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Hi, 1. how to add search icon into main menu (as it is on the demo) 2. my logo is way to up. how to lower its position (as it is on the demo)

Thank you

If you don’t know how to make this just send me the link of your logo via contact form i will do that for you ;)

thank you! regarding logo, I made bigger picture, now is all ok;)

btw, I found 1 error> http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=arial:400,700

this font is not found error, used in css

Could you navigate me, how to fix this? (5 broken urls regarding this font, this error is shown in powermapper.com)

btw, I love this theme.

I am glad that you like the theme. Regarding “error”, this is not error nor WordPress nor CSS, nothing serious and nothing important but if you still insist to remove that “error” you should navigate to framework/inc/gfonts.php and delete all that broken fonts in $default array, but please do not do this if you are not familiar with the PHP coding.

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I’m trying to create a home page, but when I’m in – Pages / Add new – I can not see the list of shortcodes to add the page.


“Merlin shortcodes” plugin is already installed and activated.

I copied and pasted the code “our latest projects” from documentation, and it worked -http://pichelariasantacruz.pt/empresa/

but should appear when I am creating a new page, how can I solve this?

I am the administrator and have no plugin installed, except the ones that came with the theme


I updated my WordPress to a new version and i also have the same problem.. i am going to fix that issue and i will update the theme to a new version! Thank you for reporting the bug.

Best regards

I thought it was a bug, but it’s not. As i can see they made some modifications in WordPress 3.9.1 when using custom shortcodes. Now when using shortcodes you have to click on “Toolbar Toggle” to use them and to be honest i like that option.


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Hi WPEnter,

I think there is a problem with this template. I used imagebox shotcode to insert images. But when I check pages with SEOquake there aren’t alt attributes for images. Can I resolve this problem? Please help me…

Thanks guys

Hello Valentino, The purpose of alt attribute is to show the title of image if image for some reason is not available, so this is nothing serious and nothing to worry about.

You can fix that by the following these steps:

1) You need to go into your merlin theme and open framework folder then open plugins folder and you will find “merlin-shortcodes.zip” file.

2) Unzip the .zip file and after that open “shortcodes.php” file and you will find merlin_imagebox function.
All you need to do is to add ( alt=”’. $title.’” ) in 2 places before src attribute.

3) Save Changes and make a new .zip file and upload your newly created “merlin-shortcodes.zip” on your server.

4) Delete merlin-shortcodes plugin from your WordPress installation and install new one.

That is all .. Here is the also visual preview on what you need to do.


Done. All right. Thanks

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Hi! I bought this theme and are faced with the problem! On the main page in the block of Our Latest Projects is not included header length. How can I increase the number of input characters, for example, up to 20? In any files it can be done?

Hello d-id-admin, The title length is reduced to fit into current box space. But if you want to increase the number of characters you can do it easily.

1.) Inside your downloaded theme go to framework/plugins/ and you will find merlin-shortcodes.zip.

2.) Unzip the .zip and open shortcodes.php file and inside that file find “Latest Projects” shortcode.

3.) After that you will find 3 values which represent the length of front title and back title and back content. You can change that as you wish.Each number represent one character which means if its 35 then 35 max characters will be shown

4.) Save changes then make a new zip file and upload that on server inside the same directory as it was ( delete old one ).

5.) Delete old merlin-shortcodes plugin from your wordpress installation and install fresh new plugin.

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Good! Thanks for the thorough reply! I will note thme Merlin excellent rating!!!

Hello! Tell me, can I make it so when I click on button in the slider pop up window contacts cf7?

Hello You want to go to the contact page when you click on the button in the slider, is that what you want?


I need to click on the slider appeared pop-up window with a form cf7.

No that is impossible maybe you can research a little bit and try to find some plugin for that.

Hi, Down in the features of this theme, it says you guys have video tutorials, so I was just wondering where those are.

Thanks! Love the theme so far!

Yes of course we have video tutorials. In downloaded files please navigate to “Documentation/Merlin Theme” and open index.html file and you will find all videos there.

Thank you

hello I was wondering whether this theme supports the wpml plugin; i need to translate the website in 5 different languages so it s important for me that the theme is fully translatable;

Hello there! First of all thank you for purchasing my theme. The theme is not wpml ready, but you can translate the theme using po/mo files as it says in the description.

