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Is there a way to preview the mobile version of this theme? I tried to go to live preview on my iPhone 4 but it just looks like the normal theme and it’s really slow and laggy.

Also, would I be able to integrate commenting with Facebook profiles in the blog section?

IPhone 4 has a retina display, which has a greater resolution than the other iphones. This means you will see the desktop version on the site, even if you are using the iphone.

On non-retina-display devices you will see the layout change accordingly. If you want to see the layout change, just open the site on a normal browser and resize the window. Or view it on a non retina display device.

As per the lag issue on your device, this is somthing retina specific as the frame rate is not the same as in non-retina devices. The theme is NOT laggy, and I can prove it.

As per the facebook commenting integration, I believe there are plugins that do that.



I think the problem I have when viewing it on my iPhone 4 is mostly when I try zooming in and out. When I try to zoom in and out, the screen turns black momentarily and lags a little bit. This isn’t really a big issue for me personally but the website I am trying to build is for a school organization that I am a member of. The purpose is to inform visitors about our organization if they are interested in joining our organization and I suspect that many of our visitors will be students viewing the websites on their phones.

I noticed that your other theme, Blocked, does not have this issue. I was leaning towards purchasing Meteor but now I am also contemplating if I should purchase Blocked. Can you tell me the main differences between Meteor and Blocked and which one you would recommend for the needs I have described to you?


I see what you mean. This also happens in my iPad retina as well. This has to do with the iframe added by themeforest in the live preview. It seems to control a CSS property that causes this behavior.

When you open the Live Preview, click on Remove Frame and you will see that it will work just fine.

As per the differences between Meteor and Blocked, well they have their own unique style and functionality. They are both very complete themes and provide lots of features.

Meteor is designed to work well on retina devices, supports vector icons, etc. It’s all a matter of exploring what each theme provides and choosing what you find more appealing of the two.


Hi there. I am extremely interested in purchasing this theme for an organization. Do you have a list of sites that clients have sent you that show your theme off in action in different ways? I’d be curious to see how other people are using it.

Howdy Alex, I have not yet gathered a list of sites since it is a bit too early. In the future I will post a discussion in the forums for people to show off their sites.

How do you modify the colors for the this theme?

I tried changing the Accent Color (in General) and all the items under the Navigation Colors to random colors but I still see the default color scheme. Is there something special I need to do to apply these settings?

Or do I need to export/import in order to create a new color theme so that I can use my own custom colors?

You are following the right steps. There may be an issue preventing the colors from being saved, probably a permissions issue. Please refer to the Support Forums and send me a private message with temporary admin credentials to your site, I’ll have a look.

Yes, that’s exactly what it was. I gave permissions to the cache folder but didn’t give any permissions to the “styles” folder. After I did this I was able to see my updated colors.

Thanks for the speedy reply and pointing me in the right direction.

Love the theme.

Yay! Glad you got it sorted! :)

I’m updating the theme to make sure it notifies about permission issues automatically

Hi, love this theme !

1/ Is it possible to add a Instagram Photostream, like the Flickr Photostream on the footer?

2/ For the portfolio, is it possible (when I put my cursor onto a picture) to show only the zoom OR the link when I’ll click on it?

3/ Is it possible to add a music which can be playing on all pages, without being stopped when a new page is opened?

Many thanks,

Hi there!

1) Meteor only provides a Flickr photostream. I think you could use a plugin to add an Instagram photostream. Try searching the plugins repository.

2) Yes, you can do that. You choose exactly what to display when hovering the images, and also the click behavior of the thumbnail (to either follow the permalink or open the lightbox).

3) This is not a theme feature, but I think you can get this working either by using a Plugin or using the Custom JavaScript feature (provided by the theme) to add the player on all pages.

Have in mind that this the background music player code is not provided by the support service, so you should implement your own background music solution.

All the Best,

Hi there :)

I am presenting roughs with your template in action to my client in order to have it selected.

I would just need to know the name of the type you are using in the demo ?

Thanks so much for the info and for such a great theme…

Hi there! Fonts are Raleway for headings, and PT Sans for body type.

Thanks a lot ! :)

Dont work ” Save Settings ” in layouts -> Blog Posts dont save. Help I dont registred on support forum! I dont find Purchase Code!!!!! Were is it?

Clicking on “Save Settings” will only save the component settings. You need to click on the Save Layouts button in order to save your layouts.

To get your purchase code, follow these steps.

Hi, just bought the item, but it says after i installed that a newer version (1.0.38) is available. how do we get that? it can’t have gone obsolete in less than 5 minutes..

thanks. amazing theme. cant wait to get started using it

Haha no, I just released a small update just after you purchased. It does not mean it is obsolete. Updates are a good thing because you usually get fixes and improvements. Enjoy! :)

Hello! :) Please help! When installing, and ive tried both FTP and from wordpress, it gives me a:

Fatal error: (last line of which is) var/www/vhosts/ on line 318

I have uninstall it from ftp because it makes the whole wordpress to crush.

Please let me know how I can solve this! Thank you! luis

This is a permissions issue.

Fix this by installing via Appearance > Themes or by setting the permissions of the cache/mustache, styles/ and includes/languages to 777.

If you have the latest version of Meteor installed, it tells you it can’t work if there are permission issues.

