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Is customizer included ? I can’t find it :(

Unfortunately, we do not provide the customiser at this time.

No customiser included. Did somebody have a look at the file “writeus.php” to enhance it ?

Can you make an update with customiser included?

Unfortunately, we do not provide the customiser at this time.

Fully operational for me. Great work !

Thank you very much ! If you like it, don’t forget it to rate it. It motivates us to build our products better :)

I spent more time looking for an appropriate template than I did implementing this. Great job!

I do have one wish list item. I see you’ve set up a script to connect to mailchimp, but I’d love to see one to connect with campaign monitor. I was very easily able to swap out your subscribe form with one of campaign monitior’s so it’s not that big of a deal, just would have been nice.

thanks! Jules Webb

I did that, which is why it works when I don’t include the writeus.php file. Double check mailchimp account and subscriber was added. There is some conflict when both includes are used together.

Hi Jules. I’m sorry for the trouble. Could you send a ticket via and our support team will help you. Thank you.

Thanks. I’ve submitted a ticket

Just Purchased – Nice it works BUT get just countdown just says


On iphones…... and ipads in Safari!!!

Works on PC OK…..


PS – Just tried IE on windows

Also get NAN – NAN

In IE9 on PC :(:(:( !!!


Just tried your demo site

and that works fine in IE9 so what have I done wrong …. :(



Its the date!! – instructions show a ”-” between dates and should be ”/” like…

<div id="countdown" data-time="2014/08/02 13:00:00" />

Simples :)


Thank you Simon. We will verify the documentation. This issue has been addressed in the documentation. thanks.

I can confirm that the mailchimp checkbox in the “Write Us” section is not working. Subscription from the subscribe field on the main page is working.

We will post an update soon. thanks for the report.

OMG why do I keep doing this!??

So the counter isn’t really a counter? It just starts over from whatever you set it at every single visit or page reload?

In other words, a visitor checking back on your progress will always see that you open in 15 days unless you MANUALLY change it every day?

Right, the counter is only per visitor starting at the same number every visit/page load. There’s not even a cookie to at least provide a better experience for a returning user. I just wonder how many people realize this before purchasing.

Anyway, I do have a question about how to fix something:

The “write us” email form does not seem to send the “Name” field in the email. Any way I can make sure that information gets sent in the email? Thanks!

Hi! I will check this tomorrow and get back to you asap.

Hi, the countdown does not need a cookie. By default, if you dont set a date, it will always be 15 days from now for demo purpose. But when you set a date, even if you refresh the page, it will continue counting down based on that date. Please read the documentation on how to set the date.

As for the other problem with the write us script not sending the name. We have fixed the problem and updated the files. It might take couple of minutes before its available for download.


last twits don’t work!!

Hi javivaz,

The twitter widget stopped working since twitter updated their API service. We have just released an update on TF, you should receive a notification once it’s approved.


Ok! Thanks

I have a problem! the countdown is not working when I use HTTPS:

Did someone have an idea why?


replied above.

OK, I fund the problem for the HTTPS://...

On index.html file at line 23, I change the URL for jQuery UI library from Http to Https.

BTW, this template is great!!!


great eye. =)

Any chance the Twitter API bug will be patched in the near future?

Also, Im getting the following message when submitting an email address (regardless of the email address) to for the newsletter: “This email is already subscribed.”

can you email us at along with your URL. We will check.

Just purchased. Very nice. How do I fix the Twitter feed problem?

replied via ticket

replied via ticket

replied via ticket