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Simple and beautiful theme. Good luck :)

Thank you :P

Love it, bookmarked it and will keep it in mind!

note: there is an analytics related error at the bottom of the demo site: var _gaq=_gaq||[];_gaq.push([“_setAccount”,”UA-10838231-22”]),_gaq.push([“_trackPageview”]),function(){var e=document.createElement(“script”);e.type=”text/javascript”,e.async=!0,e.src=(“https:”==document.location.protocol?https://ssl t=document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0];t.parentNode.insertBefore(e,t)}();

Thanks for noticing! Lack of sleep definitely has its tradeoffs… Fixed! I pasted the analytics code on the theme’s admin without the script tags. :)

Indeed! Thanks!

Of the 37 components available in your layout manager, are any of them a rich text editor like TinyMCE or Visual Composer? It would be extremely helpful to see a video of your layout manager in action. Thank you.

I have yet to record the layout editor video for meteor, but while I do that, you can watch the layout editor video for Blocked, as it is based on the same platform.

The Layout Editor has a content component, but I’ll doubt you will need a visual composer (as you can import the page content itself), if you use the theme and provide me with a use case in which it’s needed, I would evaluate the situation and determine what to do from there.

Just to let you know that a layout editor video is now available on the live preview, features section…

Beautiful work one more time!

Thank you Romain! Not bad for a comeback! :D

Your theme looks like exactly what I’m looking for. I’m a novice at website design, so this may seem like a dumb question. I’m looking to create row below the slider with all of my social media feeds: facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. I’m assuming I can just put the HTML for these feeds into the “content” layout component, but I just wanted to make sure it would work before I purchase the theme.

Also, is the major difference between METEOR and Blocks just the different slider options?

Thank you

Yes, you can just put a content component and add the HTML for what you need there. Seems like you know how the content component works already!

Meteor and Blocked are two very different monsters :P

They both share the same platform, as it is part of my own framework developed and perfectioned over the last 4 years. This is why they may seem similar on the backend (theme options, layout editor, etc).

As with the style, let’s say they carry my own signature style (yeah, I designed and developed both monsters).

Even though I can’t customize the theme for you, I can provide some tips that will point you in the right direction to get your site looking right.

Regards, and hope to see you in the forums! :)


Nice theme. it would be great if you incorporate woocommerce.

Thanks, depending on the sales volume I may consider this option :)

Hi Der, this is a very nice theme and I love everything I see.

However I am having a little problem with the short code.

1. I am not seeing the usual “green plus button” in my TinyMCE in WordPress, is this what you intended?

2. I have read documentation/shortcodes but I am still having trouble adding some of the built-in short codes – specifically I need help with switches. Do you have a list of sample shortcodes instead? For example, what is the sample short code of a tab with three tabs?

Thanks, Low

Ernie, Okay got it, thanks! Just signed up on your support forum, reading some of the posts over there. Ciao!

Happy to have you on the forums! :)

UPDATE: Full shortcode examples have now been included in the documentation, as of version 1.0.2

This is really a beautiful theme. Will there be in future a html-only version of meteor? I would definitive buy it directly!

Yes there will. No exact date yet, but definitely in the near future. Follow me via my profile page so you can see my new items.

hi, i am preparing to buy this theme, but my main concern is the theme have the framework for me to manage the logo, text color…..

Yes’ you can do that and much more! the first via the Theme Options and the latter via the Color Editor :)

Does it have a boxed version?

Not at the moment, but this is a planned feature for a future update :)

Is it possible to add a responsive video immediately below the logo/menu bar … where the slider is? (in other words, replace the slider with a video) Does it take some simple html or is it very complicated? Thanks! Great looking theme.

Very very simple! Just add a content component, paste the video url and bam! there’s your video :)

Thanks for the quick answer!

Beautiful theme. Is it possible to filter the portfolio? Is that a feature dependent on the Layout Editor or your design? Thanks for your time.

A filter per se like the other themes (with animations and sliding images) is not built in. What you could do is create a navigation next to the portfolio and display the different portfolio categories you want next to the gallery. This would have the same functionality of a filter.

Thanks for responding so quickly. Kind of a bummer a standard filter isn’t built into the portfolio though. Keep up the great work.