Any other issues or questions, please use the Support Forums.


Solved! Thanks! :)


Meteor is a WordPress theme that is constantly evolving, adding new features, improving existing ones, or fixing minor bugs. This may result in updates being released quite often, specially on the first 1-2 months after the theme release.

As the theme matures and its codebase is more stable, updates will be released less often. But, as long as there are new things fixed or added, to reflect changes in the underlying technology (such as changes to the Twitter API, for example), an update is required.

In a Computing and Technology environment, updates are required in order for the software to be up to date with the latest and/or current technologies available. This includes security and performance improvements as well.

As of Meteor 1.0.39, you have the ability to control how often you want to receive update notifications. By default, the theme will check for updates Once Every Month. You can change this setting on Theme Options > Other.

You can opt out of receiving update notifications, or choose to receive bleeding edge updates to always have the newest features and fixes.


I have the same problem. I´m installing the theme, I just bought it.

And the admin crushes when you install it via Appearance-> Themes.

I have all the folders with permits in 777.

Please, solution.


This may clearly be a problem with your WordPress install or server that is preventing the theme from installing correctly.

I have tested this procedure countless times and there is no error. In fact, I just tested again and everything went smoothly.

Which solution other than reading and following the installation instructions in the documentation would you expect me to provide ?

Please refer to the Support Forums and post any error messages you get there. You will receive proper assistance in the matter.


Where are the installation instructions?


You can find it in the following places:

1) On the ZIP file you downloaded from Themeforest, there is a folder called Theme/, which contains a file, which is the file you need to install, and an INSTALL.txt file which contains the installation instructions.

2) On the ZIP file you downloaded from Themeforest, there is a folder called Documentation. The installation instructions are located in a file called index.html.

Optionally, you can watch this video that I have recorded a while back.

If you did install the correct ZIP file, then everything should work fine. On some situations, some people install the (wrong) ZIP file they download from ThemeForest, which is not the right file to install, as it is the whole theme package (including license, documentation and other files), not the theme itself.

Any other issues you may have, I will be happy to help you in the Support Forums, as it is a bit difficult for me to provide help in the ThemeForest comments (they are for pre-sales questions only).

Kind Regards,

Hey there – I’ve just purchased the theme and am setting up, but am not able to get the Revolution slider to center on the homepage. In the full-width mode, I get the size I want but for some reason have a buffer of white space on the left hand side with an image that extends off of the screen. Any thoughts on what I might change to fix this?


Hello! I need to see the site to be able to determine what’s going on. Please post the issue on the Support Forums and I’ll follow up there :)

Hi Team

I installed the sample content following the instructions.All the content appears ok in the website, except by the Meteor Slider and VSlider on the Home page. (I tried a second installation and still the same problem).

I’m sure that must be doing something wrong. Have you deal with this issue before?

Any help would be much appreciate it.



This is strange, I have not seen this happen before. Please refer to the Support Forums and post your issue, making sure you include the URL to your site so I can see the error. I’ll follow up there.



On my home page, I have the full width revolution slider. Below that, I have vector icon posts. I set the columns per post to 3. It displays 3 posts but the element is aligned to the left. There is a big white space to the right of the last column. It looks like the width of each column is narrower than the sample preview page so the text line breaks at a narrower point. <—my image <—theme preview

How do I fix this?

The grid has 12 columns. You are using 3 columns per post on the Vector Icon Posts component. The live preview is using 4 columns per post, hence the three columns you see.

Any other issues you have, please post them on the Support Forums and you’ll get the help you need. ThemeForest comments are best for pre-sales questions. Thanks for understanding.

Hi Ernie, love this theme. Can I do everything shown on your demo site “out of the box”? I mean, does any of it need another plugin or extra in order to work?

Hi, everything in the demo is built using Meteor’s own components and shortcodes. The premium sliders are provided in the Meteor Extras plugin, included with with your download.

hi Support. i have a problem after installing the Meteor Extra plugins. These plugins contains the sliders (LayerSlider, CuteSlider, RevolutionSlider). I successfully installed the plugin, but the Slider pages are not displaying properly, like the image are missing and a lot of 404 errors in loading several files (.css, .js, .png) causing it to be unusable.

Any ideas?

This is explained in the README.txt file inside the Sample Content directory. Read steps 14 – 17.


I just want to thank der for his awesome customer service after sale. He helped me out throughout all the installation process. He was very supportive. And what it’s better, the theme looks extraordinarily good. It has lots of options.



Hi, Firstly, congratulations for your great job!. Secondly: I did find any “Purchase Code” on the files that i have downloaded Click on the Download Button, and choose “License Certificate” from the dropdown. Look for the Item Purchase Code in the License File. Thanks

Thanks! Try getting the purchase code with these instructions instead.

Hello, is there a way to change the Section Title style like you use on your live preview (with the title centered and the description below) because all I have is the “Blog style” title? Thanks

That is achieved using Shortcodes. On your theme documentation, see the heading, separator and text shortcodes. You have lots of options that provide lots of different styles :)


I’m sorry this is my last question, but is there a PHP function to get the title description field? (the text below the title)?

Nevermind, used current(get_post_custom_values(‘_meteor_description’)); Sorry for spamming

Glad you got it sorted!. Any other issues feel free to post them on the Support Forums. Regards