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Hi before I purchase I just want to know one thing—can i edit the header to put in larger center text instead of a menu? I want it to be in the white space above the slider. thanks!

You can add your own CSS bits to show or hide elements of your page in the Custom CSS section. You would need to add some JavaScript in order to insert the text, using the Custom JavaScript section.

The theme provides the places in which to insert your CSS and JavaScript customizations. Only thing is that you need to provide the code for those customizations, as these are not provided as part of the Support Service.


HI, i bought your theme- nice work! but i want you to ask if there any option to do this i mean next previous button and circular image

thanks for answare

Thanks! Meteor doesn’t provide that functionality.

ok. otherwise: where can i find teplate for post scroller, i will edit it by myself. thanks (im too lazy to looking for it :-))

You can find it in includes/mustache/meteor-posts-scroller.mustache. Please, any other questions or issues you may have, please post them in the Support Forums. Thanks for understanding :)

Glitch resolved.

your contact form does not work. is there something we should know about it’s functioning before we buy?

It does work. Why do things have to be so complicated with you? Do you think I would be selling something that doesn’t work?

Also you are publicly stating it doesn’t work, when I can clearly prove its an issue with your server or configuration.

Post your issue on the forums and you will receive the assistance you need.

If you keep up with the bad attitude you won’t get anything from me. This is the second warning. Im here to work and help you guys out, not to argue.


When purchased & installed do the sample layouts as per the demo page install or do they need to be created from scratch?

Hello Richard, these are imported via the demo page install. No need to create them from scratch. Any help you need I’ll be happy to help you out on the Support Forums :)

Thanks der – missed the notes in the TXT file after the xml import. All sorted thanks again!

Hi der

Just wanted to know a bit more about the retina support. Does it send smaller images to none retina users and full images to hi res screens (Retina users) Does the Revolution slider also sense screen resolution? It is an issue for me as it seems a waste to get normal screen resolution to download retina size images. Also do you have to make the images separately at the different sizes? Thanks for any support.

Howdy Jon,

The theme has a High Definition option that enables high resolution images. This will make images have double their resolution, optimized for retina displays.

Images are served on their double resolution for all devices, not only retina ones. Even though it may look like a waste, it’s not a big problem since the images in their 2x sizes are not that big when it comes to filesize.

Also, you don’t need to create the 2x images, the theme does that automatically for you, based on the High Definition option. If it’s disabled (the default) it will create the thumbnails with normal resolution.


Ah BTW, forgot to mention: I believe Revolution Slider doesn’t work directly with retina images, as it uses the images you specify via the Media Library and its Slides interface.

Images are stretched and resized accordingly by the slider, so I think if you upload 2x images it should display them just fine. I haven’t tested it but I think this is the behavior.

If you want more info, you can ask the Revolution Slider author for any specifics regarding retina display devices.

Hello, I like to translate “Read More” text on blog’s listing on my home, where i do that? (on menu translate doesn’t work) Thanks.

Hi, On your Blog Posts component, you need to set the “Link Text” option, that will help you change it :)

Perfect, thanks

hy. i’m using the form shortcode for my contact page. everything is okay but i can’t see the send button, even if it’s included in the shortcode. what’s the problem? thank you

Hi. You need to use the [submit] shortcode to display the send button. Please refer to the theme’s documentation, on the Form Builder section. There you’ll learn how to create forms properly.

Any other issues you may have, please head over to the Support Forums and you will receive proper assistance.

Regards :)


what a nice Theme i like it alot ! Very modern… i have a question: i want to make a (BREAK html) in my Gallery between 2 words but it wont work. I need that because of the German / English Language


Körpercremepeeling Invigoration, (BREAK html) Body Scrub

Thank you Martin

Hello Martin, the theme does escape the post titles so you don’t mistakenly break the layout if adding broken HTML code. Doing this would require a bit of tweaking in the theme.

Please refer to the Support Forums and post this issue there, I’ll follow up accordingly.


Hello, i have a problem! I can´t see my Layouts any more! Layouts are working on my homepage but i cant see them under LAYOUTS!!

Meteor Theme layouts have disappeared !!!

What should i do ? and why can´t i see them? i didn´t touch Reset Layouts Button

Thank you Martin

Hello Martin, try updating the theme to the latest version and see if your problem persists. After you update make sure you clear your browser’s cache.

If you still can’t get it to work, please let me know in the Support Forums and I’ll follow up from there.