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Can you tell me how I can make it so my logo banner image sits perfectly in the header? If you look you can see it is slightly off. http://www.safehouseheating.co.uk (currently 1000 pixels wide)

I forgot to say I need to make this banner responsive also.


Hello there, I apologize for the delay. As i can see this logo is unusual, which means it is not standard size logo. You can try to modify your logo (photoshop, or any other tool for editing images) to looks like it sits perfectly. You are using large logo banner and this theme is based on skeleton framework which is 940px without gaps (10px from the left and the right side). I will also add “responsive” option for the logo, and i will update the theme. I will do this within 24 hours and i will submit the updated version of the theme (Sometimes it takes from 6 to 8 days to get approved).

Best Regards

Unfortunately my Twitter stream died recently. I deleted the Twitter app and re-built it, but still nothing. Is this an issue that only myself is dealing with?

Hello rapidvisa, As you can see http://www.wpenter.com/wp/merlin/ and http://www.wpenter.com/wp/merlin/blog-large/ my twitter stream is working perfectly without any issue. Maybe you entered wrong data, pelase follow the documentation process on how to setup twitter feed, and try again. Or maybe you are installed some plugin that is causing that.. Best Regards

Is your Wordpress on 4.0? Could that be it?

Yes currently my wordpress is on 4.0 version, but also twitter stream was worked on earlier versions of wordpress.

Hi ;)

I want to have more words. How can I do it?


Hello there, here is the answer. http://i.imgur.com/IpAYtzk.png


someone can give me the xml demo file all the documentation for this theme please

Hello there, as i can see you didn’t purchase the theme. Once you purchased the theme you will get all you need except xml data.

The theme options for the live demo aren’t responding to changes. I’m trying to view the boxed version in orange, but nothing’s changing. Please help. Thanks.

Thank you for noticing this i will fix that.

Any updates?

Hey morleyt, i have some issue with hosting i can not login into my admin panel, so i submitted support ticket to my hosting provider. As soon as they resolve the problem i will try to fix that issue about style switcher. Thanks for understanding.


i want gray background not white – like top of page: GREEN: Yes RED: No


Thank you for you comment, this option is currently unavailable i will take in consideration to add that option to the theme.

Best Regards


jpedigo Purchased

How do I apply the update to this theme? Thanks – Jeff \

You can just easy activate another theme and delete the current version of the Merlin and download a new version and install it again. You can do that if you didn’t made some custom changes to the theme.

hello, How can I change the default display shows “it is …” in the menu page when shown on mobile devices such as mobile ?. Please give me the path that I have to change the place to turn “go to” on “go to”. Thanks

Hello there. As i can see you want to change navigation text on (mobile device) “Go to” to something else.

Here is the solution:
Go to your “Upload/merlin/framework/js/custom.js” then find a function for responsive drop down list and change text value as you wish.

Here is the visual explanation. http://i.imgur.com/0gjTmVk.png

Thanks You :)

Have there been any updates to Merlin, or is it still at 1.0? I just re-downloaded, and it still seems to be version 1.0.

There’s a comment here from almost a year go about adding Instagram to Merlin as an option throughout.

Can it be?

It’d be great if it were available in the header, footer and on the Team members shortcode.

Hi staff, how can I change the width layout if I choose the boxed one. I’d like to stretch it.


Well then, you probably installed some plugin or you made some custom code change that cause the problem. In my demo all boxed and full width version works perfectly.

I changed from w3 total cache to wp supercache because of last posts widget in home didn’t work. I installed wp seo, CF7, Cookie Notice, Google Analytics by Yoast, Really Simple CAPTCHA, WordPress Backup to Dropbox. In addition to the plugins deault with the template. These plugins can cause the problem?

Maybe… but i think that “cache” plugin cause that problem because page is already cached by the plugin so when you make some change to the website it doesn’t show up, it only shows cached version of the page.

Hi there, does this theme support Wordpress 4.2.2? Same question for the Merlin shortcodes and portfolio plugins.

Yes of course, as live preview i am currently running WordPress 4.2.2 and everything is fine.