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I have another question, how can i add the logo in the footer, like the example?

Using a Text widget you can add an image like this:

<img src="blah.jpg" />

Any other questions you may have please post them in the Support Forums. Thanks!

Do the portfolio categories work? I have a portfolio of products setup that I’ve applied categories to, but every time I click the category link in the breadcrumbs (from the individual portfolio item) it displays the latest blog post. Please let me know what I need to do in order to get this functionality to work. Thanks.

Please refer to the Support Forums and specify your issue details there. You’ll get the help you need there. Thanks!

Another great looking theme!

I am following the directions to restore the sample content… and i’m at step 16 for the revolution slider… I have created the four new sliders but how will following the steps in the “read me” file actually cause an import?

I followed the instructions but i have nothing to edit except blank sliders…. help please.

Glad to know! Any other issues please feel free to post them on the Support Forums and you’ll get the help you need :)

quick question…. i want to make a youtube emblem like the larger round ones (bottom of homepage 3) where would i add it in the code? or how would you suggest accomplishing it? thanks

Use the icon_big shortcode, consult the theme’s documentation to learn how to use it.

Please, any other questions refer to the Support Forums. Thanks.

Hi. How Can i hide the menu? (between header and topbar) i dont want it there but cant wor out how to turn it off… thanks a lot. would have posted to your support page but it seems like there’s nothing there

Oh, can i ask another question while im here? – so i want to put a picture on a page for example… the only way i can work out to do that is make a page upload the image and insert it, cut the code and delete the page then copy that code into a “content” box. it works but seems like a long process for doing something as essential as inserting an image. is this the right way?

Apologies for the delay answering, please post your questions in the Support Forums, this is the proper place to receive support. Thanks for understanding.

As per the Support Forums, there is a response time established in the forum’s Terms of Service in which you are expected to receive an answer.

ok. thanks for getting back

When I first bought the theme, changing colors worked just fine. In the last week, when I click “save settings” nothing happens except a spinning “saving settings” wheel. It doesn’t stop spinning and it doesn’t save any color changes. Once in a while a blank page appears after hitting “save settings” with text at the top left corner of the page that states, “success:rebuild-color-theme.” What does that mean?

I deleted the theme in WordPress and just uploaded the most recent Meteor theme update. That did not solve the problem.


There seems to be a JavaScript problem on your site. Please refer to the Support Forums, you will receive proper assistance in this matter.


Hi, I’m trying to modify the font of mainmenu but somehow it does n ot work. all the submenu items applied without a problem. I used ‘style.css’ file in the theme folder like #menu-item-602 {font-family: “Nanum Gothic”, “Malgun Gothic”;font-size:16px;} or #navigation {font-family: “Nanum Gothic”, “Malgun Gothic”;font-size:16px;} Only font size changes but font face does not. feels like it is overrided somehow after ‘style.css’ applied. How do I change the text font of mainmenu?

You need to add !important at the end of each property so it’s applied properly, like this:

#navigation {
  font-family: "Blah" !important;
  font-size: 16px !important;

If you still can’t get it to work please post an issue in the Support Forums and you’ll receive proper assistance in the matter.


thanks for your reply. but It does not work although I follow your instruction. Actuall We’re using WP google font plugin as follows @import url(“”); body, h1, h2, h3, h4, h6, li, p, a {font-family:”Nanum Gothic” !important;} and it works very good for all though the website and even for all the submenu but only Mainmenu text not applied. Any idea will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Please refer to the Support Forums and you’ll get the help you need!

I have installed this theme today and none of the sliders work, is there a known fix for this? is it a wordpress compatibility issue?

This appears to be an installation issue. I have replied on the Support Forums, please follow up there. Regards.

Hiā€”before I purchase, I was wondering if I can have 2 blogs. One would be a true blog and the other would be News, but use the blog format. thanks

Sure thing! you just need to use the Blog Post Component and choose different categories for the Blog and News sections.