Hi, i went to theme options and others and i Check for Updates Every hour, Meteor Theme Purchase Code …. Still wont work.

I cant even create a new Layout.!!

I have replied in the forums and asked for some information. Let’s follow up there. I’m waiting for you to provide the info so I can proceed.

Hello, I have not been able to create the contact formulary and I cannot find the way to use the short codes. Should I install a plug-in? Thank you very much

Hi, you can refer to your theme’s documentation and read the Form Builder section. There you’ll learn how to build the forms.

If you need any more assistance please refer to the Support Forums and post your issue there. I’ll follow up accordingly.


Thanks, I cannot find my purchase code at the download page of my themeforest profile

You need to locate the theme you purchased and click on the Download button. On the dropdown click on “License certificate and purchase code”. On the file you download there you will see your purchase code, which you use to register into the forums.

Hi, nice theme. Is there an option to add a small top navigation menu as well (without the use of any coding)?

Hello. No, but this would be pretty easy to do. Someone has already asked for this in the forums and I provided the code needed to create the navigation.


Do you have on your theme a Container Background Color Opacity Function ?


Hello! Not exactly this option but you do have an Inline CSS field in which you can apply any custom styling to any layout editor component.

Excellent, Thank you..

The menu of the theme when scrolled down reduces in size what if we do not wish to reduce the size of the menu we want it to be of the constant size is it possible?

Yes, you can do that. On Theme Options > Header you have an option called “Sticky Offset” that controls the resize behavior.

Hi, where do I change the color of the titles of Widgets and “Leave a Reply” title?

These colors are inherited from the colors chosen in the Color Editor. If you want to edit the specific colors then you need to use CSS to change them. Add your css customizations on Theme Options > Advanced.

Any other questions please post them on the Support Forums.


I’m planning to by your really nice template. I was wondering if there is a possibility to internationalize the text, so to use different languases for the content? And is there a way to set the header sticky? Thanks for your information.

Regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

To personalize the text you would need to use a plugin to do the translation on the site, so you can use it in different languages.

The header is already sticky in the live preview, and you can control several options for its behavior in the theme options.



thanks for the answer. Can I also set it sticky in the mobile layout? To use different languages I think it will be WPML what you mean? Thanks,


Yes you can enable the sticky header in the mobile layout on the theme options. Yes, WPML or qTranslate should do the job.

Hi. I’m trying to setup the contact page but I can’t find the contact form module in the layouts section? Is this is a bug?

Hello! No, it’s not a bug. Check out the Form Builder Documentation.

Any other issues you may have please refer to the Support Forums and you’ll get the help you need there. Thanks!


I just bought the theme – coll. But how do I realize the 3 sliders? I don’t understand: “This means you can configure your sliders in their respective configuration screens, and then include them on your layouts using the Layout Editor.” When I choose e.g. the revelution slider, I have to choose a slider in the dropdown, but it’s empty. How does it work?

Thanks for your help,


Hello Thomas,

The premium sliders are provided in the Meteor Extras plugin, available in the ZIP file you downloaded from ThemeForest, on the Plugins directory.

The Layout Editor allows you to choose existing sliders you have created. If you have not created any sliders, the dropdown is supposed to be empty.

Install the extras plugin, then create your sliders. After that you will be able to insert them into your content, either by using shortcodes or by using the Layout Editor.

For any other issues or questions, please refer to the Support Forums and you’ll get the help you need there.


Cool, thanks a lot. I installed the plugin and activeted it. But where can I create sliders? Thanks for the help. Thomas

ok, found it. sorry.

I am having a ton of issues with the portfolio page. No matter what I do it never comes out looking like the sample in the demo and the page link doesn’t there any documentation or are you able to help me.

You can find the theme’s documentation in the ZIP file you have downloaded from ThemeForest. There is a folder called “Documentation” which has everything you need to get started.

You can also access the theme’s documentation from the theme options, there is a link called “Documentation” which will open the online documentation for the theme.

To better assist you, please post your issue in the Support Forums and provide any relevant URLs that would help in debugging your situation.


Hi, i’m trying to add the cute slider but i’m not making it… i’m doing exactly what your instructions says, but i can’t make it this is how can i choose the cute slider in the layout menu. thanks!

forget this! i got it, how can i add cute slider into the homepage1 for example is it possible?

nevermind, i’m a new wp user and i’m learnig. i’ve already found the solution!