I’ve been viewing the demo on my phone, htc DNA. The video doesn’t load for some reason. I’ve removed the frame to be able to view on your side with my new mobile device. Video isn’t working however everything else seems to look great. Any idea’s?

Android Version: 4.1.1, HTC Sense version 4+. Do you know if embedded YouTube video’s play correctly in this theme? We don’t use Vimeo, so I’m not too concerned about that . . . Thanks for your help! Great theme BTW. Look forward to purchasing it if the YouTube video’s display properly on mobile devices.

According to the testing I did on my Android phone, they work just fine.

Thank you for your time. If the client likes it, it will be purchased!

Hi, Great looking theme! Before I purchase I need to know if I can modify and add my own graphics into a layer slider (Meteor Theme). Lets say I keep the fish and change words or keep the dropping boxes but change the guy leaning on 3D. Thank you.

Hi, the graphics you mention are part of the Layer Slider sample alides, which means you can do that.

Awesome theme man. I aslo have a question about including videos on the index and posts. When i try what you suggested above, creating a content component and pasting the link, no video loads, it just text. I guess i am doing something wrong, but i can’t get any videos to load up properly on the site for some odd reason.

Is there anyway to include videos in the slider itself? and how about a video on featured post instead of the picture? Just a few questions.

You can’t embed .mp4 video just by pasting its url (either on the Content component or in the WordPress Editor). This is only possible for video sites. Have a look at the WordPress Embeds Support to have an idea on what’s supported.

To embed video to posts, you need to use the Video Post Format. Publish the Post, and choose “Video” from the “Format” box on the right. Then, paste the video URL into the “Video URL” field.

Have in mind that if you add .mp4 videos, or any other videos from the media library, the theme renders the code properly, but it is up to the browser to support the video.

I see, so since Firefox doesn’t support it, its not a good idea. I guess i will just create a youtube account or something and embed them. At least that way, i won’t have a broken website haha. Thanks again man. You are very knowledgeable and helpful!

Thanks for the compliment, glad I could be of some help :D

Any other issues you may have, please post them on the Support Forums, you’ll get the help you need there!


I couldn’t install meteor-extras plugins for the slides. When I tried to install it from wordpress dashboard, the installation was failed. So I uploaded the unziped plugin folder and file to the wp-content/plugins/ and enabled the plugin in wordpress dashboard. But it shows warning message and fatal error that they cannot open ‘layerslider.php’. Please help me out! I really like to use this theme!



There may be something wrong on your server, since the theme doesn’t have any problems when it comes to installation or activation.

Please post your issue (including the error and warning messages) on the Support Forums, you will receive proper help.



Quick question before I actually buy it: how easy is the upgrade to futur versions, and will all modifications & posts be lost ? Thanks!

Hi. Updating the theme is just a matter or removing the old theme and installing the new one. All your posts, layouts and other content you publish will still be there.

hi, this is a beautiful work, congratulations!... question: is it possible to use the href to the link to the page with the portfolio product description instead of the image lightbox? i know that it works using the title or the top-right icon, but i think it could be better for my project to use the image as link to the page, thanks for your answer!

Yes, this is an option. You can choose the behavior: open the link, open the lightbox, or do nothing :)

nice! thanks! i’ll buy your theme! it has everything i need!

hi Support. we just purchased this theme, and it looks great. unfortunately, we are having problem with setting the “Front Page” for our site. I went to WordPres Dashboard under Settings—> Reading And tried to change the “Front page displays” value to “A static page” and selected my desired page, but after saving it, the selected value always reverted back to “Your latest posts”.

Please help!

thanks for the quick reply Author. i checked the link you provided but i can’t find any article that answers the problem. i can only see 3 messages/posts from the Support page you provided. :-)

All right, see here:

As I’ve said before, this is not an issue, problem or bug. This is needed in order to make it possible for you to set a layout for your homepage.

If you want to set a layout for your homepage, just create a layout and assign it to your Homepage under Theme Options > Layouts.

There is no need for you to create a page and set it as the front page, this is why you have the power of the Layout Editor at your disposal.

Anything just let me know on the forums :)

thanks Der. that totally answers my question. i have now followed your suggestion, and it is working fine now. i have another question though, but i will post it as a separate comment. :-)