I updated to 1.0.43, but since then I cant change the font anymore using Metoer-ThemeOptions-Fonts. I select a font, save it, but its not used. Thanks for any help,


I can find my choosen fonts in the file typography.css, but it seems that this file is not loaded.

Ok, solved. Was just a missing permission on the file. Don’t know why…

Glad to know you solved it! :)

hy, i also wrote to you on the support forum, but i didn’t get any answer. please, could you help me to solve this problem:

how can disable the OVERLAY class from the posts featured image? i also need to disable the link.

thank you

Hello @simonadp

A reply has been given to your original issue on the Support Forums.

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Hi. Is it possible to link to a specific vertical / horizontal tabs?


You can insert the tabs inside a div with an ID, then use that ID on the URL, for example

<div id="mytab"> ... tab content here ... </div>

Then, the tab’s URL would be the page where the tab is rendered appending the tab’s container to the URL:

http ://

Sorry for the delay answering, totally missed your comment…



Great theme! Is there a way to create a blank page template (without header & footer)?


Please accept my apologies for the late answer.

Yes you can do it by creating Page Templates within the theme’s directory. For more information you can refer to the Page Templates documentation.


Hi: some question: a) Can I put diferent category in diferent portfolio page? i do not want to use sorteable portfolio b) Can I make this theme no responsive? c) Can i make no lightbox the image in the portfolio category? d) can i make to make click in the portfolio image enter to single portfolio, (no lightbox)

Thank you very much


Apologies for the delay answering, as per your questions:

a) I don’t understand this question.

b) No. Responsiveness is built-in, can’t turn it off unless the theme is heavily customized.

c) Yes you can.

d) Yes you can.



I want to buy this theme.

It’s possible to add video en home slider and portfolio?


You can add videos using the premium sliders (Revolution, Layer & Cute Sliders) bundled with Meteor. On the Portfolio you can also add video but not on the galleries, on the post content that is.

Anything other than that you would need a plugin.


Silly question – on your Blocked theme, you have a slider where the last and next slides are ‘ghosted’. What is the slider you’ve used, and is that facility available with the sliders you have in your meteor theme?

Hello, that slider is Blocked’s flagship and unique slider. It is only available on Blocked.

Hi, I really like this theme. But before I purchase, I need to make sure this is doable. Can I move the CLIENTS ROLLING LOGOS at the top? Just beneath the MENU ITEMS and before the SLIDING HEADER. Is that easy to do? Thanks!


You can move them just after the header. The header elements are fixed and can’t be altered by adding something after the navigation.


Great theme. I’m just seeing if the logo carousel can be set to auto scroll. I see it is a feature of jCarousel but am very rusty at J/S. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I also posted this in your support forum.


Yes, add a “Logo Scroller Gallery” on the Layout Editor. You will see the Auto Scroll options on the component settings. You can enable/disable auto scroll, adjust the timeout, and pause on hover settings.

P.S.: Also replied on the forums.


Hello, this theme support SEO plugins? Thanks.

Yes sir! I personally recommend the Yoast SEO Plugin.

Hi, is there a way to have the site in more than one language? I do not mean the administration backend but the pages itself, e.g. english and spanish.




Apologies for the delay answering, I totally missed your comment…

Yes, you can use a plugin such as qTranslate. A new update coming up will ensure the plugin works on some areas that it previously did not.


I think I found bug. When I try translate this sentences #: ../../framework/classes/class.theme.php:453 msgid "By %s." msgstr "Przez %s." #: ../../framework/mailer/sendmsg.php:53 msgid "Message from" msgstr "Wiadomo?? od"

nothing change. I still have English words. All rest translation works well. Can you help me?


I would need to have a look at your site.

Please post the issue on the Support Forums and provide the information from your comment, as well as any other relevant information that may help solve your issue.

Looking forward to seeing you in the forums!