with the Friendly Slider on different browsers.

Thanks in advance for your time.



Hi Tarun, Andy will be getting back to you ASAP . Thanks!

I just wanted to thank Andy and FriendlyThemes support for their prompt responses and detailed assistance.

This theme is definitely worth your money if not for the support alone.

brh Purchased

Hey, guys, I still haven’t heard back from you about the issues I asked about above or in the email that I sent you.

A few bug reports: 3rd level navigation in the drop down is really strange Styling for the the contact plugin you recommend is broken

here you show http://clip2net.com/s/1yA2b but!!! when we try make same, there no that feature http://clip2net.com/s/1yA78 im get crazy!!! pls make step buy step!, or moneyback!

Hi stickystreet,

Thanks for buying Mercury. Several times in the help docs we tell you that sometimes WordPress hides things. It’ll be one of 2 things. You either need to click ‘screen options’ and then click to show all of the boxes when you’re editing the page which you have selected as your home page. Or you need to ensure you tell your theme options which page to use as the home page (settings>reading).

We do walk you through it in the help docs.

Thanks again.

Hey there – nice work. How easy is it to implement the WP e-commerce plugin? Any issues I should know about before purchasing? thx –Scott


Hi sdaris,

Thanks for the question. As this isn’t an e-commerce theme, you’d need to have a little more knowledge than usual to be able to integrate WP e-commerce effectively (if you wanted to have custom layouts for templates etc.). The plugin, out of the box, should be fine with the theme but you’d at least need to know some CSS to style the products the way you wanted.

Hope that makes sense!

OK – I’ll see what my clients says. Thanks again :D

Great looking theme!

I love it but I have one question before I buy.

Is the iPhone shown in the hero image along side the iMac and iPad a real screenshot? When I try the live demo on my iPhone I get a drop down next to the logo that opens up a spinner. Which is ugly looking.


Hi griff7023,

The hero image iPhone shot is actually a previous comp, and we found that using the spinner on iPhone actually gives a better, consistent user experience and uses less real estate. Many more high profile sites are now utilising this functionality since we released Mercury, so we feel our choice was a good one!

You can disable this is you’d prefer, simply by removing the javascript that converts the unordered list. This can be found from line 108 of section-footer.js.php


Hi there,

Can you please advice me if this theme fits my needs? I want to use the theme for a magazine/news website. Here we go:

1) Slider and blog on homepage, with right sidebar next to slider or under slider

2) 728×90 ad in header or above header

3) 300×250 ad in right sidebar on every page. Widt should be slight more than 300 pixels to fit ad.

4) video gallery (youtube/vimeo)

5) facebook comments

6) SEO plugins

7) social share and integration like Facebook and Twitter

I’m new with WP & Themes, and not a ‘coder’.. That’s why.. ;)

Thanks in advance!


Hi footbox,

Mercury is more a business/portfolio theme than a magazine/news theme, but having said that, anything is possible with WordPress :)

Mercury is able to do all of the above if you have some coding knowledge, but out of the box, I’ll be honest and say it’s probably not the theme for you.


I think you should update your themeforest page. In pic it’s wrote v1.1.1 In the desc under pic it’s 1.2.0 In my wordpress dashboard it’s 1.3.0. IMHO , it would look better.

Hi, Love your file. Does the “Sidebar manager” mean that in effect every page could feature its own unique sidebar?


Hi charlie4282,

Yep, that’s exactly what it means :) Your theme options panel has a dedicated sidebar manager which allows you to create unlimited sidebars which you can then place any widgets you want and can then use those sidebars on any page/post/portfolio item etc. Quick and Easy, too :)


Great thank you for the quick reply